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Why would you have a bloody razor as your picture. Horrible idea


Honestly wish I would of been told it's in German. So anyone looking at this review, the person In it is speaking German. That and I have no idea what this music is, I listen to like Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Slipknot, things like that. But I have no idea what kind of music this was. Then again I only downloaded like 3 of these so... I dunno. Its up to the listener I guess.
this was just horrible i disliked this in general i would rather stick to listening to suicide silence which is great band by the way and if you want something goth just listen to "the used" they are amazing not something you would ever find on here
I'm a new with this podcast so I bought one and it is seriously wicked highly recommend it to everyone who loves metal music!
The single best goth podcast on itunes. Trust me, I've looked, and no other offers such a variety of awesome artists or such a selection of purely delicious dark tracks.
but i am a little worried, no new episode in almost a month... someone better call or check up on them, i hope there is no funk lingering out from under the door of their place. no seriously, this is a great podcast. my favorite music darkwave/goth/industrial... whatever you want to call it. every artist who puts their music on the show has had me make itunes purchases.
I greatly enjoy this rather bizarre podcast. It has all sorts of diffrent types of music, some of which I found amazing and others that were so bad they were enjoyable. At any rate, give this a chance and you won't regret it!
If you love or even like Suicide Radio I'd highly reccommed The Ungodly Hour {Industrial EMB Goth}. It has better music than this podcast. So I gave that station a five star rating unlike Suicide Radio which I gave a four star rating. I like Suicide radio it's just that the other station is within a three hour time period, but unlike that station Suicide Radio is within a hour time period.