Reviews For Ethan Becker, Ph.D., D.H.L.,M.B.A.,B.S.,Executive Communication Coach

The overly intentional, precise delivery strikes me as mildly condescending. Now I don't think he's *being* condescending, it just feels that way. Just a pinch of grit in place of goody-goody would make this much more appealing.
This is great. I downloaded about 10 podcasts thinking it might be nice to hear some speech coaching advice on presentations. I was greatly impressed with the breadth of excellent advice that goes beyond giving speeches and gives great advice for improving managerial and career skills. I've now downloaded the entire set of podcasts and look forward to all future ones.
This is a great podcast. The topics are varied and cover a number of tough real-life situations. I feel more confident in knowing that I have real advice in dealing with a number of issues. Ethan is also very nice to listen too. Never a dull moment. :) Keep them coming!
In looking at these Podcasts I have found them to be informative and well presented. We all could learn something by watching these. I would encourage anyone to view them. Thank you very much Mr. Becker.
This weekly business communication podcast is like a compact class. The brief, yet dense, information can be of great use to anyone at any point in their career. If Mr. Becker can expound this well in 7 minutes I can only imagine what his company’s other services are like.
This is a great podcast. I work in advertising and this is really helping me present my ideas to clients. Thank you!
The Speech Coaching tip of the week has helped me deal with difficult office problems with confidence and understanding. I have gained more respect from my co-workers and higher level directors. It would be a missed opportunity not to listen to every weeks tip. Thank you.
Did you ever go to a professional lecture, or for training, and it seemed like the person conducting it was reading your mind? Ethan hits home on all of the issues that affect my business, whether it's one on one communication with a colleague, or a presentation to a large group. A+++++ keep them coming Ethan!
Outstanding Podcast!!! I have asked all of the associates in my company to regularly listen to your Podcasts. I believe the information you cover, and the tips you offer, will significantly improve every listener’s speakers ability regardless of whether they are Senior Management or Entry Level! Keep up the great work!
A MUST HAVE PODCAST!!!!! Ethan give supports for all scenarios in the wokplace. Easy to follow and apply.
These are great! They're not to long, but they're full of great advice. I'm so glad I found this gem of a podcast--Thanks Ethan!
I just found this podcast and will subscribe. Many of these issues discussed are things I experience professionally. Keep making these!