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Truly a great and quick podcast that any gamer should have on their mp3 player. therobd and The Matrix do an awesome job.
TDig is a quick and sweet dose of gaming history that will take you back to your yesteryears. This is truly one of the best gaming podcast on itunes. If you like gaming you will enjoy this. TheRobD and The Matrix have done a great job and remeber . . . Game On!
Where else can you get a DAILY gaming podcast that goes back to the eras of NES, SNES and covers games up until the most recent consoles? Only a few minutes long, its a perfect intro to any other gaming podcast you might listen to. Who knew there is so much information packed in a small amount of time? Great hosting by therobd and editing by The Matrix, makes this show, fun and entertaining. Give it a listen and you'll be like me, waiting to see what great games came out tomorrow in gaming history!


A very well done podcast that is very entertaining and informative!
Fantastic show guys, RoBD, you are a plethora of gaming knowledge. Keep up the good work and long live all games radio. Remember, without TheMatrix this review isn't possible.


Great addition to All Games Radio. Tells history of gaming for that particular day in a fun and witty way. It's roughly under 5 minutes long, and comes out 5 days a week. Could be a quick add into your list of podcasts on your MP3 player. Check it out!