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It’s great to hear about the sales and stuff too!


By Cromics
John is awesome and this podcast is really great. I like that the podcast is infused with Johns love for our hobby. He steers clear of the negativity. They cover comic themed TV and other geek stuff too. Well done!
This podcast is great... no ad's just honest reviews. I appreciate the hard work that John consistently puts in. If you are looking for in depth comic book numbers and good reviews, this is it!
I just found this podcast and I am truly loving it. Just when I think I know a lot about comics you guys have taught me so much more. I am totally going to submit something for the Previews Spotlight. I love the idea of a podcast I can participate in, absolutely fantastic.
Ever want to look at the monthly comic or trade sales to retailers? How about what is in that Loot Crate or Marvel Subscription box that you thought about getting? Well, if so, John and his co-hosts have you covered! Add in the user submission monthly Previews episode, and this podcast has everything you could want. Keep up the great work, (3 episodes a week!) John!
Without a doubt this is the single best comic book podcast done today.
Consistent and clever, John Mayo is one of the most dedicated comic podcasters on the web. He reads an enormous amount of books every month and I look forward to every episode. Subscribe today and you'll become a long time fan. - Bralinator
Like one earlier reviewer noted - no bells and whistles, but this is what I like. John Mayo and his co-hosts read a lot of comics and give excellent non-biased reviews of the (many) comic books they read. I highly recommend the podcast. They normally review one DC book, one Marvel book and a random independent publisher title. I recommed this show - especially if you're interested in hearing about books that you might not ordinarily come across.
John Mayo has one of the most exciting, and most intelligent, comics-related podcasts out there. His and his co-hosts’ discussion is always informed, but he doesn’t shy away from being critical when necessary. The Comic Book Page is the main comics podcast I turned to as example when I began my own comics podcast, The Comics Alternative, over two years ago. This is one of the only comics-related podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. If you’re into comics and you’re not listening to this one, then something is truly wrong with you.
One of my favorite podcast to listen to every week great reviews and conversations
If you're looking for a rock-solid weekly review show, your search stops here. Great format for issue reviews with concise opinion and evaluation. Also love the monthly sales episodes but wish the constant clicking noise audio issues would be addressed on the comic sales episodes with Sam. Otherwise stellar quality.
When looking at the comics landscape we have to step back and realize ultimately it is a business dominated by two massive conglomerates that have a hand in most of America's pop culture - Time Warner and Disney. Using sales charts, retail shop interviews, reviews of the latest comics, and a listener invited previews, the Comic Book Page's series of podcasts tears down the big two and the independents from all angles - from the fanboy to the retailer. John is a master with the monthly sales numbers and an expert of current trends in the industry. His co-hosts include Drew- the mouth piece for average comic fans, Sam- the comics economist, Chris- a trade-waiter comic historian, and the fans who can submit blurbs for upcoming comics they are excited to read. This is one of the best comic podcasts.
Anyone trying to make sense of the comic book landscape especially the superhero genre can benefit from CBP podcast. Many of the comics I currently read resulted from recommendations from the hosts. The hosts are good about indicating the book's accessibility and suitability for the new reader. Too many comic books are incomprehensible to new readers requiring reading previous volumes spanning years of publication.
This is definitely one of the best comic book podcast out. John Mayo, who writes for CBR, reads and talks about more comics in one weekly show than most other podcasts touch in a month. He is always insightful and I find almost all of his analysis right on the money. If you need just one comic book podcast, make this one it… cool.
First of all, I listen to a lot of comic podcasts. And this one is absolutely one of my favorites. It's a steady reliable podcast that covers a lot of ground that doesn't get covered elsewhere. This is a little known gem, please listen and support!
I have been listening to John now for about 4 years (and I am probably way overdue for writing a review) and the show has never stagnated. John is always in top form displaying a knowledgeable and critcal perspective on the weekly comic books he reads, as well as giving out a heavy handful of recommendations in the previews spotlight. I have always been entertained, and truthfully, I cannot sing enough praise for the show. My greatest complement for the show would be the respectful and serious nature with which John and his co-hosts handle the material. They treat the medium as the true art-form it is, but they are also aware that different comics hold different purposes; they hold each comic to its own aspirations and then pass judgement. In other words, John and his co-hosts are very intelligent and eloquent in elucidating their thoughts concerning the material, but they never become snobbish or patronizing. Great show! Can't wait for more! (Also, while it was sad to hear Bob go, I have thoroughly enjoyed Drew and Chris Marshall as the new co-hosts. They have been fantastic!)
This is a nice, streamlined podcast with no bells or whistles: just talk about the week's spotlighted issues and then others. I love that they time code each segment as, honestly, you are not going to want to hear about every single book they spotlight (even though the point is to try to away you to try different things). Would love to find out if former co-host Bob Bretal ever achieved his World Record. Maybe a one-shot episode with him as interview subject?
I enjoy everything that comes out of this podcast! Especially the Weekly Comic’s Spotlight, where they take three different comics by three different publishers and review them in detail. Good stuff!
Love the Mayo Report and Weekly Spotlight, John is very knowledgeable, really enjoy his analysis of the sales figures each month. One of the best comics podcasts on the planet.
Thanks to my iPhone's ability to pump bluetooth through my car, I'm able to enjoy listening to The Comic Book Page Podcast each week while driving. The show is a pleasure of accurate and substantive conversation about the comics industry that respects the intelligence of the listener. Thank you for putting on a reliably great show .
Every Monday we get at least 3 new reviews of comic books, with a peek at next weeks review. Every month we get a Preview Guide review with listener input. You guys provide interviews with the talent (writer, artist, etc.), a breakdown of top selling comics and trades (with Chris Marshall of Collected Comics Library). One of the best podcast in the genre.
