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hey friends i need help i cant find a tune i know Kev played here its a cover of neil young the needle and the damage done it is a female sinder please help ty
Kevin does a great job of mixing old with new punk and throws in some great non-punk stuff too. I also like how he gives a little history with most songs. Thanks for turning me on to bands I might not of heard otherwise and I love how you get your kids on the podcast, from a fellow parent, turn them on young!!
K-PunK plays what i want to hear and what i didn't know i wanted to hear.
Hey good bands,I love the old and new bands!hey put some Snfu!!!!
Plays great music, and has introduced me to alot of great new music! thanks for taking the time to make this podcast
Let's here some ska!!!!!! pls? and, btw, i really enjoy your podcast. X)
This guy has great musical taste and makes very enjoyable podcasts. I've never been so happy to subscribe. =) -Dave
Kpunk plays some of the best PUNK there is and i get tunred on to new bands every episode!! Keep them Coming!!
Can't hear it on the radio? The the Internet is the poor man's radio station. Unless you have a great collection or are lucky enough to have a friend who does, this only way to hear some great music. Excellent.
This guy shares my musical tastes making this very fun to listen to. He plays my favorite bands like frenzal rhomb and really really obscure bands that aren't on itunes but are very cool.
i love to find new music, and this is a great way to hear whats out, thanks man for podcasting
After listening to a few of these casts I noticed how almost all of the music rocks... but the bands don't always mesh together so well. Overall I really enjoy this cast and look forward to more random bands thrown together!
THis is a Good podcast. but the bands are somewhat irrelevant, Alkaline tiro is deep and proviking while NoFx is loud and extremly crude, the music is good and all but it seems that the bands were chosen randomly, I mean... Bad religeon and Op.Ivy. have nothing in common. but I sill like it.