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If by some chance any of these kids see this even tho this was 13 years ago you should totally do a reboot
I have been listening to this and it’s pretty good
It was really cringe but I support the grind


I’m glad these guys did this. Thanks!
Omg wth these kids. Why is this even around still or even coming up in search
It's just a bunch of kids, feels like a bad high school project.


Unfoucused and ridiculous it suks glad I didn't get it
Ok I would like to correct ratchat the review you gave said that there are no assault rifles in halo 2, you are correct but, then you said that there were assault rifles. Now I would like to tell you that there, as a matter of fact were brutes in halo 2, they had originated in halo2
It made me want to jump off a bridge and die instantly
thats all he really says is ummm they have some things they say but i really couldnt understand because neither knew what they were going to say i mean the first guy sounds like he wants to do this but the other guy whos voice is barely audible i think Steve? keeps butting in and sorta makes the qwhole thiing they also didnt really have a clue and basically repeated everything that you would know if you were just as casual halo fan and barely played like i dont care if you like jackals still i think we should give em a chance to take criticisime change everything to things we want to hear and make it a better podcast though it still wont be 1/4 as good as Podtacular but just give it another try and dont be so nervous Layne we dont no where you live...... or do we? so just be calm your just talking to a mike oh and buy another one. So yah Halo rocks dont disgrace that!!!!1 oh and some of the stuff you say is false their is no assault rifle in Halo 2 that is a (special assualt rifle podtac rules) Lol its a battle rifle
I have herd the hole podcast, and it is horible. OK first these kids have almost on knolage of the halo universe, Second they just made this podcast for no reason and finaly do not even bother downloading this podcast it is a waste of time.


This is like the unexplainable crap under the couch, secretively placed by your chihaunah. no one knows why it's there, or why it stinks so bad!


... make another one
It was just their first try. With some work these guys could be pretty good.


By Doners
Its funny
These people worked on this podcast unlike those who just sit here and write complaints all day. Layne, my suggestion is to write down lines so you don't have to forget what to say. And speak up a little more. In episode #2, if you do that people might like it more.


it was O.K. it wasn't all that great. the beginning was funny, but it is very repetitive.
the beginnings funny
It was diffrent, I heard the first part and got interested. I trust to easily, it's a good start but you need to work in some comedy.
They have one mic and there are two hosts. I heard the word um 16 times in the first two minutes. Thumbs down. :(
its not bad it just needs a little more content and maybe you could try seeming more relaxed you sound a little freaked out o and the back ground static is a little weird but good first try


that is all i have to say. HORIBLE
Great opening and effects, though content lacked and I hope to see better in future Grunt-Casts.
people shouldent hate on "grunt cast" (even though its lame!) but still, props to the guy who started it! =]
This is a piece o crap!!!!