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By Evelias
I still really miss this podcast :(
Ellie and Gheal do a fantastic job presenting the news, and I look forward to hearing them every time a new podcast is out. Ellie's Minnesota accent is just adorable, too. Keep up the excellent work, and, more importantly, keep the podcasts coming. I just can't get enough! --Pepster on Sen'jin
As all good things do, it has come to an end. Have enjoyed listening to all 3 of you gals and getting to know you in game. I am very much looking forward to The Gheal Show podcast. That's not copyrighted you can use it if you want. LOL
I just started podcasting and just heard your last podcast, and I have to say I was quite entertained. Keep it up. BTW...love the accents ladies!
this is my favorite wow podcast, it is very well done and more mature than a certain other popular wow podcast...
This podcast is my first WoW podcast i've ever subscribed to and I love it! There is a great flow of information as Elly and Gheal talk about the numerous aspects of the World of Warcraft. They are easy to listen too and what they have to say is very insightful and funny. I am definitely a fan =D ~ Keep up the great work!
If you don't enjoy the personalities of The Instance this is a comparable alternative. Pretty much they just go over the basic news of the week/two weeks and cover their personal wow journeys. Interesting if you enjoy the host's personalities, but some will find it dull.
I started listening to a lot of podcasts when my job directed me to make frequent trips to the Bay Area. I picked up Elune's Grace as my alt is a healer and I searched for Healing WoW. I was worried as this podcast didn't provide much specific news and gameplay regarding healers. But after two episodes this podcast is stuck in my iPod and will never leave. Elly and Gheal are fun to listen to, they play great off each other and their knowledge is as good as any other "instanced" podcast. Their accents and laughs don't hurt their cause either. A great addition to the WoW podcast circut. Keep it up! Love you two.


By Nanitas
I love this wow podcast!!
I was happy to see a new one was up thou it wasn't the hosteses that normaly. I'm happy to see a guild working togeather and keep the sow going. I say A+ and can't wait for the next one. Zandara Of Doomhamer
Elly & Gheal have a great format and always deliver an entertaining program. Thanks, ladies!
Been listening for along time now. The girls of elunes grace podcast have there act together. The show is very well done. Thanks for such a great show and keep up the great work.
Great podcast Overall. No foul language and never gets boring. I recommend any World of Warcraft lover to listen.
Hands down my favorite WoW podcast. From class roundtables to lore segments this podcast will satisfy anyone WoW obsession. With their knowledge and chemistry, Elly and Gheal make this a fantastic podcast to listen to.
just wanted to say you two do a very good job at entertaining me while at work with you on my ipod .you give great updates and info on the game keep up the great work cant wait to hear your show again tyvm and FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!


it seems that Gheal is very quiet and i need to turn the sound up to hear her but then Elly is screaming at me. maybe Gheal could turn her mic up or something. other then that its great, love listening to you guys er girls :p thanks for taking the time to do this podcast for us. good info every week.
Very informative and helpful podcast documenting the experiences of Elly and Gheal. Also includes weekly news topics and insights. The best part about the show is the frequency and quality of the production, never a let down. I always look forward to this podcast and wish it came out more than weekly! Great job girls, keep it up.
a great laid podcast of wow with elly and gheal in calm type setting , and makes you want to listen with that glad you join us opener , make me want to roll ally


