The Walk

Reviews For The Walk

I love this podcast! Thank you for bringing back The Walk. I have missed walking with you. This is a great meditation or walk with a friend to think through the stuff of life.
My favorite for 10yrs. Great very interesting
Listening to this podcast is like being on a thoughtful journey with a friend. I enjoy the honesty that Fr. Roderick brings to this podcast.
A fascinating peek into the mind and spirit of Fr. Roderick (Geek Priest). Informal, authentic, engrossing and entertaining. Long may he walk! ~ Kathy
He's a great inspiration recording his podcasts while running outside with all the un-edited background noises which I love. He loves to share his stories about his every day stuff and he's really passionate about what he's doing.
Hi Fr. Roderick; I truly enjoy your musings on H&H. I especially like it when you meet one of your parishioners and speak Dutch. I lived in Nederland for 2 years with the US Army in Rotterdam. My family and I really enjoyed your homeland and we hope to visit again some time. Keep up the great work. God's blessings be with you. Don
Father Roderick's decision to not do any post production on this podcast is its secret. The conversational tone is real and genuine like one you'd have with an old friend while walking or hiking.
...I only wish he updated it more often. I subscribe to nearly all of SQPN's podcasts - but,this one is wonderful and funny!
listen to this podcast while you're walking or running. it's the musings of a very candid and entertaining confidant. fr. roderick. weaves practical advise (age-old wisdom from philosophers, saints and the biggest loser show), with personal opinions (what kinds of hi-tech running gadgets he likes and what to eat before a run) with humor (spot-on imitations of yoda from star wars). like training with a buddy.
I have been many years trying to lose weight. This podcast gave me hope and helped me to keep going.
Father Roderick offers great advice to live a life filled with Health and Holiness. One of the best podcasts for your health and inspiration.
Follow Fr. Roderick as he jogs around Amersfoort, Netherlands and shares his thoughts on feeding the body and spirit. He talks about his own challenges with keeping fit, dealing with stress, learning not to be a people-pleaser and a lot more. He shares a lot of himself here in the hope it will help others. Great show.
This is a really great podcast. Father Roderick delivers practical commentary in a down to earth manner.
Excellent 30 min podcast Fr Roderick puts life into perspective, his and "ours" Easy to listen to, not evangelical but inspirational with a dose of humor Also listen to the break with Fr Roderick. A longer podcast packed with lots of info for making life better
Fr. Roderick, Thank you so much for conducting this Health and Holiness Bootcamp. Being a Protestant my entire life, my husband and I are seeking to convert to Catholicism. We have just begun the process at our local parish. Since I know little about the true Faith, I have thoroughly enjoyed subscribing to your podcast via iTunes. You have thrown nuggets of truth into each podcast, and I always enjoy discussing what I learn with my husband (who is learning with me.) I have been meaning to comment on your podcast for a while, now. This episode truly spoke to me, as I am a HUGE proponent of locally, pasture-raised, and organic meats/veggies. I also heartily agree with you that it is our responsibility as Christians to put our money where our mouth is – literally. Again, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. After listening to your podcasts over a span of several months (to digest it bit by bit), you have cemented my decision to join the communion of the Church. Blessings, Mindi
I want to let everyone know that you don't have to be Catholic to get the rich blessings of Father Roderick. This is a wonderful show. It helps me every time I hear it. Sometimes I listen twice just to make sure I get all the wisdom the Father has to offer!
I love the rawness, grittiness and just the take me as I am honesty of the podcast. I love that it's not really sleek and smooth, but like Fr. Roderick is talking to you on the phone or while walking down the street with you. Great podcast, it's definitely a show of it's own. Thanks, God BLess
Realy enjoying the new heathy catholic 40 Day Health & Holiness Bootcamp.
Father Roderick gives this podcast some new energy with daily thoughts on a variety of motivational tips for getting healthier during Lent. He has his running shoes on again for some great insights in becoming healthy Catholics!
Fr. Roderick - once again you have created a podcast that is smart, relevant, & motivational. I am moving and looking at food differently and praying more (well, better anyway). My Lenten journey is amazing and it's only day 11!! Thank you & God bless you!
I enjoy listening to Father Roderick share his ups and downs on his road to health. He makes the listener feel that he isn't alone in his struggles.
I wouldn't mind if Fr. Roderick updated this with his more recent exploits in being a Healthy Catholic.
A wonderful video series by the famous podcasting priest from Holland! Fr. Roderick explores the techniques and processes we all go through (the ups AND the downs) when we try to get into better shape. Good for motivation and always refreshing!
I love the idea of this vodcast (and the vodcast itself.) And it was cool meeting you at the pod expo. And thank you for blessing the H2 recorder (and the recorder's owner!) --Michael
The master of catholic podcasting. He delivers his information in a fun, exciting way. This is a short podcast for getting and staying in shape.