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I miss Brian’s show! It used to be in my local station here. The best guests, the smartest most energetic host...sadly they replaced it and you can only get hour one on podcast without paying
Brian does his research which we all appreciate.
i really enjoy your show although i do wonder why it says it’s the first hour, but it’s only 37 mins & also on another show on fox also it’s supposed to be an hour & it’s 32 mins so i was just wondering bc our fox shows we watch all the time so if i’m watching the five? well, within 10 minutes of starting any on fox & then the next show or the one prior, they cut into it just starts doing the music & then ppl talking or watching sean show & half way through, the tucker show starts all over & i’m wondering if y’all have heard anyone else complaining about it my last word is you really are so busy & you make my head spin!!!! absolutely love your show!!
She is not a true conservative. Thinking it is ok to kill innocent babies makes us no better than the most ruthless pagan nations in history. Let her have MSNBC as a platform, not Fox, or your program.
This is by far one of the best, and my favorite, Fox News podcast. I’ve listened to Brian (on audio) since his days doing Brian and the Judge. Thanks Kilmeade, YOU’RE FIRED!
If you want to listen to a discussion of Women’s Soccer this is tour show.


It's just fine. But if I'm going to listen to a show on demand I need it to have more substance.
Great podcast. Would be so much better if they posted all three hours.
A true threat to national security. The constitution is ignored and the best part is that they love it.
I thought it was cute that he tried to cut Donald Trump off the other day when he was really digging himself in a ditch. I have caught fox lying (or innocently being incompetent many occasions. One example is they reported Comey resigned when we all know he was fired. FOX reports either trite news or propaganda, which is why FOX new shows have bands Great Britain. There are upstanding conservatives and true to form, FOX never reports on them. These are people who can work bipartisan, are honest, empathetic, admirable Americans. Many of these people have defended our country and are not draft dodgers by the way. FOX almost never reports on these conservatives. FOX obviously believed stoking hate is better for the ratings.
This is a good show. Great ?’s from Brian to our government. As always Brian is fair now click bait or gotcha?’s. If you want to no the hot topics with no bias while ur working,Brian gets it and delivers it.
I’m a Tractor trailer driver I listen to a lot of shows and Brian is one of the best. He’s always been one of my favorites at Fox. Did a great job filling in for tucker this week. Wish I could get the whole show
I love this podcast on iTunes. However, something changed at the beginning of September. Now, it won't auto-download. When I manually download each day, the iPhone podcast app put it in my timeline of podcasts as having been issued in the year 2000!!! What's up with that?? Y2K? Please fix one of my favorite podcasts.
I love this show. This past week, it stopped automatically downloading. Also, it goes under the heading "2000", not "today".
Reminds me of Nazi propaganda. 60% of Fox News facts are false!
This guy Kilmeade has a fresh and unique perspective on the days events. He may be a little to the right although at times it's hard to tell. He's a huge supporter of our military and truly loves this country. It won't be long before he's #1 in his time slot. Great American show. I highly recommend it to people new to talk radio. Brian's show is a great way to break into the airwaves.
No podcasts posted in over two weeks - what happened? This is my daily routine - a little dose of reason. Please bring it back!!!!
I'm putting 1 star because it only show 9 min of the show... Why?
kilmeade???? come on man.... a five,ten and fifteen minute show give or take? who would want to listen to a podcast for a few mins? i like u on fox and friends so i figured id check out your podcast and it cut off after a few mins so i thought something was wrong, i guess not! i gave u five just cause i like u but should be one based on time


By Voy-Ear
How do these kind of people maintain a career? Oh yea, FOX NEWS!
Don't get to listen to this show at a decent time on air. Heard Brian mention the podcast on a show a few weeks, thought it was a great idea. I decided to DL it. The podcast is only 9 minutes or so long. The actual show is 3hrs. What is the point? Why bother with a subscription? Either put up a version that's at least an hour or don't bother with it at all.
Love the energy, love the "in your face" attitude, love the injection of adrenaline and best of all, love shot of bad humor... Love you Brian!!!!
