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Just listened to the podcast about anger. I absolutely loved that you opened it up with a story- totally caught my attention. Thank you for being vulnerable and willing to share that you guys had to go on a journey to get where you are today. Then did some teaching and the tool to locate that one offense you never let go of was super helpful. Thank you!!
Dear John and Lisa, You guys are a spiritual parents to me, I found your podcast when I was going through really tough, dark and confused season of my life. The wisdom and encouragement I have received from you guys really helped me to turn back to God. Your lives points us back to our Heavenly Father. Thank you for serving us. I love you! Sushila
First off I wanted to say that I LOVE you guys. I enjoy every podcast and lesson series you guys have in Messenger International. The love you guys have for God, each other, your families and others is admirable and truly inspiring. My question is; If someone has been in a long term relationship and during this relationship has rededicated their life to Jesus and begun to live for him and their partner has not, at what point should this relationship end. Since we’re not supposed to be unequally yoked. Does the person continue to pray that their partner will rededicate their life soon too? I know that John lead Lisa to the Lord, how did you do this?
Thanks so much for all you awesome cover what the Church is afraid to cover....there isn’t much taught on singles.....the church preaches to those who are is the age of confusion and distraction and apathy. I’d love to hear a podcast for single parents, or blended to create strength and honor for the Lord....Thanks again!❤️
John and Lisa. Thank you for your honesty and faithfulness. We want to hear from you. Please can you make the shows longer. You have so much to share and so much wisdom!
John and Lisa thank you so much You guys are really helping me with everything I need Helping me is helping my kids Helping me is helping me to hear my husband better I’m Thanking God for you guys Are you guys planning to come to Japan?!
What do you do when God gives you five dreams of your future and future spouse? And how I know it’s from God is that I’ve asked him about it and He answered me saying the first girl you dance with is your wife when I’ve never danced in my life at the time!!
I love John & Lisa, I listen to their podcast over and over. They offer such wisdom and insight and encouragement for our faith walk. Thanks for all you do.
I listen to Conversations With John & Lisa every morning on my commute to work. Each episode is thought-provoking, uplifting and makes me want to seek the Lord deeper than before. I love this dynamic duo. God bless you, John & Lisa!
So thankful for this podcast! I finally get to listen to real conversations from two people who my wife and I glean so much from afar. When I submitted my life to Jesus in 2005 while I was in the military and on the run from God, the first Christian book that I ever read besides Bible was Drawing Near: A Life of Intimacy with God. That book opened revelation to me that I had never heard during long years of being drug to church. Years later I find myself a director at a university campus ministry declaring truths that I have gleaned from the two of you to students who are searching for intimacy in all the wrong places. My wife has recently discovered Lisa’s books and teachings and let’s just say that she is an adamant, awakened, sword wielding lioness without rival! Thank you for speaking into a generation as a mother and father in Christ!
My wife and I love this podcast. We are so thankful for John and Lisa Bevere and what their ministry has done for our marriage and family. Always giving the unadulterated truth even when it’s uncomfortable. Thank you for all you do.
I’m SOO far away from home right now, studying overseas in Egypt. This podcast has come right on time in my life. I’ve been recommending this podcast to many friends. I’m so thankful even though I’m far away from friends and parents to have a voice of a Wise Christian Mom and Dad. It feels as though you two are spurring me on in my faith ❤️ Don’t know what I’d do without you! I love you both! PS. I’ve known about you and have been learning from you since I was 12 years old, I’m now, 26! 🙌🏽 Thanks Mom and Pops for keeping it real. From Driven by Eternity, to Kissing the Boys Goodbye 😁😊👍🏽 Hugs and love from your daughter in Egypt 🇪🇬
I love your podcast . You both are the best . But, I have a question . What advice would you give a recently widowed person ( me ) . In regards to dating and sexual temptation. I was married at 17 was a virgin when I got married , stayed faithful in my marriage for 20 some years when my husband suddenly died leaving me widowed at 41 with two children. I know God , I’ve grown up in a relationship with God which is satisfying but I’ve never struggled with sexual temptation until I found myself in this circumstance. I’ve been widowed a year and a half , I miss all that I had with my spouse in regards to companionship and intimacy . Gone, suddenly overnight , completely single . But, still I have the same desire I had when I was married for intimacy , but can no longer fulfill that and be in alignment with God . I liken it to chocolate cake if you’ve never had it , you won’t miss it but if you’ve had it and you’re told suddenly you can no longer have it , what do you want ? Chocolate cake . So, I’m wanting to hear your best advice for me ? How would you handle this , if you were in my shoes? I’ve been raised in church all of my life , I truly love God and I just feel like it’s hard to be real with people sometimes and say “ I’m struggling with sexual desire and who wouldn’t be especially if you’ve lost someone you loved in a sudden moment .
