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Reviews For Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine Radio

Grew up in the thumb and moved out of state but glad to be able to still listen to the show. Only thing that would help is that the shows be labeled what hour each episode. Thanks
Love this podcast! Listen every week! Mike Avery is the best!
Mike is the king of outdoor radio. A must listen
Guests are very informative. Mike is a great interviewer that asks the right questions. I learn something new with every show. Cooking segment is too advanced for me but might be perfect for an amateur chef. I highly recommend.
I absolutely love listening to his radio show in the morning or when I have some time it really a pick me up !!!!! I love interacting with other hunters and stay in Touch ,this give me a chance and I just love the show do your seven favor and listen to it and make & form your own opinion
More ads than substance...mostly for businesses local to him in Michigan so unless you want to visit convenience stores somewhere in Michigan, save yourself the time and move on...
I listen to every weeks show and find something I like ever week even not being in Michigan very good content.
Awesome show, Mike. I listen to the podcasts usually on Monday, which makes it one of the best days of the week!!! Keep up the great work.
I highly recommend listening and subscribing to these podcasts.
This is my favorite podcast to listen to. I listen to many podcasts, but this is the one I look forward to every week. And the 3 hours helps pass the time on the line at Ford. But 1 suggestion, I know the wolf hunt is a huge issue but I don't want to hear an hour of it every week
Mike Avery's show has a Michigan slant, but the information is great for all outdoorsmen. Excellent show!
Mike does a great job of interviewing guest on the podcast. Highly recommended for any outdoorsman.
Mike keeps the show interesting and informative, as well as current with what ever is in season at the time. Knowledgeable guests help to teach the listener new things.
I grew up in Michigan, and have watched Mike since his TV 5 days. Now I live in Texas, but love listening to the show. Great guests/topics that are informative no matter where you are at!
I don't live in Michigan, have not visited Michigan, but I certainly plan to in the future just by this show alone. I find that the issues facing outdoorsman up there are basically the same here in Kentucky. The guests are informative and explain everything so anyone can understand. Outstanding show and anyone who is a true outdoorsman should make this show a weekly tradition.
I don't live in Michigan, but I do love to visit the state, and I love the outdoors. Mike does a great job covering a wide range of hunting and fishing topics that are indeed mostly Michigan specific, but many of the things could apply in many other states as well. Thank you Mike, for being a champion of the outdoors!!!
Mike Avery's weekly podcast is an excellent to stay informed on current events dealing with Michigan's outdoors. Mike has very well informed guests that bring a wealth of information to podcast listeners. If your a hunter or angler just listen to one show...you will be hooked!
I am not in the broadcast area of any stations that carry mike's show. Now I can still get my fix. Love the show and wait patiently every week for the new episodes to get posted.
This makes me feel like I'm listening to an honest to goodness hunting experience every week! Have you been to our hunting camp Mike?
I enjoy listening to Mike on my train ride to/from Chicago each day. Mike has a way of making me feel like I'm in the woods or on a lake, as I ride along the tracks. Great job, keep up the good work.
Once again- very well done job Mr. Avery. Your passion for the great outdoors, Michigan, and your job are very evident in everything you do!