Fallen Innocence

Reviews For Fallen Innocence

As a huge fan of the later seasons and puzzled by the large dislike for seasons 5-7, I love the idea of a podcast that focuses on these seasons and is going to discuss their value. I thought the first episode was a good introduction to Mike's podcast. I'll be interested to see what kind of dicussion it generates. Definitely checkout his website with the discussion board. The board and podcast definitely go hand in hand. I want to listen to the next episode so that is a good sign in my book.
Mike does an excellent job of looking at the show with an analytical perspective that can only be found in a true fan. His passion for the show is evident and makes this cast well worth a listen. Great for the Buffy fan who is looking for a little depth.
I love how the format allows for non-tedious, in-depth discussion. One of the best Buffy podcasts I've heard... and I'm pretty sure I've given all of them at least one listen. Very reminiscent of the Buffycast. I'm also quite happy to know that someone else enjoyed the later seasons of the much-missed series, since I was really pleased at how the themes and characters evolved... well, maybe not always.