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Found transcript of your podcast on web. Rethink the title for your podcasts. All I can see is interview with ... Maybe lastname or some category guest fall in would be best.
The Wise Counsel podcasts are excellent and I HIGHLY recommend them. Thought-provoking and well-conducted, with many well-known guest experts.
I have found that this podcast and also "Shrink Rap" has enriched my education experience. Having taken a class with David, I was exposed to his podcasts, and I have been enjoying them ever since. Thank you David for your ongoing support of higher education for all who seek it.
Dr. Dave both of your podcasts are excellent for psychology students like myself. I always have something to look forward to admist all my coursework. Thank you for presenting such wonderful topics and speakers I have enjoyed researching them in more detail and it provides with ideas for future research as well as being just plain fun. Keep up the great work!
Being a big fan of Dr. David Van Nuys's other wonderful podcast "Shrink Rap Radio" I decided to give "Wise Counsel" a try. Not being a psychologist myself, I cannot say that I really understand the difference between "Wise Counsel" and "Shrink Rap" except that maybe "Wise Counsel" seems to cater to a (more) professional audience. Indeed, many of the guests whose interviews I have enjoyed on "Shrink Rap" make follow-up appearances here to discuss their ideas, treatment practices and clinical (ideologies ?) in a more in-depth way. But this is just my subjective feeling of the difference. I can see that these interviews would be very enlightening to actual working professionals: psychologists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, counsellors (sp?) etc. to learn about new methods and theories that they could apply to their own practices. I however am an art historian with no training in psychology and yet I find this podcast to be always entertaining, enlightening and educational. Dr. Dave is an excellent interviewer who knows how to ask the probing or clarifying follow-up question to get the most out of the "session". Highly recommended.
Dr. Dave you rock. Thank you very much for the great show. Anyone with a brain needs to subcribe to this very enlightening podcast.
I can't recommend your podcasts enough. Thank you so much for your contribution educating and informing just for the love of it. Me an average person aplaude your work.