Reviews For Taste of Sex - Erotic Poetry: Erotic Poetry Readings

I've never heard anything quite like this. Don't miss it.
This pod cast turns me on so much. I am amazed at what people are willing to share about there sensual lives. Out of the dark and into my living room. Where it should be. Thanks
I love it!
The words don't rhyme, there are no verses, and yet there is a cadence to these researchers' raw reports that harkens back to the writings of Sappho and other ancient writings. These people are living ... and reporting some pretty bloomin' interesting things!
Tanatlizing. Fresh. Exquisite. Check it out.
I never know what to expect... but I am sure to be entertained, amazed, educated, thrilled, teased.... I'll take any and all of these experiences! Cool!
Not worth the space to review
i cant even believe i came across this. who would even think of putting this out where people could see.