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What better way to spend an evening then listening to the old gunsmoke radio show thanks for uploading the content
I'm grateful that someone is posting old time radio and I enjoy the show Gunsmoke. However, I am less pleased with the audio quality. Granted the tapes are old and there's only so much clean up one can do without completely remastering them but the audio is fuzzy & hard to hear sometimes. Worse, is when the show is interrupted by a sudden jump; sometimes backwards sometimes forwards. I have to assume the shows aren't like that in their original form. The quality is good enough for a free podcast but it's nothing I would ever pay for.
Don't like how this podcast will put out stories that aren't whole. You will be listening to a story and then half way through it will end. Very annoying. And the adds are absolutely AWFUL
Nothing better than the classics!
I love these these go great with other old westerns like tales of the teaxs rangers. I love these. :) :)
I think these shows are very entertaining. Great to listen to, very captivating. Each episode is like its own show. Amazing quality. I'm only 13, but i love to listen to these shows that my grandparents listened to, especially Gunsmoke!


By orbrad
This is as good as radio gets!
I am so glad more podcasts are getting put on. I love these stories!
I'm so excited that more episodes have been posted. Gunsmoke is definitely my favorite classic radio program. Please keep them coming!
Big fun for the whole family. Good moral stories. Very entertaining!


alright a radio podcast of gunsmoke to listen to on the road! i like old shows like gunsmoke, andy griffith, hogan's heroes, etc...
Gunsmoke is a classic. I'm so happy it's on itunes!
No one will argue that Gunsmoke was an exceptional series. What I find great about these podcasts is the quality of the audio. These are collectable recordings.
This series is widely considered to be the best of the old-time radio programs. It's a feast for the imagination, yet perfectly accessible popular entertainment. An ideal companion for a long car ride!
My dad loved the Gunsmoke TV show so when I found out there was a podcast I gave it a shot. I found out that the old radio show is even better than the TV show! If you are a Gunsmoke fan I highly recommend it, or if you're just an old time radio fan. The only thing I don't like about it is the music is much louder than the dialog and if you download a couple episodes you'll know what I mean.
My Dad loved the television show, my Grandad the radio broadcast and I've done discovered that both are pret n' near unbeatable. Thanks iTunes.
Oh yeah gun smoke baby!