Reviews For Art Marketing Action Podcasts from Alyson B. Stanfield and

Fantastic resource on methods of conducting oneself through the arts practice.

By Svic
This art marketing podcast relays useful information in short, professional podcasts that get to the point quickly.
This podcast is a piece of the whole series of little very useful advice to tackle your art bissiness DIY style. I would reccomend it to any art student as a supplement to a missing part of most Fine Art educational curiculums. It points out important little things from which material success of average artist can be built/or tighten step by step. Thanks!
Great, relevant tidbits of practical information... and they provide me with motivation during lulls in creative activity.
As an emerging artist with a nascent body of work I have found Alyson Stanfield's podcasts incredibly helpful. I was very concerned, before I started researching art marketing, that I would have to compromise my vision in order to sell paintings. After listening to Alyson's message, I have learned that not only do I not have to pander to sell, but that achieving excellence in my current work will be the key to my success. She is clear, forthright, and humorous, with knowledgable insights about every phase of the art marketing process. Kudos!
Alyson's real world practical suggestions are smart and easy to apply. Worth listening to each week.
And she's so smart to ASK people that follow her blog to rate & review! I find these podcasts to be very inspirational! Feel artistic and learn to promote your art!! WIN/WIN!!
Alyson's advice is always helpful, and to the point. For example this morning I woke up to a welcome email by Alyson, a podcast about showing older work on your website. It was excellent, and inspired me to make a couple of simple changes on my website. Thanks for all you do Alyson! Michael Newberry
I really like this podcast!! Alyson does a great job! Thanks so much!!
This is a must listen for any artist. Always informative - the information you need to know as a working artist. (and those that want to be)
Every week Alyson brings excellent, need-to-know information for artists. Overall I've found each podcast to be valuable to my artistic practice. A nice complement to Alyson's blog and tweets. A must listen.
Alyson Stanfield is far and away the most knowledgeable business coach for artists out there today. Her podcasts and blog are jam-packed with valuable information that can help you move your art business forward. Of course, you still need to provide your own motivation to actually put her tips and plans into practice, but if you do, you'll see results and feel like you have some control over your art career! If you're serious about taking your art business to the next level, you owe it to yourself to subscribe.
This podcast has been the most educational and has valuable information. Alyson is "straight to the point" with great examples and she talks "strictly art promotion". No jibba jabba. She mentions the little things which may be the most important. Any artist that is having an exhibit, well known or first time....this podcast is a MUST LISTEN TO!!
I go some wonderful and time saving tips from Alysons' pod casts. Her love of art and artists comes through & her desire to help them focus their energies effectively.