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RFS was the first Doctor Who podcast I ever listened to. The enthusiasm the three who rule bring is infectious, and Steven’s incredible wealth of knowledge and trivia is amazing. RFS is tied with “Verity!” As the best Who podcast out there. A must for all Whovians.
These guys are a lot of fun talking about Doctor Who both the classic in a new series. Sometimes I talk too much but it seems like I’m hanging out with a bunch of friends in my living room. I’m an old fan going way back 40 years but I still think that they make me young and make me up-to-date on everything. Dr John.
Decided to start with the episope covering the series 5 premiere. letting go the fact that i couldn't care less about a shows ratings, they decided to spend over 10 minutes whining about theme music. I checked out a couple other shows and found the same pathetic complaints throughtout. I think the even complained silurians looking to human and about shoes during one of them. These dudes showed themselves to be intolerable fan boys who seem to only watch so they can complain about the show
The Radio Free Skaro team are world-class Whovians from Canada, and they have one of the most popular and in-depth Doctor Who podcasts on the Internet. They cover current as well as classic Doctor Who, and their knowledge is encyclopedic. They discuss the show and everything related to it, and sometimes have guests and interviews that add to the listeners knowledge and appreciation of all things Who. They are often asked to participate in conventions, and sometimes these sessions make their way into the podcast. Most importantly, they love the show, and have had life-long involvement with it. Highly recommend listening for Who fans!
1. Chris is a complete pinhead with no capacity to listen to anyone else’s opinion. He dominates every episode to the point that the show is no longer worth listening to. Hey Chris, nobody gives a crap about your “notes.” 2. I am enjoying the new doctor very much but to have a show about doctor who and not directly address the radical changes smacks of falsehood. These guys are too afraid to speak anything negative about this new series for fear of being anti-diversity. 3. Warrens role on the show has devolved into just making sotto voce snarky comments. 4. For the love of God stop letting Chris dominate these shows. What a complete assclown.
When I hang out with my friends and we talk about our favorite movies, we laugh, crack jokes, take jabs, go off on tangents, and basically just enjoy ourselves ... and that is THE reason to listen to this podcast. The 3 Who Rule are lifelong fans of Doctor Who with enough clout to nail the big interviews. They clearly enjoy the show, the genre, each other’s friendship, and the opportunity to represent fandom. Other podcasts tend to take themselves too serious, but this one is like hanging out with three of the guys after a long week.
They keep talking about Star Wars or some game or google maps, but none of it is relevant to the show! It is a Doctor Who Podcast! They aren’t supposed to start a podcast in the David Tennant days and wind up 600 episodes later talking about some crappy Star Wars scene in a movie for a half hour It’s just not the point of why people listen!
This is the second time I'm unsubscribing. For the same reason. One of the three hosts is a dour, kill-joy. Snide, dismissive, and smug regarding anything HE doesn't like or agree with. It's tiresome. "If YOU say so..." "No. You/They are wrong..." There are ways to show dislike for something without telling listeners they are stupid hipsters. I like the other two. I love the interviews. I'll miss those.
The premier Doctor Who podcast. Always informative, always entertaining, always there.
Great podcast. The folks involved know their stuff and they are fun to listen to.
I only recently started listening to Radio Free Skaro, but look forward to getting caught up on past episodes. I really appreciate listening to a podcast done by knowledgeable fans of classic and new Doctor Who. The podcast does a great job of keeping fans informed about the new series while paying homage with mentions of the original series. This is a must listen for Doctor Who fans.
This was my first Doctor Who podcast and it's turned into my favorite along with Verity!. The guys know their stuff and I really enjoy the interviews.
love these guys, funny, smart, nerdy, good stuff
These guys are great! If you're into Doctor Who you'll enjoy this show. Fun personalities, knowledgeable, keep their nerdiness in check, and even if you're just semi into Doctor Who it's fun to listen. My whole family enjoys listening as we drive about. Their self deprecating style makes for good radio. They have also become fine interviewers. They keep the conversation going and make their guests shine. And it's produced well. So many podcasts can't seem to even balance their microphones. RFS always is gets it right! Thanks to RFS! Happy Anniversary!
Been listening to the Three Who Rule for years and look forward to my Sunday fix each week.
