Grace Bible Church; Redwood City, California

Reviews For Grace Bible Church; Redwood City, California

God is indeed using pastor Steve to build His kingdom. In such a dark age for the church in America, where you go to weekend concert events that call themselves churches and motivational speeches that pass for sermons, Steve Converse is doing what the bible prescribes for all faithful pastors. To feed and protect the flock of God. He takes the word of God and gives it to the people. The way it should be. Praise be to our God and Savior the Lord Jesus Christ
I'm so blessed by the Truth in these teachings! Truth has a name, Jesus Christ. Praise God.
I'm greatful that pastor steve does not seek to teach the lessons that he thinks people want to hear. Rather, he systematically teaches the Word that we all need to hear.
Primarily, Pastor Steve is an expository teacher. Each week he expounds upon the meaning of particular passages or books of Scripture. This generally allows a far more detailed look at the text being studied. A commitment to expository teaching produces biblically literate congregations, and with right doctrine comes right beliefs; with right beliefs comes right living.