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I am encouraged daily on my drive to work. I love that you two are transparent honest and stick to scripture. Thank you for covering all topics.
Hands down one of the best podcasts. My favorite is the one of Dr. Preston. I think more people feel the same way but are unable or aren’t bold enough to have these conversations. I can’t stop listening. Happy New Year!!!
I love Lisa and John, their ministry has just shown so much fruit not just in my life but in so many others. I love listening to this podcast at work since I’m at a desk all day, and the way they break down topics like marriage, addictions, and so many others is put in such a way that it’s just so easy to absorb and apply to your life. As a young adult sometimes it’s difficult to find something to listen to that’s interesting, and this is definitely it. You always walk away with something! Thank you guys!! & my request for 2019 is convos on being new to wanting a family in your marriage, when or how it went with you guys. And the journey with it? Or how to help restore relationships with family members because of your faith or a fight.
I love John & Lisa. God has used them to inspire & transform my life in ways I cannot explain ! Im curious - Lisa mentioned having no support in their marriage (in one of her posts about her son’s recent wedding). Could you elaborate on that? How does one deal with their parents saying no to their spouse choice?


By LH_28
Great wisdom. Sometimes hard to follow because of Lisa always interrupting John. Would be great if this was minimized, but overall I really gain a lot from the podcasts.
One of my favorite podcast !!!! Thank you !!!


Love this podcast! Please keep sharing! Is there an email to send in questions?
I anticipate each new updated podcast. Thank you, John and Lisa, for these conversations! Updated Nov. 20, 2018 Thank you for being willing to tackle hard conversations. God bless you and Happy Thanksgiving!
That was great. I wanna go to Hawaii and learn more. I listened to this while I was running and I felt like I could run a marathon it got me so excited. 1 Chronicles 4:10 Jabez called upon the God of Israel, saying, “Oh that you would bless me and enlarge my border, and that your hand might be with me, and that you would keep me from harm so that it might not bring me pain!” And God granted what he asked.
I’m so glad I listened! My first time listening to Lisa was on Thriving Beyond Belief. Therefore, I listened to this podcast. There are so many nuggets that spoke to recent experiences that my family has walked through and is walking through. My favorite thing is how you point to the Word constantly. Now, I’m going to have to look up your books and see where to begin reading after I finish my recent purchase from two great authors. I find so much meat in reading from those who have walked where I am walking. Bless you both!
Please do more! Have a child and want to raise her to know how important purity is.
This podcast has helped me in SO many ways!! I am always excited to be able to listen to John and Lisa discuss tough issues. The love they have for God, for each other and for others is a love I strive to mirror. I could listen to them talk all day every day.
Absolutely amazing! Love how every podcast is packed with the Word of God! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love that I can tune in at anytime and know I am going to be given the truth of God’s word in a practical way that helps me grow as a woman of God, as a wife, mother, daughter and friend. I’m thankful for all that John and Lisa provide to help us run our race with endurance and finish strong. Thank you for all you do!
I’ve listened to the Beveres for many years now and I’m so thankful for their ministry and I appreciate how transparent they are on this podcast.
I don’t even listen to podcast usually. But John & Lisa podcast is great so I look forward to listening! Topics are great! My favorite topic so far is when they talked about relationships and abusive marriages... Very different intake than what is being taught in “religious” platforms... Thanks for being on air!
God is literally changing my life through this podcast. I listen to John and Lisa everyday on my way to work and it’s been such a blessing. Thank you both for letting the Lord use you, you are shining examples and beacons of light the younger generation can look up to. I pray the Lord continues to use you to touch people’s lives.
The first time I heard of John & Lisa, I fell in love. Their passion, example, conviction, and life they live surrendered to God is admirable and it makes me say: “when I grow up, I wanna be just like them.” I will buy & listen to what they say because it lines up with God’s word. Love them.
I discovered these podcasts in March and have listened to all 90+ of them not once but twice! My life has been completely changed by the topics, advice, and real-world issues discussed on this podcast. Thank you for sharing truth and love so well!