Been listening to you guys for about two years now (you were my foray into the seemingly infinite world of DW podcasts) and it’s the podcast that keeps on giving. A lovely balance of perspectives, opinions, knowledge, and nuance. And for what it’s worth, Steven’s encyclopedic knowledge of this show will consistently have you wondering: “Is he some sort of strange genius?” This is one of my podcast staples, so keep on doing what you do guys! Cheers!
Huzzah, and thanks for all the time and work you guys put in.
Ditch the deep voiced, pedantic, know it all neck beard and I would thoroughly enjoy it more. No one wants to listen to a guy who clearly thinks he's better/knows more than the people he's talking with. He sounds perpetually bored and takes himself and his opinions way too seriously.
One of my two favorite Doctor Who Podcasts. The hosts are wonderfully knowledgeable about all things Doctor Who and bring a great perspective to the show.
This podcast about the long running Australian movie series "Doctor Who" is pretty darn good... even if it does not go into deep medical detail. The three autobots in this podcast do not try to fake medical knowledge and come clean with their expertise - filming and making of "talkies". Their sense of humor is also off the charts. They have a long-running gag in which they act as if the focal point of this podcast is a British TV series with the same identical name... about time-traveling and aliens. But as is apparent in their stand-alone episode of The Fall Guy, they just know how to wind you up. (PS: The Fall Guy might work for you Canadians, but the rest of the world prefers the true title of The Autumn Guy. But you rascals ran with that joke, too.) I wish your show continued success and that neither of you three be upgraded (these autobots have become irreplaceable, even if robotics says that they can be easily duplicated and at a fraction of the price).
I would give it a 100... Or, you know, 5 stars.
I don't know art, but I know what I like and I like this.
I love listening to these guys chat about Doctor Who. Sometimes I wish they weren't so negative about a lot of things, but often times I can agree with them. Either way, I am entertained!
I like the interplay between the three host. They don't always agree but they still seem to respect one another and still love Who (even if an episode disappoints). Look forward to all their stuff.
I'm pretty sure these guys hate each other and it makes the show super uncomfortable to listen to with all the fake niceness and cutting passive aggressive comments. Pass
Commentary is pretty good too.
With great segments, captivating subject-matter, stellar hosts and the occasional guests, RFS is my favorite Doctor Who podcast. It's worth a subscription or two.
When you guys talk it's pretty good, but either stop doing commentaries or do them properly. No one likes a commentary track where the people have clearly not prepared in advance and at least half the track is total silence while we "listen" to them watch the show. We WANT to hear you blab over the whole thing, that's the point! You guys are supposed to be the experts and your insights should teach us about the episode and enhance our understanding and appreciation of it. The best commentaries are when the commentators have clearly watched the show at least once in advance, done some research and have notes prepared - notes with technical or behind the scenes info AND their personal views. It should be a non stop gab fest of GOOD info and insights, not just 2 hours of "wow I haven't watched this in years, hey look he's wearing a blue hat! How cool... [silence or coughing for 2 mins] hey i remember that scene scared me as a kid, lol [more silence]." If that's what you're going to bring us don't bother because trust me no one is listening. But be a broadcaster, use your Who knowledge, do your proper homework and give us commentaries we look forward to! Please? It would be a first. I have yet to discover a Who commentary podcast that feels like some effort was put into it. Be great to have one!
I just started listening to this podcast when I got hooked on Doctor Who - new and classic - this year, and I love it. I tried a few other DW podcasts, but this one kept me interested because of the banter between Steven, Warren, and Chris. They don't wait for each other - they just talk like they are in one room together and go off on tangents a lot. I love it! I am sad, though, when Warren isn't on the podcast. His "nerdvoice" makes me laugh so hard!
I like Doctor Who, I like talking about Doctor Who and I like Podcast. You would think all of those things could go together to be an awesome show. Nope. Hear you have three guys who hate everything New Doctor Who has given them. They dismiss the fans by calling them nerds even though they doing a Doctor Who Podcast. They don't like the Tennant Run even though it is the only reason we are here now due to the backstage disaster that was Ecelston. They also seem not to care what people think. In all of the episodes, I can find, there is no reviewer feedback. None. Its just three guys who like to be snarky about how great things were back in Old Doctor Who with bad sets, acting and plots. I do like some old Who, but lets face it, its not the end all be all of the series. I have tried to get through their audio commentaries, but its impossible. The show is a joke and I hope Nerdist drops it for a podcast that doesn't seem to go out of their way to be everything bad about being fans of Doctor Who.
