Reviews For Coaching the Life Coach: Business Coaching for Entrepreneurs & Executives by Famous Coaches

I thought I was downloading a podcast that might be pertinent to success principles, realizing your full potential, operating in your passions and skills, etc. What I got was a podcast with some nutjob talking about magnetism and crystals and the kind of "alternative medicine" that you see on late-night infomercials (complete with shameless plugs for the guy's products and website). Skip this's not what you think it is.
This show is turning into the premier coaching podcast. If you are a business professional looking to get ahead and have a life this show is definitely the one you want to subscribe and listen to every week! Robert Harrison knows how to get professionals working in a sustainable way that allows them to have a life at the same time.
I'm not a life coach, but I play one on TV. Actually, I don't - but I do have a coach, and I find the relationship helpful and rewarding. So, too, do I find this podcast. Jason has a great way with people, and he makes these interviews interesting and engaging. Life coaches are some of the most well-rounded, successful and inspiring people out there - I feel lucky I get to spend so much time with them for free by listening to this show!
I recommend listening to the entire series.
Jason gets big names and up-and-coming life coaches to share their best business practices. If you are a life coach, you can grow your business substantially with this show. Subscribe!
Finally a podcast geared towards spirit-preneur coaches that is intelligent, well thought out and very engaging. The languaging is right on! Good work, Jason.
A great resource filled with wonderful tips and information! We need more shows like this!!!
I am so grateful to have the chance to learn from the top coaches in the country. This podcast is so well done, and the information is totally relevant to today's world, with lots of tech-savvy tips and high profile guests.