Lighthouse Baptist Church Audio Podcast

Reviews For Lighthouse Baptist Church Audio Podcast

Pastor Fisher and the guest preachers that speak at Lighthouse bring solid biblical content, a gracious spirit, yet powerful and exhortive in the preaching of God's Holy Word. You will grow more and more as you listen to all of the Word of God that you'll find saturated within the content of the preaching.
Pastor Fisher is a one of a kind Christian preacher. He is down to earth when he talks but you can tell that Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is working through him to preach to us. I can relate to every gospel which convicts me but puts me on the right track, Praise God!
Independent Fundamental King James Baptist Preaching. It just dont get no better than that. I have searched though many of these podcast and i find this to be one of the best. It has been a tremendous blessing to me and i believe it will to you too!
Pastor Doug Fisher is a tremendous preacher of the word of God, truly preaches the old paths. I would say he is a prophet-type preacher, not by bringing "new revelation," but in the authority and power that he preaches thus saith the LORD. After every message, it seems like my cup runs over with great truths with a deeper understanding of the Bible.