Composers Datebook

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Very glad to have this wonderful service.
A lovely 2 minute daily respite of sanity
I thoroughly enjoy the variety of the music and the information bits. I save the reviews for a week or so and listen several times on my daily walk.
Too many atonal "new music" composers. Play some REAL classical music, not the modern crap. This podcast has an agenda because is in cohorts with the "American composers forum". Classical music is already only %3 of the music biz, don't make it 0.01%.
Composers Datebook delights me, educates me and exposes me to new music each day. It is definitely part of my morning routine, and it often leads me to follow-up with new albums and study. I love it!
Even if you're not into classical music, each episode comes with a good story, full of victories, losses, and foibles. It's worth listening to, just for that.
This is a wonderful snippit. I always enjoy it. I also wish the music portion was longer. Maybe it's just long (short?) enough for many people. I have followed through on many of the works mentioned.
As a music student in college and a young composer, I find this podcast to be very informative. If you enjoy this podcast, you should check out Naxos' Classical Music Spotlight Podcast as it goes more in depth (average length of 20 minutes).
I have enjoyed this as an email for a long time. It's good to see it as a podcast. As always, I wish the music portion would be longer.