Reviews For Taste of Sex - Guest Speaker: Visiting Guest Speaker Interviews

The only thing that keeps me listening is the guest that come on the show. Beth is a horrible interviewer. If the guest isn't interesting then the show falls apart. For example, the Pickup101 interview a few weeks ago sounded completely flat. I can't believe these guys are teaching. Whether you like him or not compare them to Mystery. Mystery is a dynamic speaker even if you don't subscribe to his ideas. But my point isn't about Pickup, but how boring guest amplify Beth's lack of interviewing skills. I felt awkward just listening to it. Too many odd pauses. Almost like she depends on interesting guest to hide behind. She also doesn't expand enough on questions when guest give generic answers. When one of the Pick-Up 101 guys stated he uses his eyes to seduce women, she should have questioned, "Well, not every guy has your eyes. What do you teach them?"
An incredible mix of speakers on a wide variety of topics.
The diversity that this group brings to the table works.
Interesting questions posed to interesting people. I highly recommend it.
A wide variety of speakers and experiences. A great collection, very ambitious.
and fabulous guests.
Beth Crittenden likes to get to know the person. And she interviews fascinating people, edgey people... I love her questions, the way she probes deep into their feelings and psyche, and gets the story behind the story.