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The chemistry between the two brothers Butcher and Brain Chopper was untouchable. They both should be working in radio making millions. I love you guys and still listen to the old shows all the time. -love Deadstar
These guys are very crude, and one thing that I find particularly annoying are guys who think they are hilarious when in fact they are not. At all. That's what we have here. I suppose it would be interesting if I was 12. The thing is, they don't really go in-depth about movies, instead just mentionioning titles and skimming the surface. It takes a very long time of listening to them go on about random uninteresting nonsense before they even get into talking movies, and that isn't good for a podcast about movies! If this was supposed to be podcast about friends making idle small talk, it would be the best!!
I found these guys about a month ago, im still going through the back catalogue and these guys do exactly what i want in a podcast. they entertain me while im doing my boring job. Butcher i applaud you for your passion and commitment to the podcast and website.I always think about doing side projects but never follow through. You follow through and get things done. Gregmo brings a level of professionalism to the show that is witty, and funny, and I love the interaction between butcher and brainchomper, (thats my favorite part of the podcast). Great job guys trust me i give no [email protected]!#%'s about low budget horror movies but youve got me listening daily. keep them coming.....because im going to run out of them soon........
The Cast has changed but has never been better
Balls out podcasting at its best. I love listening to this podcast for the banter between the hosts about everyday craziness and their reviews of the obscure horror movies I've been enjoying ever since Netflix started streaming. The way butcher tells stories really paints a picture of hilarity in your mind. Even the show breaks are enjoyable with the old horror trailers. Gregmo and brain-chomper also do a great job co-hosting, and the soundtrack talk and play is pretty sweet too. Keep up the the great work twonks! P.S. I checked my spelling. Cheers
These guys are hilarious. Very entertaining. If only it was more often!!
Just a great all round podcast. Their knowledge of films, the production of the show, the chemistry between the guys and even the butchers drunken little rants make this a definite subscribe. It seems more like a professional radio show and I love the fact that it can go on for hours.
This has become one of my favorite podcasts. The group has so much fun and it shows with every podcast. The reviews are honest and always fun to listen to. I recommend highly to listen to this podcast.
This is a great podcast with tons of movie reviews. They really know what they're talking about. Butcher and the guys do an awesome job of making the podcast personable as well as leaving you with an undeniable eagerness for more, between episodes. Do your self a favor and check out this podcast if haven't done so already!!!! You won't be dissapointed!!!
Really enjoy the podcast. I'm into obscure horror stuff so its great to hear others who are into the same thing talk about it and recommend some stuff I may have never heard of. I'd love to hear more about foreign stuff too, as I always find a lot of creepy stuff there, keep it up dudes!
Great show . Y'all some crazy guys . Love the podcast . Keep up the great work.
Can't get enough of this podcast! I love the down-to-earth nature of the hosts and the feeling that I'm right there involved with the discussion. I find myself actually laughing and talking out loud with these guys, even with my headphones on! Great job...I'm hooked!
This is DeadStars fiancee he told me to come here and write a 5 star review or the wedding is off. WOW.
Should be called "My Personal Life" podcast cause that is all these guys talk about. I don't care about your wife and kids, I listen to get away from that, a luxury which your podcast doesn't provide. Review movies or change the name.
this is one of my top 10 podcasts that i listen to...i like the combo of general chatter about whatever to the specific reviews, keep up the good work


This is good!
Love this podcast Butch and BC are gold!!! Greg Mo's reviews are spot on!! Let's hear another apollo 18 episode!
I check out KR about a year or so ago A haven't stop downloading, this guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.
How can two twins be so different.............who knows, all I know is that it makes a pretty interesting podcast. Glad they could come together on something. So much more than a horror podcast.............Good times............Highly recommend it.
The podcasts are a bit long but they cover more than just horror movies. I love listening at work (even though it's definitely NSFW). If you're a female horror fan that's not easily offended by tons of TnA discussion this one is for you! :)
The podcast show is great! The guys on here are funny and they know their movies for sure. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys conversations that will cover everything from all movies to just random things that will get you cracking up! The Podcast #2 with the ghost assassin, lol, was great.
He guys. Took the pop's iPad and downloaded a podcast and decided to write a review on it. I have nothing more to say than I love just hanging out with you guys while listening. And I just read a bad review and cracked up. Those people have no idea what they're talking about. So keep it up! Thanks and enjoy!
