Reviews For Evolutionary Sales: Integrating 21st Century Psychology with Ethical Sales Techniques

Speak louder and clearer. Why must you use a "radio voice?" Get to the point too.
This podcast is wonderful. Renee tells it like it is, by helping one to focus into why one overeats. She helps one tap into his/her inner voice.
This podcast is a must for sales. Great content with new ideas as well as refreshing the fundamentals.
Mr. McClain knows about sales and delivers the goods!
Jason's passion is to assist others in accelerating their personal evolution - and this program does it in droves!
One of Jason's episodes led a visualization about success. I visualized myself holding the NYTimes with a story about my innovation in my business. It HAPPENED. I was in the NY Times! Thank you Jason. Listen to this show. It is truly unique and can give you incremental skills for success.
...It's wonderful. Every episode is filled with great and useful information.
Really... sit down and listen to these podcasts. They will change the way you think about sales... and yourself... forever.
This podcast is like buying an Anthony Robbins Series -- and it's free! Jason is an up and coming star! I love his clarity and rapport with the the way the whole show is laid out. It's awesome. Definitely worth a listen. It gets better and better each episode!