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Favorite are Rodan and Taylor interactions, true friends. Taffy seems forced, tries too hard and cant wait to interrupt.
With regret every time I listen..... Jk jk love and sparkles!
I’m telling you I have nearly gotten into accidents from laughing so hard. I have also looked like a mad person due to random bursts of said laughter in public when doing everyday tasks.The Chemistry between everyone is just amazing. They also cover a wide range of Topics.
Congratulations on 12 years! The three of you have become confidants, sources of entertainment and most of all, teachers of life and debauchery. Thanks for the stories and hope to hear more. (This is technically my second review of the show ((69...heyyy)) but I wanted to wish you continued success) Goonie
Sorry to see Jon Betonce is no longer on the show but these two new hosts with Taylor are really good. Needs more drag race talk though.
I’ve yet to meet these three, but I feel like I’ve been friends with them for a decade! Fun, frivolity, and wit. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone that wants to belly laugh multiple times an episode.
An enjoyable listen into the lives of longtime friends.
Review update: Pod is my Copilot has been around for... wait for it... TWELVE YEARS! My last review was from 2007, but I would only give more stars if I could. Taylor, Taffy and Rodan are so much fun to listen to, and to have had the experience of listening to them since I was 19 (don't do the math please) and count them as friends is wonderful. Congratulations for 12 years, kids! If you're looking for a show that wraps you up and makes you feel like you're sitting at a table with three great friends, PiMC is for you. I just subscribed about a week ago and have listened to all of the episodes, and like them a lot! I find it funny that most episodes open with Taylor saying something to the effect of "I hate you two..."I just featured them in a Podgasm review on the media review website Mediagasm. Can't wait until the new episode!
Been listening since 2014 ! ^.^
Well let me just start by saying, I was really excited for this podcast cuz Taylor the latte boy was in it. I listen to a couple of podcast and I was really disappointed. It seems forceful at times with the other guy in it. I mean, it wasn’t for me but i encourage people to listen to it and give it a go. I like Joe and Taylor the latte boy better. Thanks.
Love listening to these friends talk about their lives and love of Disney cruises. Taffy’s voice is like a smooth tequila mingling with two funny gay men. Love you guys. Andy in NYC.
Predictable, comfortable, and you know all their quirks. After 10 years, they're fun and funny, and still totally into only themselves. I guess it's a habit, but I can't quit them.
Discovered this podcast a little over a year ago and I'm so glad I did. Feels like a conversation I've had over dinner with friends. I'm often embarrassed when I realize I'm on the treadmill or in my car laughing out loud at something that's been said. Of course the John Goodman episode is one for this history books, but truth be told any one of the pods I've listened to only left me wishing they were longer. Rodan, Taffy and Taylor all seem like people I would happily share a meal and inappropriate story with. Check this out, subscribe and then regret it's only once a week.
I've gone back to listen to their old episodes and find myself cracking up hysterically in public. Taylor laughing during the "big Montana" episode is literally the funniest thing ever!! It's nice to listen to a cool group of friends hanging out and enjoying each other.
I've gone back and listened to old episodes and I can't get over how funny they are. They all have great chemistry and their stories have me laughing out loud like a crazy person and I can't help but feel like I know them! Seriously, do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast!! I've also been left with a dangerous desire to go on a Disney cruise hahah
This has got to be the funniest podcast around. Taffy, Taylor, and Rodan are so personable and hilarious. I feel like I'm sitting in a room with friends and often forget I'm listening to a podcast, especially when I'm answering questions when one of them can't remember something. Give it a listen you won't be sorry. Thank you guys for all of the laughs.
Listened for awhile but they've become borderline racist. Cant stand them.
It's always fun to listen to what Taylor, Taffy, and Rodan talk about each episode. The three have an outstanding dynamic with each other, and often makes me laugh! I definitely recommend it! Lots of love from California!
I guess because it makes me moist between the legs every time I hear Taffy, Taylor and Rodan talk about - what ever it is that comes to their cute heads! Lots of love from Germany!
As I have listened to many podcasts this is still my favorite! Taylor, Taffy and Rodan have become part of my weekly routine and I look forward to each and every episode. Literally laugh out loud while I work. I have listened and relistened to these podcasts. It really is a definite must to have while you work, travel etc. Love you guys don't ever stop!!
This brilliant trio pulls you in and makes you feel like part of the family (a dysfunctional but loveable family - reminding me of my own craziness.) Recently we had the amazing chance to meet Taylor the Latte Boy, Taffy Carlisle Huffington, Babaloo, and Tank - it was like the bukakke icing on my Eiffle Tower cake! Bravo and keep up the amazing entertainment!
So, I'm not sure what is wrong with me. Recommendations over years from Christina, Scott, Brian, Curtis, Jon, Nan, etc., and I only put this show in rotation a few months ago? On the plus side, it has been worth the wait. On the downside, what took me so long? Chemistry here is the key. Fun banter. Quick wits. Nice self-depracating production values. Bonus: episode 350 includes a question where the answer has some "earliest shows to check out" recommendations. (At least I think it was 350. Hard to say, I've been busy dabbling in the first 100.)
