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Excellent information that is important for everyone to learn in 2010 forward.
I just downloaded my first Living Green podcast: Soul-Full Eating with Maureen Whitehouse. I listened to it at the gym. This was the perfect way to do two great things for myself at the same time. I will definitely make this a habit.
If you are not already familiar with left of center/spirituality/eco speak, Living Green can initially be a little hippy dippy. However the topics and guests contribute a lot of great information and broach topics not discussed in mainstream media.
This is my first review for iTunes, but I felt the need to spread the news about this podcast. Even if you are somewhat curious about the little ways in which to help to start healing our earth this is for you! The host, Meredith allows her guests to inform and compliments them very well. Get this podcast!
good topics, good hosts, some guests and topics have been on that surreal edge of green living you only see in california, but good ideas anyway. I would like to thank the providers of this podcast for offering this content for free, i think that is amazingly generous, thank you!
Call me grumpy, but this podcast is heavy on New Age self-congratulation and light on useful information. The host should focus on her guests more and not inject her own life history unless it is relevant to the topic at hand.
Appreciate the style of this podcast which is thought-provoking and not too 'alternative' in its language and presentation of view points. Great host. thanks for this resource!
I have been listening for over a year... love this podcast!!! Meredith has wonderful ideas and guests. This podcast has introduced me to many books I have bought :) Listen once and you will be hooked. I am missing the podcast for September and October 2008?? Hopefully Meredith will be back soon?
Perfect show for the green consumer and its a great tool for educating everyone about the condition of our planet and the direction we need to take to make our environment better for the future! If your not green this show will give you 100's of reasons why you need to reevaluate the footprint you make each day!
Really super podcast! Thank you! I love listening to Meredith's interviews. This is the first podcast I listen to when I go for a walk, exercise, or cook dinner. My fav!
I have been listening for nearly a year and it must be said I have yet to hear an interviewer ask as insightful questions as Meredith. The quality of the interviews has always been of a very high standard even when the topic has strayed from my core interest. I find I always learn something, and I have made a point of going back and catching up on missed shows. I don’t do this for most podcasts I listen to! Please keep up the good work.
I heard about this through Feast of Fools podcast. This program offers tons of education and helpful information. Meredith is great fun too!
I'm new to the whole green thing. This podcast helped me realize how much I didn't know about being kind to our earth. It's a terrific podcast. I highly recommend it. I just wish it would update more.
I heard you on the Feast of Fools podcast and had to subscribe!
I recently met meredith, then subsequently started listening to the podcast. Its fabulous :)
This is an awesome podcast! Its inspiring to hear the guests, and learning about living & being green! It allows me to learn about new simple steps I can take to live a greener and healthier life. Thanks Meredith, keep up the good work!
Just listened yesterday for the first time and I love it. I listen while I get my daily exercise and the time goes fast. Easy to listen to; great tips; great interviews! Keep it up Meredith!
This is a very informative and educational podcast on being green in our society.
Great podcast -- interesting guests, unique topics, informative, and fun. Sometimes I wish Merideth wouldn't annunciate so much and would stop reading and just TALK -- but aside from that, good job. Highly recommended.
Very disappointing. The first episode I downloaded started with a few-second ad for Primo bottled water. Seemed odd, given the ridiculous waste involved in selling little tiny bottles of water. Even odder, though, is that when the podcast itself started, I discovered that it was nothing but a forty-minute ad for Primo bottled water! I have better things to do with my time than to listen to their info-mercial...I'm guessing that you do too.
Don't bother, folks. This is just another self-serving podcast trying to sell you something. This podcast had a lot of potential; it's really too bad they chose to focus not on the user experience but on delivering a sales pitch.
I really like what Meredith is going after here. She attempts to make much needed life-style changes seem simple and doable without scaring folks off by the enormity of it all. #32 on peak oil was particularly well done. Finally! A Peaker who didn't preach doom-and-gloom with cult-like enthusiasm for mono-cultured isolationism. A bit heavy on the advertisements but a gal's got to do what a gal's got to do.
I'm an auto enthusiast first, but an avid listener to Living Green next! I absolutely love the information provided to me. As an architect I am very interested in green design, permaculture, photovoltaics, and most of the great things discussed in this podcast! I have recently discovered Primo water through this podcast and absolutely love it!
Excellent podcast. Her guests are a load of information. I enjoy every single program I have downloaded so far, and always learn something new.
I found this to be a very informative show. Both the interviewer and the guest helped present the information in a clear, organized manner. The web link resources were also very helpful. Great job!