My very favorite podcast. I look forward to the partnership-driven view on everything they talk about. Hard topics, with Biblical foundation. Well done, Momma and Daddy Bevere! Thank you for leading well!
Thanks for your podcast, you are a blessing to many. Loving the flying solo series. 37 single and my married friends s make me feel weird but a lot of them are miserable in their marriages. I’m waiting on the right one God has ordained for me. Thanks again and God. Bless you
I love John & Lisa. God has used them to inspire & transform my life in ways I cannot explain ! I’m curious - Lisa mentioned having no support in their marriage (in one of her posts about her son’s recent wedding). Could you elaborate on that? How does one deal with their parents saying no to their spouse choice? In my case, they’re against it because he doesn’t hold a diploma. Can you marry without your parents bringing you along? Please advise.
The way Hod has worked through Lisa has been such a motivation and testimony to me. I have 6 little boys and had a crazy family life growing up. Hearing your testimony of raising 4 boys and moving through marriage has encouraged me in some really dark times over the last few years. John’s testimony has motivated my husband to be a better man. I listen to your podcast everyday at the gym. I look forward to hearing so much more from such a power house couple.
You often mention that married people should never make it seem as though single people are incomplete without a spouse. As a single person, I appreciate hearing that from married people!! I’ve been single for a long time and completely content because I know what God’s best is for me and I have yet to meet that. However, I have a family member who often makes comments that I will be less “uptight” or “emotional” when I get married because I will have someone to balance me (and a physical outlet for my stress - which is honestly a whole different topic!)... this has never really gotten to me before because I really don’t see myself as uptight or emotional... but recently it’s gotten to me more. So my QUESTION! How do you recommend navigating that unsolicited advice from married people who don’t seem to understand my contentment?
I’ve listened to a few of these podcasts but none of them have made my spirit JUMP out of my skin like the episode on the myth of singles not being able to control sexual desires. Speak the truth Mama Lisa!! Say it louder for the people in the back!! You are so right. We cannot feed our flesh and then wonder why it’s so difficult for us to walk in the spirit. But Pastor John Bevere - your analogy on certain things we watch or participate in is what really got me. “Why are My people entertaining themselves with the very things that drove the nails into My hands.” I mean wow. We are a royal priesthood, set apart, a Holy nation, so when will we start acting like it as the people of God. I know God does not condemn those of us still figuring it out, His truest desire is to see us walk in the authority that He already paid for. Great episode - thank you so much for always standing on the word of God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
I have to confess that I’ve been weird in previous dating season as you guys 😂. But as well I’ve been hurt do to this misconception (myth#4) By strictly believing that the guy I’m dating is the one for me 🤦🏼‍♀️ and I shouldn’t be dating other guys without the acknowledgement that I need to marry him since I’m dating him. THAT WAS SO STRESSFUL! So I decided to not date for a while now (being obedient to God). But this is so helpful for single christian people. Which they are so bound to believe that they can’t date or be friends with single christian guys or girls without being on a romantic relationship. I’ve had struggle as well on having pure guy-friend relationship without someone trying to be cupid. Thank you so much for making this podcasts series John & Lisa! ❤️
Hello John and Lisa, My name is Tom and I am new listener to your podcast. Your ministry is truly a blessing. I have question for the podcast. I am 25 years old and a recent bible college graduate who is looking to do full time ministry. I believe this is what the Lord has called me to. I am apart of a church that I love, here in Michigan and serve most weekends. I’m struggling because the church that I have been apart of, is truly where I want to do ministry. I love the leadership/vision/mission of the church. This makes it really hard to want to find a position outside of my church. I have been feeling overlooked and not given a chance. At what point would you say it’s appropriate to start looking for full time ministry positions outside of my church? Or do I stay faithful where I’m at, trusting God will open the door in his time (Matt. 7:11). I’m trying to guard my heart from entitlement and offense. What would you say to this? Look forward to hearing back!
I’m in Awe of this series. I have been learning so much and I don’t feel so lost on this singleness subject anymore. I have been having questions about everything you guys have talked about and I must say you have helped me understand that being single is okay and I shouldn’t feel pressure to have to be in a relationship just because it’s what everyone around me is doing. I don’t seek but I also don’t want to find unexpectedly. I just don’t feel I am meant to be with anyone anymore. I know isolation isn’t good either to a certain extent but I got pregnant at 16 and didn’t get saved till about 3.5 years ago, and it has been rough but it has been great, I just want to spend my time with my daughter and growing with her because up until I got saved I was always in some sketchy situations and she got to see all of that all the while she has been going to church since she was 5 all by herself because I never taught her about it. But any who sorry for the long rambling I’m just filled with joy and gratitude with this podcast. Thank You.