Just discovered them and already addicted to this amazing group of people. So good I went back and started listening to the very first episodes. Glad the humor and entertaining factor has not faded away with the years. You have here a listener for life !!
Been listening for years now and is still my favorite!! Always funny with just a pinch of hot mess, this podcast has kept me laughing throughout everything! Gina
Happy Anniversary!!!! Here's to another 8 Years!!!! Steve
This show has become such a part of my life that I don't know what I would do if they ever stopped. I can say that I have laughed so hard while listening that I have literally peed my pants. Can't get a better review than that, right? --Tracy
I listen every week, and am so excited when I see the new one in my feed. I smile almost the whole time I listen. Highly recommended!
Taffy, Taylor and........Rodan......three of my favorite people hang out with. I can't wait for this weekly podcast to post. Down to earth and sometimes crude...JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT! I listen in my car, on my walks and I even take them to bed with me:) Their descriptions of everyday life are hysterical. I love the quick wit and dead on humor they have. I have been caught laughing at the dealership, waiting on tires....getting strange looks from other waiting customers. Do yourself a favor....take a listen to one of the best podcasts going!!! Thanks for the smiles PIMC!!!
Each week I wait in anticipation for the current episode to drop :) I enjoy getting a glimpse into your lives... thank you for sharing.


300 and still going strong! still my fave podcast out of the many to which I subscribe. Love you all....... Hunt
Excellent show with hosts who play off each other beautifully. Taffy is beyond hilarious, Rodan is dry humor personified, and the two of them are at their best when making fun of their co-host, Taylor the Ball of Disorder. The chemistry works, and it's just smutty enough to keep it interesting. Give it a shot! (Hey, Taffy, where did you march?)
There are many shows that have a group of people talking about their lives. There are many shows where the hosts care about each other and the listeners. There is no show that makes you feel like you're a part of the group and as loved as this show does. The relationships between the hosts are deep an important to them an it really shines through. Yes the show is raunchy (they earn their explicit tag, usually within the first 90 seconds) and the hosts all tease each other incessantly but it just adds to the feeling that you are a part of their group. My all time favorite podcast of the 80+ that I listen to. It is the only show that I listen to as soon as it's downloaded, and usually a second time during the week. Hope you guys never stop podcasting. I can't recommend this show enough.
I’ve listened to every episode of PiMC. The podcast is very enjoyable. I appreciate the fact that Taylor, Taffy and Rodan are still at it after all of this time. So many podcasters have faded away. I’m grateful that these three are still at it. If you enjoy pop culture, comic books, films and all things Disney, you will love this podcast.
Starting to pod fade
I discovered this show last year, but I was hesitant to start listening because there are so many older episodes. Once I listened to 2 or 3, I could figure out all the major players. The co-hosts are very witty (and attractive!) people, and I look forward to new episodes every week. Keep up the good work, you guys!
I cannot stop downloading these podcasts! Sometimes I am laughing so hard people driving next to me think I am mental. Crazy over the Disney talk!❤️Love it
The three cohosts on this show have a chemistry and hilarity that will make you giggle. After a few listens, Taffy will become your favorite – or you will be judged.
These three not only sound like the best of friends, but they make you feel like you are one of the gang. Yeah, the show is silly but sometimes that's what we need in our lives. This is one of the funniest show out there and I can't recommend it enough!
Taylor, Taffy, AND RODAN are three of the best podcasters out there. They always know how to make me laugh. They are funny, witty, smart, and insightful people. The quick wit and amazing chemistry between them is amazing. Taylor pretends to run the show but we all know who the true leader is, that is the one and only amazing, awesome, beautiful big Montana Taffy. AND Rodan is there quiet and waiting for the right time to throw out a zinger.
I've listened to a lot of podcasts and Pod Is My CoPilot consistently remains one of my favorites. The show is great fun and the dynamic between Taylor, Taffy, and Rodan is one of the best things about it. Listening to them banter as they share their stories both appropriate and not, is a great way to spend time.
The title says it all.
This podcast is just like overhearing a conversation from the booth behind you or at the bar of three great friends catching up while cracking themselves up with inside jokes. It’s the kind of comradery that makes you wish you weren’t just eavesdropping but were hanging out with them instead.
According to iTunes, when writing a review I'm not to use profinity or overtly sexual language, so I guess this will be a very short review. Thank you for all the wonderful shows, I love how all of you for taking time out of lives to tell your listeners your take on certian issues, sharing all your funny stories, and throwing sexual insults at one another without blinking an eye. Love you all and keep all the wonderful shows coming!
I absolutely love this podcast , I e been listening since the beginning and it's always consistently funny and all around wonderful. My one concern is this.....I think I may need a "Miracle Ear" after listening to the latest episode #226. Rodans audio is sooo freakin loud it practically blew out my car speakers along with my eardrums! Lol! The first time he let's out his highly enjoyable laugh it was so loud I almost list control of the car !
I love to listen to the show. Sounds like spending the evening with my friends. Thanks guys.
One of the first podcasts I listened to and still my favorite.