I love this show. There's never a dull moment. Please never stop making them!
Guys!!!! Keep the good work!! Love the way you comment on the movies!! Just started watching movies out of the hollywood shadow. Just watched Hobo and enjoy it!! It reminded me of the 80 movies like creepshow, phantasm, deathwish, The exterminator!! Keep up the good Podcast and waiting for the next one!! Cheers from Puerto Rico!
These guys will have you laughing out loud. They know what their talking about and have a good time doing it. Brain Chomper will tell stories that make you want to put plastic slip covers on your couch. Give KR a listen. They work really hard on the podcast and you owe it to yourself to give them a chance.
I don't care what the boys are talking about I could listen all day.Butcher and B C sound like 2 down to earth guys who truly love what they talk about and it comes through.I love brain chompers picking stories.I may be biased being from Mass. but i say keep it up boys.
The host will keep u entertained. There reviews on movies are like no other (not like siskel n ebaert who were lame). Also they talk about personal like which some of the stories will have u rollin ie the sh^t story which is a classic. they have a no holds barr sense of humor. This is thr humor that is entertaining. just thr type I ilke. Back before this thing called the internet I had a public access show on movie reviews. We had the same fun and humor. This is why we had the best PA show. This alowa me to go back to those days I also agree about Hollywood as they are becoming sellouts. Its like thet have no more imagination. They blow, Keep up the awesome work!!!! HOPE MANY MORE SHOWS TO COME.
Butcher, BC and GregMo are great. I enjoy the banter as well as all of the different topics that are covered. The website is awesome with so much to check out. Keep up the great work.
I'll keep this short and sweet. This is the best horror podcast out there. I have listened to dozens and this by far is the best one. Keep up the great work guys, you have a real fan here. And again this one IS THE BEST.
This podcast got me to see some great horror movies that I would not even heard of. The reviews are in depth and very helpful. Their unique way of rating movies sets them apart from any other podcast. Not only is there extensive movies reviews, but there are many funny stories that are also very entertaining. This is a relaxed, funny, and insightful podcast and by far my favorite of the dozens that I listen to. Download 1 episode and you will be hooked, I guarantee it.
I never do reviews for anything but This is the Suspiria of podcasts!!!! After a baby and a tooth pulling KR comes back with vengeance!!!!
I have been searching for movie podcasts of late and this one is definitely in my top three of all podcasts. The dialogue between the hosts is nothing short of spectacular. The chemistry and humor is top notch. Their reviews are informative and entertaining. Definitely worth my time every time. Keep up the great work and I loom forward to your next cast.
highly recommended podcast. sometimes i actually have to laugh out loudly when i listen to it in my car. i was searching for something to listen on a vacation trip recently (east coast usa) and was lucky to find killerreviews. since then i keep downloading their podcasts whenever i need easy entertainment. as a dedicated usa-fan their casual smalltalking also keeps me close to the us-lifestyle.
Did a search for horror movie podcast's and this one popped up. I decided to give it a listen. WOW I love this show. I've only listened to 5 shows so far. I must say that every time I listen it brings back a lot of memories. Get's me searching for the movies at yard sales and flea markets. All I can say is keep up the great work. I'm in the process of going through your older shows to catchup on what I missed. Can't wait for the next one. ****UPDATE****** Fixed the rating, sorry guys wanted 5 stars.
Yo, I love listening to the show, even when your brother is on ;)! The canadian guy is hilarious and the host cracks me up all the time! Good luck with the 2nd kid and keep up the good work! Highly Entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I found this podcast while searching stats of my own podcast Sweep The Leg Podcast to see how high my episodes were doing on iTunes. I found Diggin Up The 80's first to see if these guys think like I do when I review a movie. Then moved to this one after loving that podcast so much. I must say BrainChomper I find you hilarious and agree almost 99.99% every time on your thoughts on all these movies and the whole remake crap. You guys are hilarious and keep up the great work. I will promote your show on my podcast. Great stuff guys!
Hi Butcher, new listner here. you have really good commentary about great movies. i also get allot of the regional jokes, i'm from Southie and live fairly close to you guys. Keep it up Butcher - good job. keeping the shows consistent is also a big plus. as an avid podcast listner that rates high in my book.
Butcher and the gang dont sugar coat their reviews but they dont give negative one for BS reasons either. really entertaining and natural conversation. best movie review podcast out there. great job guys!