The Playing with Fire Podcast

Reviews For The Playing with Fire Podcast

This is a great podcast. Dr. Bill does an amazing job. I know for me this podcast has given me a new outlook on the game and the way it should be played.
Phenomenal, well organized podcast with interesting and diverse segments. The interviews are great and the interviewer is not afraid to ask personal questions of faith, family and the place of sports within the bigger context of life. The training tips segments offer great insite into sports psychology and offers simple yet effect ways to take your players (or yourself) to the next level. I downloaded every single segment and am listening to them in order. I feel like I am being mentored by the best.
This is a great Podcast and Dr Bill is doing a wonderful job in a needed area of sports performance. I really liked the music, q and a and interview format. I've liked the current guest speakers too. I hope Dr Bill keeps it going. It's too important a mission not to be a success.
This podcast was launched on EWTN's "Life on the Rock" program last week. This first episode is outstanding and should only get better over time. It moves quickly and has good flow. The interview with Kyle Brady (TE Jacksonville Jaguars), music with Justin Shaw, practical tips on actually improving physical and mental performance, as well as how virtue is tied to everything, was great. In the future, I would like to hear some on-site segments at games and practices.
I've really enjoyed this podcast, and I thought the second episode was even better than the first one. The show flows well; it's divided between interviews, music, stories, etc., which makes it easy to listen to. Dr. Bill gives some great advice on performance that can apply to any sport. I've found myself following some of the advice, and I actually have noticed improvement in my game. The sports stories Dr. Bill tells are entertaining and inspiring. If you haven't listened to this podcast yet, I recommend giving it a try.
Dr. Bill is both knowledgable and entertaining. This subject matter is so relevant given the poor state of athletics today. The show was lively and interesting with a really good mix of info and entertainment. I am certain this show will grow and build a strong fan base. Thanks for the great work and effort. I can't wait to hear the next one!
I didn't know what to expect form the show. It bills itself as a sports and virtue show and that's exactly what it was. Dr. Bill is a good host and the show's content was surprisingly good. There were good stories, music, an interview and some solid tips and tricks all directed at the elite athlete. I look forward to hearing more.