Seventeen Runway Insider: Backstage Beauty

Reviews For Seventeen Runway Insider: Backstage Beauty

luv dis magazine!
Mover sufft
I just wanted them to cut her out when filming. Good questions though.
This podcast is great!!!! It tells you complete looks that can be done in a very short amount of time.
this podcast is the best....i <3 it. i really love the magazine and now i can watch a piece of it on my ipod! :)
this podcast is so awesome u have to get it!! it keeps u updated with what is going on in the fashion world; and has amazing tips for make-up! i luv it!!!
All these are so awesome they have great tips, and they really don't take that long to watch.
This is such an AWSOME Podcast! It tells you step by step instructions on how to put make-up on like a model! The best part is it FREE!!! You have to get this!
i thought this was good. it was definitly good to get tips from the insiders. i'm definitly going to tell my freinds about it!