Reviews For Expanded Lovemaking: Sex, Love, and Consciousness

Lots of great information from techniques to inspiration and insight. I've learned so much from this podcast. Keep up the great work Dr. Patti and guests!
I think Dr. Patti forces her mindview on the audience. She really needs to find another word to replace beautiful. It's too new age and 1970s.
You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.
I am sexually "green" and listening to this podcast increased my confidence with my body and sexual performance. My partner is now madly in love with everything we do in bed (kitchen, livingroom, bathroom, park or car) and begs to do anything I want him to just because he apreaciates what he is recieving so much. Finding this podcast was one of the best things that happened this summer.
patti's interviews have brought more juicy-ness into my life: they make my long drives go faster and give me new, practical ideas for improving my life and my relationships. i like the variety of the topics. and i enjoy her enthusiasm - that makes the podcasts feel more personal.
You'd think, with all the commercials on this podcast (and there are a lot), they would be able to afford better audio. Many of the interviews are done over the phone, sometimes the interviewee talks so low that I have to strain to hear them. Also, when the interviews are done on the phone and they break for commercial, I have to QUICKLY turn down my ipod because the commercials are so very loud! It's sad, because these are good interviews and they deserve better production.
Patty Taylor is an exceptionally well educated and over all very sucessful person. She brings these abilities along with a child like curiousity to her interviews. That is a breath of fresh air in a field burdened with the pompous, the hypocritical, and just plain idiots. Her interviews tell the world what real people are doing sexualally. Well done!
Tantra is a path of self discovery and finding what is truly real inside you. I have attended Patti's workshops both on the east and west coasts ... and if you desire to find how to be more loving, and how to love yourself so you can love others, she is the person to listen to. Personal growth does not come easy, and she attracts to her show influential names that can help you go beyond the norm and think outside the box. I owe a large percentage of my spiritual path to what I have learned from her over the years, and I hope you can find value in her as well. Love and light, Wes
Patti is not only an extraordinary interviewer and Tantrika, she also has an extensive background in Kashmiri Shaivism, one of the most complete schools of Tantra that traces the roots of Tantra back to the beginning of Time. Patti embodies the Love that she teaches about!
I look forward to every episode of this amazing show. Where else but in an intimate podcast could you find a PhD Orgasmic Expert telling you how to increase your sensation, sensuality, experience and connection to yourself, your partner and the universe through something as delicious as an expanded orgasmic experience? Dr. Patti artfully guides her guests in opening up my world.
the only of it's kind. Dr. Patricia Taylor is an absolute visionary of her work and blazes a trail that has never before been undertaken.
i listen every week... something new to learn and practice.
This show is unique, informative, and hot!
I wait for it every week. It's really hot!
Thanks for having the courage to put this show out on the air. I listen to it weekly and it has positively effected my personal life. You all will have to listen to it for yourselves!
Totally rocks!! Intellectually Fascinating and Immensely Practical. Great insights into being a better lover. Some really advanced stuff... not just breathing or rocking together, but how to take your lover on a mind bending, life altering adventure in bed.