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nnaa... its not that good. u dont put lots of description of the shows and the hole podcast is slow and ur vioce is always slow, boring,and u dont seem exited about talking about naruto!!
Your voice makes me crack up, the way you said "naaaradio" made me burst into laughter, and you deserve a co-host to help you talk about this. It was awesome, despite it's co-host free flaw. Keep it up.
whats up jade i have one question how does kakashi obtain his mangekyo sharingan?
I love the way this podcast sounds so real! Just like talking to a real person. I love it. So what if you mispronounce some words; no one's perfect. I think the information is great, I'm a huge fan.
Hey this dude knows what he's talkin bout. So If ya seen the episodes but ya want to know somewhere else ta see Naruto listen to this podcast.
Hey Jade! Great Podcast! Whens the next one coming out?
Hey man, i like your work. Ive been a fan of Naruto as soon as the the english anime hit cable. My friend was a huge fan of the manga way b4 the anime was even mentioned around america and i wish i had taken her advice and started reading it. well anyways, i dont get to watch naruto as much as id like anymore, and have misssed a couple key episodes, but have kept up with as of the story as i can. A question that i would like to ask you, well more of a request, is if you could take some time and explain a lil bit about the the story of the Uchiha clan, because Itachi and Sasuke have got to be my favourite characters out of the series and as much as ive researched(havent done much at all :P) im still confused on what happened and why the hell Itachi killed every1. thanks man, keep it up
Great podcast! You must keep going! Can't wait for next week.


I liked the podcast a lot but i did not loved it..... I just want to say some advise... please dont do a podcast that u r sick in...... because my friends hate hearing me sick cause i sound weird soo its kinda bad when everybody is hearing u... so yeah... though im glad that ur feeling better
Get your pronunciations right PLEASE. You've no idea how much it bugs people who are finicky on pronunciation. Also, try editing out studders and ums. Props for including the japanese version though.
Itachi is the best ever Sakure just poo poo