I first heard John on a focus on the Family podcast, and I loved hearing about Messenger International and his Heart for God’s World/Unreached People! I still remember where I was when I first heard him a few years ago! I was biking over the Clearwater bridge, a causeway to a beach in Florida. I started looking for more about him and listened to Driven by Eternity, Adament and Without Rival by Lisa. I also started listening to this Podcast. I was really encouraged hearing their story about how they got started in Ministry and how they were simply obedient, John driving around his Pastor etc... and then how eventually how God blessed him and gave him more and more opportunities! My husband is a Hispanic pastor, now assistant pastor at larger English speaking church. I have a huge heart for the unreached, and been on many mission trips that range in a week to a couple months and have worked at a MK school in Indonesia! Right now I’m staying home with 3 little kids! I also got to meet Lisa at a conference in Tampa last fall... I never write reviews but yes I’m a huge fan of almost anything John and Lisa! Thank you! Many blessings!
I just started listening to the podcast a week ago and it has blessed my entire life! I went back to listen to a lot of the older ones. The myth series is helping me as a single believer in Christ. Thank you uncle John and auntie Lisa! lol
Conversations with John and Lisa is brimming over with knowledge and insight. I find myself listening to the same podcast two or three times over just to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Your ability to communicate is truly from God! Thank you for your obedience to your calling and your heart for young people! Your podcast is very dear to me.
I heard Lisa Bevere for the first time in February at echo conference at my church in lakeland, Florida: Grace City! She spoke deliverance into my mom and me. We had such a rough 2018 and our 2019 was a fresh start and I’m so thankful to God for starting it off with this conference and Lisa’s obedience to speak the truth. Since think I’ve been leaning into everything Bevere :) and your podcast on singleness has been incredible. I’m 25 and I’ve been single my whole life because I’ve been growing in Christ and never wanted to be in a relationship where I was ready or fully looking at Christ first. He’s been changing me for His glory and it’s been incredible. And I’ve always seen myself as strong in my independence and when y’all have spoken on it it’s just been so encouraging. Three years ago I felt the Lord speak to me and show me the person I was gonna marry but he specifically told me I would have to wait. And I have been haha but in the waiting God’s been working on me something fierce and His love is shining through and I can’t more thankful for what He has done to me and through me. I just wanted to let y’all know you’re a big part of my journey your guidance and wisdom is incredible! Thank you for doing what God told you to do. 💚 love from Lacie Jo
This series has been so helpful with defining what healthy dating looks like for Christ centered singles. I hope you continue this series! This is exactly what I have been wanting wisdom on.
Love the “Flying Solo” podcasts. I’ve been single for a long time. I appreciate your taking time to address the issues singles deal with. Especially bringing up that we all need relationship no matter our marital status. Hopefully the church body hears this message and find ways to reach out to singles. ❤️
You’re series on Singleness is much needed! Hopefully I won’t be in this season much longer! Love y’all 😀❤️
Thanks for helping me get into a healthy, God-centered headspace for the day. So many great spiritual and emotional life tips and nuggets. Plus, John and Lisa have such a fun/funny chemistry together which instantly puts me in a good mood. This is one of my very favorite podcasts!!
Love love your podcast! So refreshing. Short to the point but hit the nail every time. What’s your view on millennials leaving the church? Why do you think this is happening, and do you think it’s a bad thing or is it simply that church is moving into a different era? What can we do as leaders at this time? I am a millennial and I work at a church - I love the community but I don’t like the system whatsoever that I know my heart is distancing from it. I don’t even know if there is a right and wrong answer to this, but I’d be curious to see your opinions and how you feel about the whole thing!
I love John and Lisa’s podcast. It’s encouraging, life-giving and gives a different perspective. Thanks for your honesty and for being spiritual parents to many people worldwide!
Such powerful wisdom from John and Lisa! If you are looking for balanced, Godly advice from parent figures you’ve come to the right place!


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Ps John and Lisa thank you so much for sharing your heart in this podcast! I am single and doing full-time ministry going into a season of dating and this series has helped me so much to figure out what God’s best is for me and for my future spouse (tbd). Dating in church can be over complicated at times. Thank you for shooting straight and cutting through many of the lies and myths about singleness and dating in the church. I know we as the church can create a healthy, God-centered perspective on singleness and dating one conversation at a time. Keep going! Can’t wait to see you in Oahu again soon! Blessings!