These guys read more comics in a month than possibly any other podcast. And it shows. Their comments are never intended as fact, always as opinion. But their monthly Mayo Reports where they give out the top 300 titles from Diamond are the real reason to listen. They give market analysis of the industry and talk about what could be on the horizon for the industry. Definitely worth a couple listens.
I have really enjoyed listening to your podcast. In particular, the 'Weekly' and 'Publisher' Spotlights, with the New DC 52 coming out over the past month, has helped me decide which to keep pulling and which I probably won't pick up again. I love that you include the time stamps in the notes so I can skip the issues I didn't pick up. I like that you release multiple podcasts under the same umbrella. I didn't really care for the Mayo Report, but only because I'm not interested in the details of sales estimates. But it's cool that you offer it for those who are interested. I've not yet tried a Previews Spotlight episode, but will definitely give it a shot. All in all, it's a no nonsense and informative show that is very well put together.
My favorite comic book podcast. If you are looking for well-thoughtout, mature, unbiased reviews this is the place for you. Keep up the great work John and Bob!
The Comic Book Page podcast is the first podcast I listen to every week. John and Bob are very informed about comics, both the books and the business. They do a very professional and informative show every week. Give it a listen.
A great podcast full of information and great reviews that is on time and just a fun listen
They do a few different types of episodes with my favorite being the weekly and preview spotlights. I listen to comicbook podcasts to find new books to read so this fits perfect. Their other episodes in my opinion are a bonus. I hope that at some point they double their reviews for their weekly spotlight to 6 books. Keep up the good work guys.
John and Bob give us in my opinion one of the most informative podcasts on comic books period!
Great show. Highly informative with a wide range of interests in comic books. The guy's are very friendly and will get back to you with answers to your Questions. They have helped me get back into comics after a long period away from the medium. The informed me on what had changed since I quit collecting. I picked up a lot of books that I may not have because of them and have not been disapointed. I love participating in the previews call in and get a lot out of it. I can't recomend this podcast highly enough. They made me want to be a comic geek again.
Just the facts. Do I wish they gave more spoilers? Yes. Do I understand why they don't? Yes. Keep up the good work guys.
Although this podcast is fairly informative and the only one that covers the top sales figures for comics on a monthly basis, I found over the course of several months to find it rather dull. The hosts seem to have lackluster personalities with no inflection in their voices. It's hard to tell when they are excited about a comic as opposed to disinterested. The comic reviews always seem to boil down to the cost of a comic versus the amount of pages the comic story is and whether or not they got their money's worth. As someone who has just as much experience reading comics as these two guys and the fact that I own a comic book store, the reviews of comics I give to my customers on a daily basis are more enthusiastic than these two. I'm looking for a better comic podcast but this one may appeal to people who like lots of facts and figures.
Of all the comic book podcasts out here, I feel that this one is the most interesting and consistently good. Lately it's been less entertaining than usual but it is still fantastic. The format is to the point and informative. Bolth reviewers are extremely knowlegeable and enthusiastic about the subject. You can't go wrong.
John and Bob, and even Chris, do an amazing job analyzing the comic books sales figures month in and month out. This show could be for everyone but would be especially interesting for the Golden or Silver Age fan and/or the comic book intellectual. But no snobs allowed.
John and Bob are the ultimate collectors. I have 16,000+ comics and have been reading for 25+ years; yet John and Bob dwarf me in both the size of their collections, and their time in the hobby. So few podcasts are done by people who would label themselves collectors; and John and Bob unapolagetically relish in their collector mentality. I feel a real simpatico with them because they're cut from the same comic collecting cloth that I am. And in terms of a balanced perspective, it's hard to argue with their balance when you consider that they read 150-200 newly released comics each month! Compare that to many shows where the hosts seemingly read three or four titles with regularity. From the Weekly Comics Spotlight to the Superfan Spotlight to the Previews episodes to the Mayo Report on the monthly comic and trade sales analysis, this is one of the few shows I listen to every episode, without fail.
These guys are passionate about comics! That's clear not just from their strong opinions but also the sheer number of comics they claim to buy each month. Their reviews are enjoyable and mostly spoiler free (though I wish they'd disagree a little more often). And you won't find a better analysis of the business side of comics in any other podcast.
I've been listening to a lot of comic book podcasts lately and this is the best one for me. Bob and John are easy to understand for a lapsed comics reader such as myself. They recommend good comics I might not have otherwise noticed at my local comics shop. Most important it's fun to listen to these guys because they clearly love comics. It comes across in their approachable and organized presentation.
This is a great show. With hosts that put a lot of time, thought and passion into their comics, and who have many years of experience with the medium behind them. I have enjoyed this show from the start, and continue to enjoy it as it gets better and more diverse all the time. Check it out!
John and Bob do a great show and always offer honest and unfettered opinions about the comics they review. The other nice thing about the review episodes is that they are capsulized into nice 30 minute shows that are always a pleasant listen, with out having to commit to much of your comic reading time to.
This podcast is one of the greats. Varied but informative content from two very knowledgeable comic book readers. Past and Present, Good and Bad, Mainstream and Indy... these fellows discuss it all with a fun, no nonsense attitude. Despite being friends with similar tastes the listener gets very different views often enough. Bottom Line, these guys know comics, and I enjoy everything they have to say on the subject.
One of my faves, great show, lots of info.
Comic Book Page is truly a great podcast. I've listened to a handful of these episodes and find that John and Bob always have a ton of info to share and really mix it up. I know of both from CGS and have followed them here because I love the numbers and I love their reviews. Between these guys they own over 3 gabillion comics, so if anyone knows their comics it is definitely Bob and John.
Bob and John are a great team. Keep the spotlight reviews coming!!!!