By mk30:(
I love your leadership on this, thank you! The podcasts on #churchtoo were great, especially the heart to include millennial believers. I have teenagers and seeing the church through their eyes is really an education for me. Humble, authentic church power structures are 100% necessary to this coming generation and I pray we begin to value their voices. They see things we can’t see. Thanks for shining a light here!
There’s days where I just need a GOOD mid week Word. So while I work, I’ll pop my buds in and just listen to John and Lisa hit topics that matter so much to my heart and more importantly, God’s heart. It’s so refreshing! I need every word y’all put out. Thank you for always taking time out to share your hearts. Love listening to y’all!
Such an amazing podcast, I love the way that John and Lisa Bevere communicate together on this podcast and share the heart of God in so many topics as well as the insight they’ve gained in their years walking with God. The episode on Fervent Prayer is my favorite and one that I’ve listened to many times, it caused me to press in to a greater level and shortly after our 4 year old who was born with a lot of health challenges (and a total miracle girl in her continuing to overcome) started walking! I shared the episode with a friend who’s daughter had a severe lazy eye, she listened said it was way out of her comfort zone but decided to start to pray fervently- the next appt the doctor couldn’t believe the progress and that the eye was getting stronger so quickly. It was so apparent to my friend that fervent prayer IS real and effective! I also love that the episodes are less than 40 because it’s a quick, powerful surge to my day. My 7 year old enjoys listening to them too and I love that she is learning and hearing about God! Thank you so much to John and Lisa for your teaching and encouragement and to your team!!!
Thank you for this word.. it’s so good to hear.. I have been so blessed by your ministry lately.
In a time where everyone is giving their opinions in social media... there are few who give you straight TRUTH! And that’s John and Lisa!! No sugar coating... just straight truth in love!! So thankful for this family!
Thank you, John and Lisa, for the time you take to make these podcasts. For years I’ve loved the ministry you do in Messenger International with the global discipleship vision, as well as the books and materials you’ve produced. This podcast has been such a special addition to all that. The free, conversational approach you have in these podcasts makes it feel like I’m sitting right there with you as you pour out the wisdom God has entrusted you with. It’s an honor, even from from away. Also, thanks to the MI staff that spearheaded this project and to those that keep it going!
First, i just want to thank John and Lisa for their submissiveness to the Holy Spirit and what he lays on their hearts. It is a blessing to me, as i am pretty sure it is to others. So, thank you. I have a question and hopefully you can address it in one of your podcasts. Can lack of knowledge (of the Bible) hinder our walk with God and his plans for us? If we can address that then that would be a blessing. I think that is a big obstacle all people face today due to the business of life. How can we find a solution and overcome it? Thanks!! Ramon
Oh my goodness guys! I want to give you my testimony. I listened to your podcast on “Conversations” about your son’s project called “Renew” and I love it! I haven’t even listened to it yet but I LOVE IT. And let me tell you why. I went through the same thing your son did. I have suffered from epilepsy since childhood. I had a mental breakdown at the age of 18 after having a seizure falling off my bicycle (and now I’m terrified of bicycles by the way) and I had to get therapy and medicine and counseling. The works. For that concussion I suffered. But my mother is a prayer warrior and she prayed me out of that and she fed my spirit teachings scripture and worship music. And I did not recover until the age of 22. You better believe I’m going to listen to your free course, “3 key steps to getting unstuck”. And if “Renew” costs a good bit I will do what I can to get it too so that I can listen to it as well. May God bless you and your son and your other sons and all that you do!! You guys are awesome!!
These podcasts help to challenge, encourage, and equip believers to be all that Christ has called them to be. Not to mention John & Lisa are excellent communicators of the word!
I cannot get enough of these people and their heart for God- truly anointed to bring good news to the nation. My heart literally leaps for joy anytime I turn on their podcast and see that they have a new message out! I only wish One day to thank them in person for rejuvenating my soul through their humility and serving of the Lord! May the Lord be praised!
For the love of God’s truth.