Good Job & keep it up
With podcasts you can always be plagued with some horrible sounding voices, but in this show this is not the case! Elly and Gheal talk about all aspects of the World of Warcraft and show they have knowledge in what they talk about. Plus I think, once again Gheal's voice is awesome ^_^...
It's a chronicle and journal of Elly and her co-host (Sal, and now Gheal) in World of Warcraft. Always funny, always informative, and always enjoyable. I always have a laugh with Elly and Gheal. Only wish they'd do more with guests - get their experiences in WoW too. Great work, great fun.
he girls are funny and the show is intellegent and entertaining.
The best podcast i know about world of warcraft, lots of info and tips on game so you get nice and really good things you can do on game, explendid
Elune's Grace is a podcast I look forward to every week. I't one of the best warcraft podcasts out there. The sound quality is very good and it's clear that the hosts really care about putting together a good show. Elly and Gheal work very well together and they have a charm about them that's pleasent to listen to. If you really love warcraft, then you love to listen to people talk about warcraft. Look no further then Elune's Grace.
Excellent podcast without all of the usual antics of prepubescent elder teen pre college male idiots. Your work is much appreciated..
This podcast makes me feel right at home like no other. You ladies are the best. You cover the whole spectum of WoW like no other podcast does and you don't waste our time going off topic. You speak from first-hand experience and you do good research. You are a joy to listen to.
nothing but the best keep it up
these girls are very entertaining and informative. i love listening to Elly and Gheal because u can tell that are huge fans of world of warcraft!!
2 chicks talking about WoW, and its awesome! elly is very updated on everything in the WoW scene and gheal has the cutest voice ever and she has animals going nuts in her house
Just wanted to give a big thumbs up on the show. It is on my must listen list because it is informative as well as entertaining. Keep up the great work and keep making it seem like you guys are having tons fun.
I love this podcast. I spend a lot of time in the car and every Monday goes by quite a bit quicker listening to these two ladies talk about all things WOW. Keep up the great work and Thank You.
There are several great World of Warcraft podcasts out there such as the Instance but the reason why this is one is at the top of my list is because Im a casual gamer. Elly and Gheal (and her parrot lol) have a lot of fun ingame and they bring this and the knowledge that casual gamers like me can understand and use. Can't wait to join thier resoective guilds!
I happened across this wonderful gem while listening to other WoW podcasts. Apparently my standards have decreased in the last year because other WoW "radio" podcasts had me convinced that their station's podcasts were as good as they come, and all others paled in comparison. Boy, was I surprised at how easy on the ears and relevant these ladies are to the current WoW scene. Keep up the good work, you have just made another loyal subscriber.
Been listening to Epic Dolls for a long time, and I just started listening to this one. Very informative without being dry and boring. Gheal, any chance we can hear your bird speak? hehe jk
People like these bring out the best about the game, its social entertainment value! Hearing thier personal experiences and stories about in-game events is my favorite part.
Elly and now Gheal are really funny and easy to listen too. Thank you both.
After being referred to this podcast a few months back i finally decided to start listening. What a great choice that was! The two host are both funny and easy to listen to, and really make you feel like you're there with them. While the podcast does go slightly into personal experiences, the news is covered very efficiently and I feel the hosts choose the most important stories to elaborate on. If you're looking for the perfect mix in a WoW podcast search no farther than Elune's Grace. Kudos to both Elly and G-Heal! Keep up the good work!!
Love it... and that's all I have to say about that.
Excellent rapport between the two hosts. Makes for an excellent podcast. Highly recommend listening to it if you're at all into World of Warcraft!
Keep up the great work ladies! I love the info I get from your show and how happy you two seem to be in every show!
Of all the WoW podcasts out there, I regularly listen to only three, and this is one. Elly and Sal quickly became some of my favorite WoW podcasters. They don't try to come off like they have all the answers and possess the rare ability to sincerely laugh at themselves. I have been glad to see the podcast survive a change of hosts, and Gheal fits right in. Best wishes to Elune's Grace; check 'em out!
Out of the 5 or 6 WoW odcasts I listen too on a weekly basis this is the one I look for ward more than any. Well produced and entertaining. One of the top WoW podcasts for sure. Keep up the good work.
Hello to Gheal and Elly - you are doing a great job! Loved Sal too - miss her. You are fun and informative about WOW. One thing: get some software to adjust your recording volumes, that's the worst part of the show!
This is a well done podcast about World of Warcraft. The hosts are fun to listen to. All the best stuff is here from news to character breakdowns. Fun show.
I'm so happy that I found this podcast. It's fun and filled with wonderful information. I look forward to every podcast. It is nice to experience World of Warcraft through the host's viewpoint. It is also a great way to keep up with World of Warcraft announcements and news. Keep up the good work!
I've listened to there podcast since the begining, and its the bomb. If your not a subscriber your really missing something. They give an account of there adventures, raids and noob moments. Nothing Uber LEET, just real people haveing fun and sharing it with whom ever will listen. QQ for Sals leaving but life is life and we must live it, good luck to you. Keep it up Elly. Many thanks ladies. Dinendal Mok'Nathal server
Elune's Grace has become one of my favorite WoW podcasts. The hosts have a great rapport, and a great knowledge of the game. I look forward to each new episode.
This is one of my favorite WoW podcasts. The tone and style makes it a pleasure to listen to. The hosts are fans of the game and approach what is going on in the game from the perspective of the regular fan.
Love the interaction. Elly & Sal work well together and are a lot of fun to listen too. Not too over techy and easy to comprehend for the causal gamer like me. Thanks gals!