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Absolute truth about the devils lies.
Who else here thinks Shirock is awesome?! He gets you hooked so easily. A lot of pastors in a lot of places are either boring, not understandable, or not "into it". He gets you to pay attention to the message better than any other I have known! The way he explains the message is amazing!
In an age when larger churches are fearful of 'scaring' new believers and seekers with the Word of God, Pastor Bob invites the Holy Spirit to do It's thing and dives into the weighty theology of Romans! Could not be more excited or more proud to be part of a church where the leaders trust the Holy Spirit enough to teach things from the Word that will surely 'offend' and separate the Believers from those who are playing house with God.
I always enjoy Pastor Bob's outlook and attention to detail, question and relevance to his message and the use of a science side on this one was really enjoyable, Thanks Everyone at Oak Pointe
Pastor Bob "brings it" in this one. I highly suggest this series to anyone -whether you are person looking into Christianity, or someone who has grown up in Church your whole life.
this is the best sermon i have ever heard