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These guys are hilarious best sports show in Chicago maybe best anywhere.
The incompetence of ESPN always seeps through. Doesn’t download 70% of the time for some reason.
I've been listening to this show everyday since 2011 when Harry was on. Gone through the show time changes and it doesn't matter. Carmen and Jurko are one of the most entertaining sports-based radio show during the day. When you listen, each personality becomes almost like a friend. Carmen is your smart, informed, and drives the show. Usually has a conservative view on sports and has GREAT movie review advice along with the great trivia knowledge. I was born in the late 80's, but Carmen is able to bring back those great memories in some of the discussion. Carmen could be great hosting a show about any kind of subject. Jurko is your bully older brother. Although his opinion on sports might seem meathead-ish at times, he's good at giving Carmen and the producers a vocal 'check'. Jurko smells the sport/political BS and tells it like it is when the time calls for it. And comically becomes distracted by the Mazda State Street Studios Window Candy. The producer Danny plays the little brother that trolls you while growing up. I usually disagree with Danny unless he's arguing with Jordan Cornette lol Hopefully they don't take any more time from your slot. The 'alway cheery' Kaplan plays out after a little bit. But the Carmen and Jurko Show has been great for over 5 years. I'll keep listening everyday. @PirateLifeFF
ESPN Chicago radio is very mediocre in my opinion. I forced myself to listen to this podcast until I found The Spiegel and Goff show. Spiegel and Goff have better interviews, more in depth sports talk, and have better radio personalities than anyone at ESPN.
boy i miss the good old days missing harry just not the same
If there is a radio show that is more educational and entertaining, I haven't found it.
Carmen & Jurko continue to be highly entertaining daily. The Best sports station in the best sports town. Can't miss this show.


Great sports talk
Now that CJ and Waddle & Silvy share an hour, why doesn't that whole hour appear on either podcast?
They are incredibly entertaining! And Big Tim, two reviews down, learn how to spell - 'they're', not 'their', as in 'they are (they're) entertaining.' You lack credibility when you write like an idiot.
Something is wrong as the Itunes won't update the feed on the subscription. The episodes appear to be out there and available, but my subscription doesn't automatically download. This is my ONLY podcast that does this and I subscribe to many. Please fix it!
Nice sports talk show!!!!
Awesome show.
CJH are hilarious and very informative about chicago sports. Along with waddle and silvy, this is the best sports talk on the radio.
The 05/13 podcast is missing?
You guys put on a great show. It is the right mix of experienced analysis (Yurko), journalistic professionalism (Carm), and idiot savant sports knowledge (HT). The only thing missing is sultry voiced female sports nut. But hey, three for four is a good day at the park.
SInce Carmen has replaced Mac, The Afternoon Saloon is epic. I hated Mac. Harry can be pretty freaking annoying and blatantly disrespectful when talking to Bruce Levine (Cubs and Sox reporter), but aside from Harry and Bruce's personal issues that Harry can't seem to be professional about and get over, the show is excellent.
The afternoon saloon along with waddle and silvy are the best sports radio in chicago


By BillyOK
Blunt, honest, funny, well-spoken with three hosts who stand out separately but make a nice team. I started listening post-Danny Mac so I can't speak to his gifts or how big a loss his departure is, but I like Carmen just fine in the first chair.
I plan my afternoon around the saloon. Now that I have an iPhone I'm pumped to listen to what I missed. Plus I can listen to the show on the plain too.
Thank God for XM/Sirius Radio.These cranky buffons have nothing good or intelligent to about any of the Chicago teams. Their haters! Thier infantile. Their idiots. I'll stick to satelite for my sports talk.
This used to be a quality show. Since they replaced McNeil with DeFalco, I can't even listen during Boers & Bernstein commercial breaks.
Shame on ESPN 1000 for letting Danny Mac get away--Carmen will never be able to fill his shoes. The chemistry just isn't the same now and I've dropped this podcast from my daily must listens
This used to be an above average show. Now that the station (in its infinite wisdom) has dumped McNeil and replaced him with DeFalco, it's absolutely terrible.
I listened to these guys for 3 and a half years when I lived in Chicago and have downloaded the podcast everyday since I moved away. I'm not a Chicago native, but I've listened to a lot of sports radio and MJH is the definitive sports talk show by which all others should be measured. My only complaint would be that the podcasts don't contain MORE content from the days events, but thank you thank you thank you for such a quality product. Keep up the fantastic work.
I'm a former Chicago resident that misses the city and its sports scene. I first became a fan of these guys while living there, and enjoy getting a sample of their daily show. Don't expect an unbiased account of the goings-on in Chicago sports, but if you're a fan of their teams you'll like this podcast.
These moran's have had shows where they've suggested trading Devon Hester and Brian Urlacher. They are true brainiacs!! Harry is alright in my book though. That is why I give it three stars. It should be call T Wad, Silvy and Hair ball!
These guys are great! If you are fan of the old Saturday Night Live skits with the guys in the bar talking about Da Bears, or Da Bulls, you will laugh at how similar these guys sound to them. It is refreshing to listen to a sports radio show that mixes comedy with sports.
These guys are hilarious. Great chemistry. The three of them give some great and varying view points. Interesting radio. I love this show!
This is by far the best sports talk radio show on the air today. I regularly find myself laughing out loud during each airing, and as funny as they are, they are equally as insightful and interesting. They focus on the sports we care about, and the aspects of them that most people care about. They each come from different backgrounds, which compliments each other very well. Mac's "glass is half empty" mentality, contrasting against Harry's "we've still got a shot" look on laugh, makes room for Jurko's matter-of-fact "I've been in the locker room" way of thinking. Absolutely fantastic. Keep it coming boys!
Having moved from Chicago to a land of no sports (Guam) this is great that ESPN has started pod casting. Hearing Mac, Jurko, and Harry again is also refreshing. The fact I can get the neighborhood corner tavern here in the middle of the pacific is great. Add to getting most of my favorite shows ESPN radio in shorten form and keep track a bit. Just a vote for more free and longer content from ESPN!!
These guys know very little about sports. Mac is average, Jurko only knows or cares about football, and Harry is the world's biggest homer and world's worst comic. They do their best work talking about anything but sports.
iTunes has made one of its best additions ever with the Mac, Jurko and Harry podcast. These three know exactly what they are talking about, and provide a great dynamic on a great afternoon show. Subscribe to this podcast for excellence in Chicago sports coverage.
Don't listen to the actual radio much, but these guys are worth a listen if you live in Chicago...I wish I did.
MJ&H are average at best and annoying at worst. The best of the lot is Jurko - Mac is far too full of himself for my liking and Harry's voice is like a cheese grater on my spinal cord. All that being said, if you can get the Tuesday "Critic's" portion of the show, that's worth a listen.
These three gentlemen know their stuff, and have a great on air chemistry that is second to none. For those in the Chicago market, these guys understand there stuff and they always keep you on your toes. Hats off to you gentlemen for a great show, keep up the good work.