The Mondo Sessions

Reviews For The Mondo Sessions

Sure, A State of Trance and Trance Around the World are great. But, if trapped on a desert island, I'd hope my Mondo Sessions collection would be what I had loaded up on my player at that time. Being monthly makes for some great anticipation, plus it lets Darren and Dale by VERY picky about what they play.
This is the only podcast I look forward to every month. If you like trance this is top quality. And for once the talking isn't annoying. Darren and Dale are hilarious on a regular basis.
The best podcast that I have ever stumbled upon. Only has one problem... one release a month is not enough
One of the best podcasts out there!
i'm a die hard listener of 'a state of trance' radio show by armin van buuren, but darren & dale do a great job in overall summing up of the best tracks of the month, therefore eliminating the 'not-all-so-intersting' tracks van buuren plays throughout the 4 episodes of his monthly show. these are great mixes! progressive/trance fans should definitely have this subscription in their podcast playlist.
A great mix that I look forward to every month, while taking care to archive prior releases!
and the album of his project - dt8 project, rocks!