John and Lisa are goalzzzz!!!! This episode was probably my fave in the Flying Solo series. Your chemistry is absolutely inspiring, especially knowing the years you have spent together. Praise God! I love hearing y’all banter and tease each other while at the same time, speaking truth and shining light on the topic of singleness. After Jesus, personality truly is paramount. I have absolute respect and gratitude for you both. 💛
John and Lisa, Thank you for sharing this message about singleness and dating. As a young missionary in all my twenties I was taught biblical relationships from Dean Sherman and the Fear of the Lord from Joy Dawson, and so many others - and those teachings have become pillars in my life. Thank you for making your incredible messages so life-giving and relevant to this generation - My hope and prayer is that you both will multiply your influence around world, and that wisdom will continue to pour out of you so that your messages become pillars in the hearts of the next generation. Thank you for your faithfulness to serve Jesus Christ and to the expansion of His Kingdom. Until All Have Heard, Adam Babuka
Thank you for your podcast! I really enjoy them. Do you have any suggestions or tips for divorced (single again) people dating?
I absolutely love that y’all are taking the time to sit down and invite your followers to the table to talk about singleness. I hear you consistently lovingly & truthfully breaking down barriers so that more people, specifically singles, can jump into whatever area of kingdom work God is calling them to. Though, there was one comment made at the end of the first segment where Lisa says singles shouldn’t lead married couples. Why is that? Using your example of your friend Rosalyn it would appear you are contradicting yourself. Or does she only lead singles? If I heard it correctly, that one comment built back up walls I am used to hearing y’all tear down so that people can go forth and make disciples of all people. Can you explain?
Hello! I love listening to your conversations and learning from both of you! Near the end of Flying Solo Myth #4 you mentioned if God calls you to a season of singleness and not dating. During that time of staying away from the dating scene, what are things you should be doing? What should you expect by the end of that season? How do you shift your mentality to simply enjoy the present season and no longer reflect on past relationships or hoping for what is to come?
I’m so pleased to have found this podcast and this particular series on singleness. I’ve walked in singleness for a long time, being kept by the Lord & I believe ‘all the things’ spoken on here is confirmation that needed to be heard. I appreciate the heart of these talks; I feel as if I’m taking part in wonderful talks with spiritually mature ‘radio parents’ — it’s affirming and so warm. 😊 Thank you so very much!
I just wanted to start by saying I love what you all are doing with your ministries. I have listened to your podcast and am now going back to the beginning to listen to all of them. I have also listened to the Messenger International podcast and the Sons and Daughters tv on YouTube. It really makes me want to be involved in Messenger International and work for you all because of what you all are striving to do with it. It also makes me want to be friends with everyone there and be in that work environment all the time. Lisa- I recently bought five of your books and am reading them now. John- After I finish with Lisa’s books, I’m going to move onto your’s. Both- I just want to let you both know that you’re on my prayer list and hope that your families ministries continue to thrive and share the message and it spreads like wildfire.
Lisa, I’m so thankful for your example of leadership and humility as woman called to preach, teach and equip the body of Christ wherever, however, whenever He calls you to. I’m also encouraged by John’s support of your calling and his passion to equip all, including women, to lead well in the kingdom. As a young woman called to leadership, yours and John’s words have affirmed me countless times when I felt discouraged by some in the church who discount the full giftedness of women and our ability to lead. Your Myths of Singleness podcasts challenged me so much and as I ponder my roles as both a leader and an unmarried woman, I wonder if and how they will change if I marry. So here is my question for a future podcast: do you and John think “leadership roles” change once two people who were leaders in their singleness get married? In other words, do you consider yourselves to be “co-leaders” in your marriage or is John the “spiritual leader or ‘head’” of your home? Thank you :D
I just wanted to say that I love listening to this podcast and I literally talk to everyone I know about it because it's so powerful and full of wisdom. Topic suggestion? Could you guys talk about career goals and changes for college students? It's hard to figure out exactly what you want to do in life and being one of those who have struggled with really following where God wants me to'd be a HUGE help if you guys talked about this :)
I tell everyone that, although I have never met Lisa and John I truly feel mentored by them listening to these podcasts and reading their books. Thank you guys for doing all you do in secret to bring us this gold! Blessings!
It’s been so encouraging to have a place that provides dialogue to so many things I think on regularly. Being a woman, single and curious—I often find myself in a weird place among Christian circles. It is super reassuring to me to be challenged in truth, but knowing as I seek to submit to that truth, I am also covered in grace. I am thankful for John and Lisa’s example, their thoughts and ability to lean into many things that are not often addressed in church culture. God has given me such profound freedom to know that the Lord’s calling in my life is not measured by anything but God’s Word and Spirit. So thankful for their incredible hearts and I just pray they continue to walk boldly in leading others towards a deep intimacy with Jesus.