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I'm a huge fan of old-time radio dramas and serials, and I really enjoy listening to Jake Sampson. The stories are fun and have that old-time feel to them.
A fun throwback to early radio adventure dramas. The plots, dialogue, even characters have the campiness of the 40s. Well done and worth a listen.
Excellent original serial by the happy campers at Broken Sea. If you remember H.P. Lovecraft, old time radio drama, Robert E. Howard adventures then give yourself a quick treat and check out this series.
These are quite amusing and interesting stories that hold my attention with wonderful sound tracks. If I close my eyes and let my mind wander it's almost as if I'm there in the adventure.
Jake Sampson offers an "older" feel to the the show. Some of it does seem campy at times, but so was the old radio shows. What was gripping then, is not very gripping now. Still, Jake Sampson in it's own reguard is what it is, and I feel it is stong enough to pull it's own weight.
I would like to see more of these episodes being released. Likeable characters and more than decent story lines engage my interest. I look forward to future releases.
If you like old time radio, pulp stories, or gumshoe tales you might very well like this podcast. As much as I love this genre I regret to say that this podcast is not for me. The production value is a little lacking. Good story, some good special effects but not quite up to pro level. I have not listened to anything past the first adventure so they could be getting better with age. Let us hope so, because this podcast could be great. Either way, give it a listen, it deserves that much.
Enjoyed it very much, just wish there was more. Production quality very good.
I'll give it this, Jake Sampson has a great classic feel to it and the stories are well thought up. Another nice touch is that they mention real people like Rober E. Howard who is actually a character in the story. The music is great too. The things I don't like is that the actor tries to make Jake Sampson's voice to heroic, but it utterly fails. In fact all the characters are really cheesy because of the way their voice sounds, plus bad catch phrases. Throughout the whole series the same sounds effects are used over and over which gets really annoying, but it's not that noticable. In the end, Jake Sampson has a couple minor flaws, but just look past those and you'll find a really really gripping story.