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I have been viewing this show for many years. David Muir does not embellish his broadcast with personal opinions. He always concludes his show with a heartwarming and very real story. David Muir ends the day of usual dark and dreary news with an uplift that helps me end my day. Now, if I could just get apple to play each episode consistently.......
I listen to multiple podcasts and this one is blatantly anti republican and pro democrat. Why can’t news agencies report the news and not throw in their opinions and how we’re supposed to think about it. It’s no wonder their ratings continue to fall. Report the news and end reporting propaganda It’s been getting worse each month. Now they are pushing more democrat lies. No longer news anymore. Just part of the DNC propaganda machine
Ohmygosh the bias. And it is hardly “world” news. Disappointing.
I grew up everyday listening to the world news. Starting from George to Diana, and now David. And it’s not them but you can see the transition from what was good and honest news, to a television show that doesn’t showcase anything newsworthy, and is just completely biased. I finally stopped listening after last week when they mention an individual who died off of hitting a Vape pen, and was blaming nicotine even thought it was bought on an illegal market, and had other chemicals in it such as THC. However, they do not decide to note any linkage between these two issues, and tries to just target the problems in the vaping industry. They show us news clips of animals from zoos or people putting themselves in bad situations and warns Americans about it, instead of talking about the issues that matter such as the economy, climate change, inequality, and other pressing issues. Talk about something that matters and go into detail not just a 30 second sound bite. This is the problem with news now a days, they don’t care about substance they only care about sales.
I have always LOVED WNT and in MY opinion, David Muir brings understanding, humanity, compassion, empathy and absolute professionalism to the show.
I do like this podcast and it is really informative, but it’s not world news, it’s American news.
Shame on management at Starbucks for telling hard working Police officers to leave their store. Shame on ABC for vilifying all police officers in almost every story on police officers shooting of African Americans. Before the official investigation is out. Shame on all of you.
Rename to US News. No world news is covered.
I listen everyday. Always Good Unbiased And very informative news.
This podcast helped me “cut the cord” of cable TV. Earlier problems with missing and late-posted episodes seem to have been resolved. Daily episodes are available (at least on Apple Podcasts) by 9pm Eastern.
Just report the facts enough with the biased sensationalism.
Why are there so many missing episodes and why do some have the wrong dates?
Missing episodes...deleting this app!!
They always miss episodes. Not reliable
It’s night on April 1, recently missing episodes on March 27 & 28 also on March 30 & 31 assuming the April 1 episode hasn’t come out yet. It’s a great news podcast just hoping it can keep up with the updates on a timely basis.
Been listening to this and enjoyed it so much what are you thinking PUT IT BACK
If I can’t watch, now I can rest easy having a podcast version available to me the same night! Thank you, ABC!
I think the person who does the uploads must have the weekend off. It’s like hit or miss if the episodes are uploaded over the weekend. It would be great if this could be done on more of a regular schedule. Thanks
Listening everyday before going to work.


Can you ever get off putting down the President ? It gets sickening. And full of you know what
So glad I can listen to World News Tonight.
Just start listing. A whole lot better than the other Nightly news networks. Keep up the job.
It’s hard to download from server, just can listen some words, then you have to wait for the podcast responses. You can compare it with BBC’s, they are more fluent than yours.
This WAS my favorite news... until they ramped up & began speed talking... is there any way that i can slow it down??


love this podcast
Listen to it every morning.
I love listening to ABC World News Tonight. David Muir is a wonderful host. Keep up the good work!
I really enjoy listening to this podcast on my way to & from work. It keeps me update & informed on current events. Outstanding podcast to listen to!
This broadcast uses tense music and aggressively loud anchors to give this really tense unpleasant feeling. They make obnoxious puns in all their stories. In their piece today about Pope Francis on Instagram, they used #blessed, #amen and "instapope" which weren't even in the story. Just a really annoying podcast all around.
Sometimes you'll get the whole podcast, sometimes part of it. Sometimes the TV commercials are left in, sometimes they're not. There's no video option, just audio. Fire the idiot who's been botching this podcast and get somebody else!
Over-hyped newstainment. It was good for a couple of out-loud laughs at the hyperbolic phrasing, urgent and elevated intonation, and general lack of depth and context. It would be funnier if it wasn’t so terrifying that this is what passes for news these days. I will continue my search for a decent daily news video podcast without any disappointment that this one is apparently no longer video.
Sensationalized takes on events that aren't even news. Excitement over things that don't matter. This is the supermarket tabloid version of nightly news. If you want real news from the U.S., I recommend NPR news and the BBC. You will get a better idea of important US events from them than from ABC news.
Loved the idea of downloading this show and watching it L8tr in the evening, or the next day. Really enjoyed the video content. Audio alone is not making it!
Almost Every Artical is coaching me to "watch this video" Show me a video! (Unsubscribed)
Love Abc world news. I really hope they put back the video version on iTunes.
I used to listen to NBC Nightly News but found the download to be slow because it’s a video podcast. This serves as an alternative to NBC Nightly News that provide similar, informative to the daily events happening mainly in America and some worldly affairs.
The audio only version is actually better than the full video. I wish ABC would not try and make the National news an entertainment & ratings generaor. It should always be a "public affairs" program, which fulfills the FCC requirement that the networks give over some time to inform the nation on teh news of the day.
Diane is fine but ABC News continues to be lame. You do have competition you know. An audio only podcast into a video medium is sorta 1930’s. If you want to draw an audience away from NBC and CBS, you need to give them something to look at (duh).
Good bye ABC….your podcast is useless without the video version...
ABC news snubs their nose at us on trying to force us to watch their web page with over abundant commercials by leaving itunes. Come crawling some more and bring your video while you do or go crawl back under your rock :P


No updates for over a week?
This audio podcast is never consistently available. It's a great disapointment. Thank God NBC Nightly News is always there and on time.
First the video version and now the audio version? Where did it go?
Where are the updates for the last couple of days? I don't know who is the publisher, but their needs to be attention to this!
ABC, please hire NBC or CBS' podcast admin. Your's should be fired. Rarely updated and poor audio. At least give the option for video too.


By JH_1111
WTH is going on?
I thought it was my iPad/iPhone but I see that others have issues with this podcast subscription failing to automatically download. Can this be fixed? I only listen to the ones that load...
Like the audio a lot, and sawyer is great, but this is the only podcast of several that I have set up to subscribe that never actually adds new podcast episodes automatically. Please fix this. Also, major network but you can't get an icon or pic for the podcast so I can easily identify on my library page?