I tell my husband that John Bevere is like my spiritual dad or a father figure I never had. I listen to these podcast and the Lord speaks to me through them. Also, I receive the prayers and I believe that one of the prayers started my healing process. God started dealing with me about something I heard John Bevere talk about on the podcast. Going into scripture God is breaking my flesh and soul. So that I can serve Him. Thank you for all that you both do.
Your podcast is dynamic and epic! Lisa a bit of wisdom for you.... can u allow John to finish before you interrupt him as this is quite rude. Other than than that you folks rock!!!
I’ve recently come across your ministry on my own. Heard of it growing up and can’t believe I’m just now immersing myself into your teachings. So good, thankful for how God is using you! Keep the podcasts coming!!
John and Lisa Bevere are a powerful couple who aren’t afraid of speaking the truth! If you are looking for something to add to your spiritual diet... this podcast is it. SO much truth is packed into a short amount of time. I love it! Their books and teachings have been influencing my spiritual walk for almost ten years, so discovering their podcast was exciting. Thank you both for obeying God, listening to the Spirit, and loving the Bible!
I love this podcast. It’s short enough that I can listen to the whole thing without interruption usually (as a mom that’s a big deal), and it’s always rich content. John and Lisa’s knowledge and love of the Word of God and heart to help people walk in the fullness of God is evident in the content. They do not shy away from hard topics and speaking truth in love. I find it very uplifting and encouraging. Highly recommend.
I only weeks ago discovered John and Lisa Bevere, and their messages are so powerful and anointed and so full of insight that honestly I’d recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to grow spiritually. They both give such awesome perspective on important subjects, and every guest they host on the podcast has phenomenal wisdom as well. I love that each message is simply a conversation, rather than a full-on sermon, which makes it so much more down to earth and casual. I’m 22 years old, unmarried with no children and not even heavily involved in ministry, but no matter the topic of their discussions, I’ve always found something within their messages that I connect with. I honestly have pages of notes from this podcast alone. Definitely subscribe and go back and listen to every podcast they’ve done so far. You absolutely won’t regret it!
I love this podcast. I have listen to just about every episode. Great teachings and even a little humor!
Thank you so much for your book, “Killing Kryptonite” and this podcast. They are helping me so much. They are the answer to my prayer. Earlier this year, I prayed to know God intimately. It has been an amazing journey! Keep up the great work! I’m listening!
Compare what they teach to the bible, not even close to what God actually says in His word.
I Just want to thank you, I’m a stay at home mom and listening to your pod cast has been such a blessing to me I love especially when you talked about fighting discouragement, wilderness seasons, and how to hear the voice of God. This podcast came at the right time in my life. Lisa I love you. Every time I see you on daystar or anywhere on Christian tv I think On the inside of me (aww there’s my mom!) I’m great full for everything God has given me through your teachings. John thank you for being obedient to the Lord and taking the time to bring these podcasts.
I love listening to you guys. Such a fun couple. Full of the wisdom of God. I am full time mom, student and wife. I listen to you guys on my way to school every day. You guys keep it real, simple, truthful. Love you guys. God bless!


Great podcast!
I've read most of Lisa's books over the past 10 years and I absolutely love her!! Both of them are great and the podcast is my fav!
Thank you for sharing!!
Thank you for what you've shared about wilderness times. I SOO needed to be reminded. Going through the most intense wilderness of my life. Please pray for me to be ble to rejoice and to look for that river to spring up within me. Thanks.
I've been listening, and sharing this podcast with friends for a couple years now. I can't recommend it enough. John and Lisa speak from a heart of love for King Jesus and His children, you and I! Their words are timely. I'm always amazed when a new podcast speaks right to me, right where and when I need it. And the newest podcast, part 2 of How God Grows Us was spot on! So encouraging. And the prophecy at the end, I receive it, in Jesus name! Thank you both for this investment into all of us! <3


So thankful I came across these podcasts. Especially the one on the wilderness. John and Lisa thank you so so much for putting these out there. You saved me from "doing something for the lord" instead of waiting to hear his voice. The wilderness is an uncomfortable season, but at least I now know where I am. I was weeping in the night hearing your message. More thanks than I can say! ❤️ Gracy Breslin