In my informed opinion, this podcast is incredible. I won't compare it to any others: objectively, it's an ideal podcast for those who want 1) more knowledge about environmental issues and 2) seek a deep, insightful examination of this knowledge. The podcast provides a wealth of information while allowing the listener to empathize with the varied emotions (primarily hope) of the guest and interviewer. This podcast, furthermore, goes far beyond the typical "green" mindset of discussing the little things you can do to have "less of an impact" and instead discusses issues that affect or will affect entire cultures, mindsets, even nations. These issues -- such as peak oil, or a new living democracy -- are largely uncomfortable to talk about in public with people who don't understand the problems resulting from environmental degradation, fossil fuel use, etc. It is almost unbelievable that someone is capable of broadcasting these new ideas and articulating them so artfully and succinctly. Reviewed by an '11 Environmental Studies major at Dartmouth College.
If you are a serious environmentalist...and I mean you are a serious person not that you take caring for the environment seriously (because that encompasses too many kinds of people) then you'll like this podcast. For the lay person though, this just bores me to death. The host trys to be interesting but her guests all sound the same...soft, wispy, mumbly. They talk about the issues in complex ways. I studied this stuff in college and I can't follow them half the time. It's too theoretical or something. Not enough straight forward "This is what you need to do in your daily life." I found More Hip than Hippie and that is way better for the average person I think. More entertaining and simpler. Meredith really needs to work on the audio quality of the show. Then at least you can understand what her guests are saying.
I always look forward to this podcast; its great to hear that there are lots of people out there who are taking active steps to making the world a better place.
Since I began listening three months ago, My wife and I have purchased and use a compost bin, we are buying more and more locally, I'll be riding my recently purchased bike to my studio and my daughter (8ys old) and I have begun our backyard garden growing most of the veggies we consume for salads. We're just looking for ways to lessen the adverse impact we, as a family have on the environmenmt. I just can't wait to hear another offering from Meredith and her guests.
this podcast gives great specific information, unlike many news broadcasts on the environment that can be depressing, this program gives you great ideas about what you can do and the links and resources to help get started. It's also encouraging to see how many people are making a difference.
This is exactly what I was looking for: inspiring conversations about living a more sustainable lifestyle from the practical to the experimental point of view. Thanks for introducing me to these people. The transcripts are a great tool for post-podcast research. Keep up the good work!
I"ve been listening to all the Living Green Podcast on file. The guests are intelligent, inspiring, and passionate. Keep it up, Izzito
Excellent breadth of topics covered, as related to green living. I appreciate the calmness and humor in Meredith's interviews. The website also provides wonderful jumping off points for further exploration by the listener. Keep podcasting!
I subscribe to EVERY green/environmental podcast on iTunes and Living Green is by far the most comprhensive and informative of all. In light of all of the depressing environmental news I hear each week, I NEED Living Green to give me that extra motivation.


By JefffJ
Merideth finds a unique way to bring out the most in her guests which in turn proves to be very inspirational
I enjoy your interviews - great for people with a broad interest in the "green" life. Your guests are interesting and informative. You have come to feel like a friend, and I appreciate your sincerity, commitment and positive attitude.
Meredith has a talented way of getting to the bottom of green issues quickly and without all of the filler. She keeps her interviews fun, light, and approachable. This is a wonderful show to help you start to green your life.
Excellent series of interviews with interesting and informative personalities.
I enjoy listening to a few of these podcasts on occasion- the guests are really interesting, and the topics in general are worth listening to. It's not a checklist of things to do to be greener, but interesting perspective from people who have made a commitment to envionmentalism in their own unique way. The podcast could benefit from an upgrade on audio equipment, and Meredith, the perky host, is 75% inspiration and 25% the reason why people make fun of hippies and California. Still, worth adding to your list!
Each podcast opens my eyes, ears, and mind to the wide array of people doing things every day that inspire, encourage, and make me aware of the what I can do to live green. It really IS easy being green! Thanks Meredith for all you do and for who you are.
I look forward to the new episode each week. Every time I listen I find myself looking up the subject they are discussing on Google, or browsing the website of the person Meredith is interviewing. The interviews are fun, Meredith keeps the pace moving and I don’t find myself stuck in boredom ever. Each podcast is informative with lots of opportunities to do further research and its all about living green, who can beat that?

By 21CTG
With all the doom and gloom around the environment, Living Green is an inspirational show that tells the human stories of the people on the front line of changing the world. There's practical information about simple solutions alongside very touching and personal stories that reveal the inner workings of these eco-luminaries. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
I love the show for the wonderful people that they have on. The host's personal observations are sometimes a bit too much granola and yoga, but the people that are interviewed more than make up for those minor annoyances.
Great show, I look forward to each new broadcast.
This show is well produced and offers a great variety of information. I enjoy it a gret deal!!!
Meredith keeps you up to date on the latest trends in green living. Her guests are always informative and entertaining. From someone who listens to dozens of podcasts, this is one of the best!
I like this show! I hope Meredith will pursue a show about home ownership or let me know what show I should listen to that covers this topic from a living green perspective that she's done in the past. Only one thing... is there a way to regulate the sound during the taping of the podcast? There can be such a difference in the volume and quality of the guest's and Meredith's voices that it becomes a bit difficult to listen to the show.