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I caught this guy on the drive home after my overnight shift. Priceless. Massively rich Brit who moved to Texas decades ago & set up shop making radio history. Pretty cool billionaire who runs big bucks operations & signs the paychecks of the likes of Rush. Powerful guy with a positive take on life. Blunt & honest.
Ultra conservative disguised as a self help talk show host.Creeps me out. Avoid this one as if it was a case of Ebola.
He promotes hate! I can't believe anyone listens to him. You cannot grow out of being a homosexual. They are born that way. If you feel u are gay get advice from another gay person because they are the only ones who truly understand. You can be Christian and gay. If God didn't want you to be gay he wouldn't have made u that way. Live pleasing yourself not others who don't really care about your well being.
He has a great radio voice and speaks mostly of common sense. Listen, relax and learn.
Roy is unique . . . and perfectly suited for todays egocentric masses, for he equally offends anyone not centered in their Creator -- as did Jesus of Nazareth. I do not recommend Roy to everyone: Very, very few are pure in heart! But only to those that truly want to discover what lies beyond the realm of this limited intellectual age. Roy is a guide to [that] beyond . . .
Roy gets the fact that there is an underying issue to all peoples' problems. Highly recommended listening material!
Roy taught himself - and then others - to meditate long before America knew or cared what meditation was. He is the original modern self-help guru who - like Christ Himself - neither seeks - nor needs - title pomp crown mitre or adulation. He is the authentic voice of Christianity - not churchianity.
Roy is right. I enjoy listening to Roy on my XM 166 as I truck it UP through the midnite hour, Roy is right about everything, a true gift to us all, thank you Roy Masters
Roy Masters' teachings have helped me tremendously in life. Approach his thoughts with an open mind and a desire to see yourself as you really will not be sorry. Roy will teach you how to face the pressures of life with patience and humility as you begin to uncover the real reasons for your problems and reactions to stress. I truly believe God led me to find Roy and his teachings...I pray that He will continue to bless you as well on your journey to find the Truth.
Roy Masters knows what he's talking about and it really does work!!! Definitely worth listening too.
Is something not right? Are your parents bad for you? Do the people around you make you upset or angry? Is life not going right for you? Roy Masters will show you how to live in the world, but not let it get inside you and hurt you. This is what you are looking for. so please listen.
My husband heard Roy late at night over a year ago and was amazed at his wisdom and profoundness of his words. We started to listen and it opened our eyes to so much in our lives. If you want the truth about yourself and want to heal from anything in your past, hear him out. If you like what he says, read some of his books: my favorites - "The Hypnosis of Life" and "How to Survive Your Parents".
If I could give this material and this man's work ten stars I would. For most of us life has too much pain. You WILL NOT find a better answer for your pain than this material. If you are drawn to this material, I say, go for it. Don't look back. Be brave. It is definately a challenge but don't let that deter you. The reward is unbelievable.
I just happened to turn the dial on my radio and found you; I have been listening ever since. I remember you saying, don’t judge me just listen to me; what I say will go into your subconscious mind. With your guidance and wisdom my life changed. I owe it to you. Sincerely Bob Francella
Roy Masters is a great guy! With almost fifty years of radio content, not to mention his lectures and discussions, this podcast will never run out of timeless, livechanging advice. Whether your problem is addiction, stress, anger, procrastination, bi-polar, ADD-ADHD, PTSD, women issues, men issues, or just find you can't quite reach the level of success you aspire to, this guy can help you find the answers yourself. We all know the Internet is full of garbage and mindless distractions. Why not give your consciousness some exercise?
I've been listening to Roy Masters give excellent, life-giving advice for years on the radio, and it's great to see him move into the podosphere. Give Roy a listen!--Trucker Tom