Battle of the Century

Reviews For Battle of the Century

An excellent look at the weeks comics. Billy and Dylan make even the viewer feedback section of their podcast interesting.
Billy Zonos and DocX (joining weekly as different comic persona) guide you through the weekly world of comics. Its just like your local comic shop on new comic book day.
Whether you are a Marvel Zombie or part of DC Nation, even the indy crowd should listen to these two. If they hate a book, they will critque its stupidity until you are forced to agree. And if they love a book, they still aren't above pointing out its flaws. This podcast has at least three spoiler filled reviews every week, and a new top 5 list that they ask for fan input. The best part about these two is, no matter which company you love, they are rarely wrong.
These guys do a great job of going over the comics each week. They disagree a lot and get you a ton of good perspective ont he books, writers and themes going on in the world of comics today.
Sometimes things go a little long, and the professionalism isn't as good as the Cinecast podcast they're borring their format from, but it's chock full of opinion and information about the week's best comics and the interaction between the two hosts is really genuine. Definitely recommended.