Reviews For SCOTUScast

What a horrible audio quality. I happened to start the podcast with this episode. Sounds like the guest has a paper bag over his head. Many reviews say the same thing yet you can bother to improve this?
The content is excellent, but the audio quality is so bad that it is almost always hard to listen. Please upgrade the audio quality to make this an intellectually exciting podcast.
They simply read what the case was about and bring in an expert to discuss it briefly. It's a good podcast even if the audio quality is sometimes a little wanting.
Broad, bipartisan views of SCOTUS cases
I'm giving this 5 stars in the hopes that this podcast gains more popularity and is compelled to get better microphones. A Blue Snowball will do the trick guys. Seriously.
The review from 2008 is still the case. Great legal analysis, poor audio quality. Like listening through a warbly tin can. I hope the Federalist Society people read the reviews. Please make the podcast listenable.
Required listening for anyone who wants to follow the Supreme Court.
Eminent legal scholars discussing crucial legal issues. Usually excellent summaries and often good insights into cases pending or just decided. A very important source because ordinary news reports of Supreme Court decisions are generally inaccurrate and often misleading. But WHY is the audio so terrible? This has to be fixed; there is no reason for such an eminent organization to present something so poorly.