In these days, when the liberal and radical main stream media bias, thank God we have some conservative voice to talk the NEWS instead of to read the news from Baracko.
I downloaded this at the suggestion of a co-worker and thought it was very interesting. Then I fact-checked the show and realized it was full of crap. I can pull stories out of my rear, no need to have someone do it for me!
I've heard this show and it's good. But the podcast is less than 5 minutes. I've checked over a period of months. Lame.
I love a good debate. Nice job guys.
Enjoy listening everyday though I do wish it was the full show. Too bad other Fox news podcasts aren't this consistent. Thanks for the balance!
I used to like this show a lot but it has really gone downhill. The information has gotten more and more ideological and less and less factual. It used to feel very balanced and I appreciated the intelligent arguments on both sides. Now it is feeling more and more one sided and I can get that anywhere. It's really a shame. In addition the free podcast is pretty short on content these days. It feels more like just a commerical for the full show.
Unfortunately it seems that misdirection is once again the key operating mandate of FNC as the first hour of the Brian & The Judge Podcast is now less then 18 minutes long beginning the first week of August. The business model of R. Murdoch is to shift all access of their FNC internet services to a premium service, they will be on a pay to view (webpage) and pay to listen (podcast) basis shortly. Given the present political environment of mass separation (us and them/left and right) the appeal of their bias promotion of the right cheerleader perspective while avoiding a majority of the facts has a significant marketplace (41% of USA) where FNC can obtain more gold from that customer with a single optic. I have subscripted to the podcast for nearly three years but today I am dropping the download due to their drive to throw gas on a fire no longer trying to stimulate discussion. Adios
Great show I meet the judge back in the 70's when he was a family court judge in Middlesex NJ. He was fare and straight with me then. I love the balance they bring to each other. This country is screwed unless more people like Brian and the Judge speak out. Keep it fair and balanced as always they are.
It's more like Amos 'n' Andy on crack! What a hoot. I love these guys (no, not in the cuddly way).
I love to listen to many viewpoints when it comes to politics and current events. That's why I added this podcast to my list. It didn't take but the first 5 minutes of the first podcast that I listened to before I remembered why I stopped watching Fox & Friends. Brian Kilmeade is a moron. I love the Judge, he's always insightful in his opinions, even when I disagree with him. But, Brian is just dumb. If he could give his opinion without sounding like he has trouble speaking English, it wouldn't be so bad. He was making fun of a person of interest on one of their shows and, first of all, couldn't get the guy's first name right. Then he continually mispronounced words and stumbled all over the place. On the positive side, both personalities are definitely not your run of the mill, hateful conservatives at FOX. They disagree with the president on some things and admit when the agree with the president on other things. They even will admit that some of the problems facing the new administration are the fault of the Bush admin. All I can add is if they want this show to be taken more seriously, get Kilmeade a tutor.


By Csmit
There's not a show out there that can top these guys for being informative, insightful, and LEVEL HEADED. Im tired of radio show hosts yelling at people that disagree with them, yelling at hosts that come on to their show, or bragging that they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Plus, it sounds like these two have fun and actually like eachother. So that makes it entertaining.
Always liked the show, but the last week or so has been a mish-mash of old shows, that i have already heard. First time I have heard of "best of". Let us know next time.
For weeks I have tried syncing the latest podcast episodes only to find that the latest podcast is an old episode. This is extremely frustrating. Please find a solution to this problem. It cannot be THAT difficult to post the updated podcast for listeners. Everytime you guys update, you post an old episode. The past six or seven uploads have been the same couple of shows, dealing with Hillary and Barack meeting in New Hampshire. Come on guys, get it together!
This podcast is horrible right wing biased media. It shakes me to my very core. these guys are so conservitive that it makes me scream. They are pro-torture, anti-progressive idiots. They are so pro-torture that is is scary. they did not talk about the story where the CIA gets its torture methods from Communist China! Not only that but on the same day they rail against anti torture people. It makes me sick
The podcast is supposed to be the first hour of the radio show. Most days it's only 3min or 12min. Yesterday's show was an old episode. They censor negative comments on iTunes. I left this same comment a couple months ago and now it's gone. The Judge is funny.