I discovered this podcast through Verity and am so glad I did. These guys are entertaining, knowledgeable, and just fun to listen to. I feel like I am with friends talking about one of my favorite subjects!
In those long, cold, frozen months between Doctor Who seasons I need something to give me hope, some reason to keep on living. This podcast is my succor, my sustenance. It’s the only thing that gives me warmth and joy. I’ve gone back to the very beginning and started listening to them all. Their audio commentaries are hysterically funny. And I don’t care if the news is old by now--there were a few things I didn’t know about so even their old news was genuinely new news to me). They are not only knowledgeable about all things Who, they have a humility and sense of humor a lot of other podcasters lack. (But someone really does have to tie Warren down and make him watch all the black and white stuff. It’ll be good for him.)
Not sure why there haven't been many reviews of late, but I truly enjoy this podcast. I'm almost 1/3 of the way through listening to all of the podcasts (out of order, as I wanted to hear the new ones, the first ones, and the commentaries first). I don't always agree with their opinions, but I understand where they're coming from, and enjoy hearing other opinions on the shows, because we watch with different eyes and many times we don't focus on or even notice the same things. I love the commentaries, the nerd humor, and the comparative lack of grammatical errors. I'm looking forward to the next 66.6% of it!
They're the first Doctor Who themed podcast about new episodes I listen to after I record my own Doctor Who themed podcast about new episodes...
This is my favorite Doctor Who podcast! I love the interviews and commentaries. You guys have really great discussions even when it's not Who related! Can't wait for more eps!!
If you're only going to listen to one weekly Doctor Who podcast, make it this one. Three very knowledgeable fans, talking about the show they love, but never pulling punches about the things they don't love so much.
I am a huge Doctor Who fan (listen to 6 podcasts), and this one is awesome! The Three Who Rule have great guests from the Doctor Who world, hosts from other podcast come in for a visit (Chip from 2MTL, the guys from Doctor Who Podcast, even the ladies from Chicks Dig Time Lords!), have in depth and sometimes hysterical discussions on new episodes, reviewing old episodes, talking about people associated with the show (mini-scope).. there is just so much to listen to from them, it's well worth your time to check them out, and hopefully, SUBSCRIBE!!!
I love doctor who and this podcast
The Three Who Rule (Stephen, Chris, and Warren) are legends in Doctor Who podcastdom. Witness their greatness by giving their show a listen to. You will not regret it! : )
This is one of the best podcasts I have ever listened to. The three hosts have great chemistry together, and from a technical standpoint the show is VERY well made. With a delightful balance of old and new Who content, this is a show that shouldn't be missed!
Fun and interesting with honest opinions and a profound love of the show. Wonderful.
One if two Doctor Who podcasts that I listen too on a regular basis, every episode is well put together and is well worth the listen.
I have been listening for over a year and it just keeps getting better. They are funny and knowledgable without being boring. I enjoy their insights and thoughts on the new series and I have learned a lot about classic who. Their earlier podcasts are much harder to listen to they do better with 3 hosts.
Originally when I 1st encountered the podcast, I was puzzled by Steven's voice which sounded like Jim Henson (in a good way)! I enjoy the attack of the Pedantor and the variety of insights Steven, Warren & Chris bring to this show is refreshing and fun. I love the Miniscope feature, the interviews, the commentaries, and enjoy the Randomizer being employed to decide on what stories to review in the off-season. Keep up the great work guys. Love the show and don't change a thing.
As a new listener I'm immediately hooked by the chemistry between the hosts and the way they compliment each other. I'm not even a big Dr. Who fan but I still love listening to see what these guys come up with. A must-subscribe!
Do these Doctor Who? Cause they sure don't talk like they enjoy it. Lots of grumbling about what two dislike, few discussion on what they enjoy. The live episode commentary is okay for an episode, but very quickly gets dull with the host's trying to out geek each other and the quick decent into sexual innuendos. Sadly, it's still one of the better Doctor Who podcasts. Not that that is much of a recommendation.
I've listened to a number of Doctor Who themed podcasts, but Radio Free Skaro was the first I listened to, and remains my favorite. More like listening to an informal chat between fans, it's never dull and always makes me laugh. This is the only podcast I've listened to that I've had to rewind at times to hear a particularly funny line again! I look forward to each new episode, and always find it to be an enjoyable listen. Keep up the great work guys!