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I have been a comic fan on and off for years. The guys on Fantastic Forum always keep me informed on the latest and greatest in comics, movies, tv, etc. I never feel out of the loop listening to Mayor, Jei, and Moses. Fantastic Forum is like comfort food for your ears. The guys are always honest, uncensored, always know their stuff, and are 'super' fun to listen to. As far as i know this is the ONLY daily comic book show, and if its not, i would venture to say that without question it is the BEST. You owe it to yourself, your momma, your momma's momma, your pets, your cyborgs, and anybody else within earshot to listen in and enjoy the greatness.
Almost like the old all game again
Great personalities, the show however, depends too much on sexist and homophobic jokes. The guys in this podcast are very knowledgeable, but their sexist/homophobic jokes perpetrate/personify the immature nature often associated with comic books. The art is seriously diminished by the podcasters' passion.
I just started listening to this podcast last week. I am not a current comic reader but this show is making me want to pick up some issuses they discussed. They each have unique view and you can tell they put alot of effort into the show to inform the listeners about comics and comic related materials. A must listen to anyone that is or who ever has been a comic book reader or a fan of the medium.
The thing that makes this show really great isn't just the fact that all these guys are hilarious and know what they're talking about, it's that they're not afraid to be honest. They say what they mean, how they want to say it. In a world of corporate madness (Clearchannel, Wizard, etc.), this is exactly what comic fans need. I've learned about a lot of great comics/shows/movies from these guys.
Great comic book show. I'm not a huge comic book reader by any means, in fact I'm curretly only reading the Cable & Deadpool series, but that just makes my opinon more valid. Being a person who doesn't read alot of comics, yet having this show still appeal to me, means they have to be doing somthing right. This is what Kirby thinks of all the haters t('-'t ).
I have not been into comics for a long time, but ever since I have been listening to this podcast I have been taking weekly trips to the local book store to get back into it. The Fantastic Forum has a great blend of comedy and knowledge. Thank you for bringing me back to the goodness that comics bring.
You guys would make the comic book guy proud. Long Live AllGames Radio, and remember, without TheMatrix, none of this would be possible.
dude this by far the best comic books podcast and one of the best podcasts out there period entertaing,informing and did i mention very entertaining? check it out!!
if you like comics and beer and listening to the best comic podcast ever . this is you spot.