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Subscribed but no episodes are available :(


This fool thinks you can get AIDS from a blood transfusion. Ignorance is scary.
I just subscribed and listened to one podcast full of negativity! Positive affirmations should never focus on negative!! I am promptly unsubscribing. Do not recommend.
I searched for Christian positive thinking because I didn't want a new age positive thinking podcast. This one came up and it's fantastic! Thanks David!
I found the descriptions and characterizations of the ten cognitive distortions from CBT to be brilliant and vivid, perhaps even better than David Burns in "Feeling Good." This isn't the typical mindless positive thinking pablum but material with actual substance and depth. With regards to the previous reviewer who found the God-talk problematic, there is indeed a good amount of it though I never found myself getting the impression that this was a particularly religious podcast. I myself am an atheist and had no problem with this particular breed of religion. Dr. D's conception of God seems to simply be an all-loving, compassionate father figure, which I personally am not bothered by. I simply substituted a concept of unconditional love and compassion, which is an important feeling to draw on in therapeutic settings.
So many truths in what you say. It just makes sense. I'm glad I can learn from you how to improve my life. Thank you Dr.
Being fed up with the extreme negativity being broadcast 24/7 from the major media outlets I declared a boycott on all things news. I replaced them with with all things positive. Starting with all of the good Dr's podcast. My iPhone is now jampacked with good stuff! What a difference his podcasts I have made. Unique, funny and very easy to listen to. Do yourself a favor-kill your T.V.!! There are some moments of GOD teachings in few, but they are in context and all but the extreme atheist would find them agreeable. In these times getting closer to GOD couldn't hurt. Like these podcasts GOD is also free. :) GOING ON DAY 67 WITH NO EXPOSURE TO NEGATIVE NEWS! THESE PODCAST ARE THE PERFECT SOLUTION. Polly Anna has nothing on me! My head is now burried in the sands of positivity.
I just found this podcast today. So far, I like what I hear. Thanks for taking the time to create this. I found myself in a quagmire of negative thoughts due to recent romantic breakup, loss of job, and injury. This seems like what I need right now. Something to turn things around.
Remember people this is provided to you free...Truly a great website, and podcast from Dr.Jay
this podcast is effective without being dreamy or unattainable.Truly enjoyable.
The podcast started out great, until the speaker started focusing on his god. Because everyone does not identify with that particular god, or maybe even a god at all, the podcast became quickly irrelevant. This is a shame because the ideas in the podcast were actually quite interesting. For example, I listened to the one about the 12 parts of a positive operating system. Very unique take on positive thinking. However, he started talking on and on about god and he lost me. I didn't even know what he was talking about because he was apparently speaking from a set of assumptions that I didn't recognize. Please re-cast these podcast in a neutral way so that people of all walks can listen and learn. If not, please consider re-naming the podcast and it's category to reflect its faith-based or religious nature. Thank you.
a helpful, positive and uplifting pocast that is precise and concise to boot. I feel very encouraged while listening to this and I also feel like the doctor treats us like adults, something other 'positivity' podcasts don't manage to perfect.
Great series, good audio quality, intelligent with much good information.