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This polished and professionally-produced show has expert brewing advice coupled with frat house humor - what's not to love? The hosts are awesome, the guests are at the top of their game, and the interviews are first rate. I've listened to the others and this one is by FAR the best. The only thing I wish it had is more Code. Where is that guy?
I listen to homebrew podcasts to learn stuff. This is 3 hours at a time of raunchy morning FM radio. I’ll give 2 stars since it’s a little entertaining.
This was the very first podcast I ever listened to on iTunes way back in the day. Although I can’t drink anymore due to health problems, I would recommend this as a “must-listen” to those in the homebrew and beer industry. You’ve got almost 15 years of content; some of it educational, some of it fun (lunch meet was incredible), and the best episodes are when they combine the two. It was the only podcast where I liked ALL of the hosts/cohosts and guests: Justin, JP, Dr. Scott, Daniela, Jamil, Johnathan Plise, John Palmer, Tasty, Moscow. Sully, Sean Paxton, Beardy, Beevo, Terrance, Kim, Jay, Shat, the professional brewers, yeast experts, beer industry workers and all the rest. Even though I’m moving on now, I will really miss listening to you guys, and I’ll never forget this podcast. I wish you all the best. Thanks for all of the entertainment over the years. -a former member of the BN army.
JP whines about EVERYTHING This is not entertaining at all. I have enjoyed the show when he is in the background but this one was painful
I listened to the latest three episodes. On the third one I added up how much actual time was spent talking about beer and brewing - seems to me this show could be boiled down to 1 hour-max and still get the same info across. These guys are smart and they know their brew, but it's like listening to someone else's friends have a conversation about people and things you don't realy care about. Oh, and tons of cussing. Not really my thing.
Great if you want to listen to sexist dinosaurs say derogatory things about women and ramble about nonsense in between 5 minutes of beer discussion. A perfect example of everything that's wrong with the craft beer scene.
Love the show, thanks!!
If you have 2 free hours to listen to 15 minutes of substantial homebrew content, this is the podcast for you. The jokes are almost as annoying as hearing the 5 people on the show talk over each other. They do occassionally spit out some good information and the hosts are great homebrew resources, but this podcast needs some direction and production help to make it ear friendly. As other reviews have mentioned, the jokes are offensive and generally over the top. Add that to the poor production, and this show is almost un-bearable.
I want to like this, but every time I listen, I can't get 15 minutes in without hearing a racist or sexist "joke." I would've found it funny high school. I'm all for low-brow humor, but can we please refrain from perpetuating stereotypes?
Been a listener since 2007 and the shows were great until late 2015-early 2016. Justin took a semi-permanent hiatus and JP with Beardy took over. Sorry JP I don't get your humor and it was better with all of you guys and Beevo. Still listen but find myself fast forwarding more. Hope it gets better with JP finding his stride.
Lots of fun info
The BN changed my life.
I only discovered the BN a little over a year ago and i've been hooked from the start. These guys are the best on the air and any home brewer or beer geek should subscribe.
Seriously? They spend more time talking about random crap and advertising than actual brewing topics. Listened for an hour and learned nothing about brewing. Focus guys and please edit, there is no reason these need to be 4 hours long.
Wish there was less banter and games, more content. About 1/5 of the show is actual content. The rest is general banter and a waste. I spend most of the episode fast forwarding though games or talk about absolutely nothing beer or brewing-related to try and fill a 3 hour fluff-filled podcast that could be 15 minutes long.
I think that this show is the cornerstone to the Brewing Networks line-up. I can listnen to most any of the other BN shows when I want straight talk on improving my beers. The Session is the show I put on when I am brewing by myself but stil want to hang with some friends. Justin, JP, Tasty, et al. Thanks!
Great live broadcast, much better than other beer podcasts, where they just taste the beer and talk about it. Amazing interviews with the superstars of home brewing and craft beer. Endless info from Doc, Tasty, JP and many many others, not to mention the ever entertaining musings of host, Justin. Can't say enough great things about this show.
Mega raves, will change your life. Best friends to ears.
The Brewing network is awesome and the Session is the highlight of my Sunday…or Monday…or even Tuesdays once in a while. There are always good guests and lots of entertainment. You may not want to listen with the kids, they may need to explain some of the crude humor to you. I have listed for some time and am proud to be a member of the BN Army!
These guys are funny and informative, so I don't mind if they take a day or two off every once in a while.
There are many brewing Podcasts out there, many of them do a fine job. This is not the only Podcast I subscribe to but what is unique about “The Session” is they can do what the others do (provide information), but others can’t do what the session does (entertain the crap out of me). This Podcast is to beer geeks what Howard is to talk radio and what Lino Rulli is to Catholic radio.
Ramble, ramble, ramble, ad, ramble, repeat...
If you are looking for a podcast that provides useful information for home brewers, this is not it. I've listened to the last 5 or 6 shows and there is about 5 minutes of worthwhile info in each show. Considering the fact that they tend to run about 4 hours long, the percentages of good stuff are very low. It's mostly a bunch of drunk guys burping and telling crude jokes. There is some funny stuff there for sure, but you could go down to your local craft beer establishment with your buddies and get the same effect. At least at that point you would actually be enjoying good beer instead of listening to these guys do it. If you are looking for a podcast with tons of useful stuff for homebrewers, try Basic Brewing Radio. Every episode is packed with great brewing information. Don't be fooled by the name. They have done some basic shows at the beginning, 8 years ago. But now all the episodes talk about intermediate to advanced brewing techniques. Here's an example, Stan Hieronymus, author of "For the Love of Hops" was interviewed on both Basic Brewing and The Session. The Session interview included about 10 minutes of talk about how the Hop Queen is chosen along with several crude jokes. On Basic Brewing, Stan actually described the effectiveness of hopping at different stages in the brewing process. I'll leave it you to decide which you prefer.
Great show for craft beer related topics. These asshats usually have a great guest on as well. Enjoy you DAMOS!
I love home brewing and podcasts but this was so disappointing. Hardly any actual talk about brewing. It's mostly crude humor about their dicks then commercials. So if you love dicks and commercials this is for you, otherwise prepare to be disappointed.