Great show. I listen to it almost every day.
Great Cando and honest opinion. Although they lean toward conservatism they do it in light harded discussion with many great guests. One of the best. However I am recently having the same problem uploading that other have mentioned.
These guys are a great team. You are hearing from two people, which really enriches the discussion. The discussion and analysis is smart and the commentary is honest. This is the best political and news coverage. I've heard them all and if you tired of other talk-radio, this is for you. Smart, funny and nice guys.
I love Brian Kilmede on Fox and Friends. I like the judge also. But something is lost in the radio version. I just can't get into this podcast. I have tried. It is missing the wit that I like about both of them on the television program. I am unsubscribing because it bores me.
Listen to these guys on XM. They're not especially engaging. It's okay. Eh. I'm a left leaning middle of the road guy. Maybe a 10% lean to the left. I do love conservative radio for some reason, though I find myself not agreeing with it most of the time. I guess I just find it entertaining.
I don't listen because I like FOX, I don't. I don't listen because I'm conservative, I'm not. What the show gives is a relatively clear alternative viewpoint on current events important for US citizens and non citizens regarding politics and national affairs of US concern. You can't consider yourself a well versed person unless you listen to all views on a subject before making a decision. This provides one set, and some times two when the gentlemen disagree. You don't have to agree with them but it clearly is the best thing on morning radio. You might even learn something new. It will also allow you learn where other Americans that agree or disagree with their views stand.
I love this show. I listen daily! Its nice to actually listen to a news show were they allow everyone to have a say..... even the crazy left!!!
I'm giving it 5 stars because the 1 star reviews, based entirely on ideological bias, deserve (in my opinion) a counter-weight. While Brian and the Judge may be consistently conservative, they disagree with Bush and the majority of elected Republicans on issues (usually being more conservative than Bush or the elected Republicans they disagree with, on issues like immigration, specifically, but others as well). But they are thoughtful pundits who are clearly aligned on the right side of the aisle, and while they won't convince any True Believers at the Church of the Mighty Leftist to abandon their faith, it's a good show for the target audience, the podcast is just the right length, and its reasonably entertaining if you aren't a dedicated liberal idealogue. Perhaps its just me, but it seems like some of the critics of the smattering of conservative podcasts that are out there object to the idea that pro-America, anti-illegal-immigration, anti-tax, small-government, pro-family-values, pro-achievement people are allowed to have a voice in the New Media. Or any media. It seems to me, in a open forum, ideas win out. That's why I would never think of going in and sniping and one-starring the dozens upon dozens of NPR podcasts (I subscribe to many of them), or the dozens of liberal-activism podcasts on everything from the environment to political conspiracies, or the hundreds of podcasts on all sorts of subjects that are populated almost exclusively by various shades of liberals, leftists, socialists, and left-leaning libertarians. Free and open competition in the arena of ideas is what it's all about, baby! And Brian & The Judge is a podcast on a political category that is under-represented, as of this writing, by almost any metric you might choose to measure in the world of podcasting. I suggest we celebrate the diversity of ideas we can expose ourselves to in this modern podcasting age, and . . . 5 stars for Brian & The Judge. That is all.
Agreeing with everything the president says and dismissing all criticism as anti-american and supporting the terrorists? What ever happened to investigative journalism, to the media being a check on the ever expanding power of the government...Fox News should be ashamed of itself
Nona apparently hasn't figured out that 95% of the media reflects his/her point of view. Heaven forbid a connservative Media outlet exists.....Fox News is hardly a radical right wing bastion of opinion. I can't tolerate extreme right or left opinions. Fox is definitely conservative in tone, but hardly right wing.
When Tony Snow became Press Secretary, I was happy for him, but disappointed that I wouldn't be able to listen to his talk show every morning. After listening to Brian Kilmeade and Judge Napolitano for the past year, I'm finding I don't miss Tony Snow any more. If you're a fan of conservative talk radio, you'll find that this is one of the better shows out there.