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The world is full of good and near-great podcasts that just sort of ran out of steam. A couple of years ago "You gotta get a podcast!" was some kind of a battle cry and people started recording their ideas about politics, the economy and whatever as if it was the dot-com boom all over again. Get in there and start a personal finance podcast before there are forty-'leven of them and "their all taken" or "you get drowned out". It's almost like the gold rush for top level domain names. Now most of the light and all of the heat has left, and we're left with the people who really have a passion for their subject. And people with a real passion don't skip entire months. It's a shame. This one could have been good.....
Yes, the information is informative, but if they're not going to update, they might as well delete it.
Excellent speaking voice and really inspirational material