a must for beer drinkers and brewers!
Learn more here than I did in university.
I love this show. It's funny, entertaining, and I learn a lot from the presenters.


By BC Maui
A show that gathers together many that enjoy the art of brewing without taking itself to seriously. Great way to learn many different aspects of and opinions about brewing techniques and science, especially if you have a long commute. And some of the show is just screwing around and has no educational value at all, so it not for those without a sense of humour.
This show has it all! If you want to improve your home brewing, have some fun and make some new radio friends then the Session is for you. The show is a cast of friendly ( and not so friendly )beer geeks BSing for a few hours and interviewing some amazing professional and homebrewers. What you come away with is insight, tips and tricks, and a huge improvement in your brewing. I have taken my brewing to a whole new level thanks to this show. I also recommend checking out the Brewing Networks other shows Brew Strong and Can You Brew It. These are more technical shows with renowned homebrewer Jamil Zainasheff. He artfully guides you through the art, science, and craft of brewing with fun, humor, and at a level that even a dummy like me can understand.


It's got a good beat that I can dance to


By therai
Funny and informative. This is where a lot of podcasts fail, merging entertainment with the information they share.
4 minutes of content wrapped in 4 hours of total garbage.
One word needed to describe. Winning.
Awesome stuff! Funny parts laced with great info and rooted in beer. Super informative with material to stir the imagination. 4 hours of beer geek bliss!
The best, funniest, most informative, and most offensive podcast ever! BN Army for life!
Great source of info for all levels of brewer. They may ramble, but hey it's a 3 hour radio show, and one that's much better than you average FM morning show. Throw it on in the car and listen to it during your commute and it's perfect. iTunes needs a beer category... They would be #1 without a doubt!
after listening to this shows, plus brew strong, and the jamil show I made 4 perfect beers,and I'm a first time homebrewer. Ive never heard a show that I didn't learn something new. Doc is a blast to listen to. "freak'n out"
I'm just getting back into home brewing after a long hiatus, including a recent career change that may lead to some small scale professional brewing for taps in a bottle-shop/tap-room/home-brew-store that I'm helping to operate, and your show makes me feel better about my brewing goals on a regular basis. I can't listen live, but the streaming shows fill my day with all-things-brewing, and I can't ever get enough of that. Granted, the Sunday Sessions are explicit, as listed, so I can't stream it at work *sniff*, and you guys can definitely ride the ragged edge of offensive (unfortunate, because the shows are otherwise packed with info), but you get all five stars from me just to keep wind in the sails. BN Army dues incoming. If you want 'clean', read the home-brewing books and articles available from some of the BN-podcasters, but if you want all-too-real, in-your-face conversations about brewing from some fantastic brewers, the whole series of BN podcasts are a must-listen.
...but I'll say it again: The Brewing Network rocks! Best beer-related programming out there. <3 The BN
Awesome information for all from beginner to accomplished brewer to beer lover. Funny guys who don't take themselves too serious.
You won't find a better podcast on beer and brewing out there. I have listened since day one and it just keeps getting better. The production quality rivals any broadcast out there and the information is second to none. Vastly entertaining as well. I cancelled my satellite radio subscription in my car a long time ago. More than enough info and entertainment here.
I love this podcast, the guys are funny and helpful. A great way to pass the time!
Good information, great sound quality and presentation. I want the BN inside of me.
This show used to be an excellent source of homebrewing info, but now it's just hours of childish antics and wasted time, with a little craft-brewing info sprinkled in. Also, forget ever hearing about anything on the East Coast, these guys don't seem to be able to see past the California borders...
This podcast is the bomb! BN Army for life!