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Bringing up un proven allegations up about people I’ve never heard of is bad form. Be a professional.
Might change my review if it changes. But you can remove your old episodes if you sound like an unabashed, uneducated fool. I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt, but then they said, “In high school”. I’m ashamed to think people like this still exist in the world. But I’m willing to give them a chance to change in future episodes. But again, consider removing the episodes that are filled with hate speech. You’ve made a mistake. You don’t have to admit to it. Just hide your shame.
Generally average and listenable. STAY AWAY FROM THE GORGON EPISODE! It’s dreadfully bad. Possibly best example of how to be a bad game master. How those players didn’t leave the room is a wonder.
RPPR is a weird niche intersection of high concept ideas, horror themes, sci fi, lovecraft, action movies, vaporwave but somehow they pull it together into something impressive.
This podcast has a wonderful blend of dedication to a relaxed atmosphere with humor and talk of RPGs that doesn't tend to happen in other podcasts. Instead of just "well, you should do things like this," you actually have the episodes they're referring to in the actual play feed. Keep up the good work guys!
Just found this Podcast a few months ago, and I've been loving it. Not only is it funny, but the content is top notch as well. I can easily relate to their style of play and appreciate their advice and gaming observations. The whole crew is great, but I do want to give a special shout out to Caleb. I'm a math teacher myself so hearing you discuss trying to find the math and using spreadsheets for Red Markets at school was particularly hilarious. Keep up the great work!
I originally found this podcast while looking for Night's Black Agent Actual Plays. I feel in love with their wonderful humor, awesome characters, and amazing stories. I have opened up to a wide range of different RPGs, many that I would have never heard otherwise. Many of the players bring very different perspectives to the table, I love Caleb humor and writing (looking forward to Red Markets!). I can't wait for another podcast of their to be posted, it makes the work day fly by.
As someone going to GenCon the first time this year I really enjoyed getting to hear some of your tips and tricks for navigating the con.
RPPR is a podcast devoted to tabletop RPG topics, as well as interviews with game designers, panels from conventions, and Game Designers Workshop, where the host reviews his work on a new RPG in real time. The topics are insightful and unique, and I've learned and laughed quite a bit from Ross and the gang.
RPPR has been moved to the top of my Podcast list. Literally, they are the top spot now. I don't play all of the game systems that they discuss in the show, but I take something useful away from each and every episode just the same. They give useful advice focusing more on "why" something does or does not work in a game rather than just the "what works". Now just waiting for Tom to try his hand at 'announcer voice'...
I can easily say that this show has heavily influenced the way I write and run games today, and I wouldn't be as strong a writer as I am without it.
I'm always curious on what the next RPPR episode or actual play is going to be with all the diverse tastes in the group. Tons of tips & information on different settings, rules & more goodness in this stellar podcast. Not only has RPPR got me hooked on their podcast but opened my eyes up to a variety of games I might not have tried before or heard of. Highly recommended!!!
Good and great.
Really enjoyed this one. Interesting cast, solid audio, proper editing - a real fun and informative D&D podcast.
I love this podcast along with RPPR Actual Play. I do with Tom would interrupt less. It makes it a difficult listen at times.
The show has some decent material, but the overall annoying characteristics are too overwhelming to ignore. The one host needs to stop doing his "black voice," which sounds like the spirit of jazz from mighty boosh but is mighty offensive. The technical annoyances are over the top. The podcast is in stereo, but for some reason, they hard-pan voices into each ear, which is annoying in my car, but is downright painful in headphones. Lesson from television and radio: voices get the middle channel. If you can't control yourself and HAVE to pan, try 20% left and right. Hard pan is bad. The voices are not at the same level, so one guy is loud and one guy is quiet. And the loud guy likes to do his black voice very loud in the mic. Ugh. This also suffers from the same thing that plagues many RPG podcasts, poor editing and consequently WAY TOO LONG. If these guys could learn to tighten up their content, reduce rambling, and add a bit of pro to their podcast (fix panning, learn what a compressor/limiter is), this could be a good podcast. But for now, I'll keep checking back.
A great show about RPGs and things that RPGers love. Very informative for GMs. Ross and Tom really are a great team.
Ross Payton and Tom Church deliver a great show with a nice mix of content and banter. This show is one of my favorites, and they earned every carat of the Gold Innie awards for best podcast. Congrats guys! -Dan I cannot say enough good things about this show and it’s hosts. Ross Payton has an approach that allows him to get things done, not just in podcasting, but in his other ventures as well. I love the topics. I love the banter. Ross and Tom just really seem to “get it”. -Tyler (IF you are a podcaster, AND, you ask for ratings and reviews, PLEASE support the community, and rate and review the podcasts that you listen to! –[email protected]
This podcast is amazing. The guys really give you a different perspective for gm'ing that other podcast dont do.they break it down, make is simple and its all around fun. Ross and Tom both have brought up points as a GM i would not have considered. The humor doesnt hurt it at all. All around i would say second only to actual play. Keep up the great work guys! Thanks!!!
New drinking game! Take a shot every time Ross goes "uhhhh" between'll die of alcohol poisoning in 40 seconds flat! Seriously, it is annoying hearing that every 5 seconds. Also, the co-host is a lot louder than Ross, so when I turn it up to hear him, I'm blasted by the other guy.
It wouldn't be bad if it wasn't for one host who's name I forget. This guy was loud and obnoxious and I couldn't listen to it for more than 5 minutes.
This is a great podcast! It's always informative and I find myself taking notes to go back and look stuff up later. Tom and Ross have a good rapport that leads the podcast through some interesting twists and turns. Thanks guys. John H
Only a few podcasts can make me laugh out loud. This is one of them!
Whenever I see RPPR has a new episode, I always find myself eager to hear Ross's announcer voice and Tom's subsequent despondency at having to put up with it yet again. It never gets old. Why? Because Ross and Tom really play well off of each other. Tom is hilarious in that George Carlin, Henry Rollins angry kind of way and Ross plays a great straight man, with his deep voice, wealth of knowledge, and occasional barbs thrown Tom's way. They choose high-level topics (the last podcast listened to was about bildungsroman in games.... uh what?) so I always feel like I'm learning something new. And the segment where they introduce their favorite nerdly pursuits of the moment has introduced me to a bunch of awesome new things. Finally, Tom's Letter is always priceless... this guy is truly funny. This podcast is one of my favorites, my only gripe is that it was released more regularly! Also, would love to hear more Caleb! Keep it up...
I listened to the interview with Jolly Blackburn and thought I'd give another episode a try. I tried to listen to the 'Immerse Me' episode... But after about 4 minutes of waiting for the hosts to get around to anything resembling the title of the episode I gave up. I can get the same type of conversation at the local game store. But at least at my FLGS* I can participate in the conversation! ;-) The hosts need to do less ad libbing and more scripting and editing of their episodes. There might be some interesting information hidden in there somewhere but with the number of "uh's" and "umms" I won't waste my time wading through it. Disclaimer: This review is based on listening to the Interview with Jolly Blackburn episode and 4 minutes 37 seconds of episode 54. * Favorite local game store.
Simply fantastic.. Great horror games like call of Cthulhu and wonderful fantasy games of d&d.. The GM is entertaining and well spoken and the players are amazing.
I have been a listener since ep 1 and didnt realize I hadn't rated this show, sorry. I love the show and Ross is one of the most entertaining DM's I have ever heard. That is saying a lot as well because I listen to a lot of actual play casts on 4th ed. Please keep up the good work I look forward to another instalment of the new world! Highly reccomended!
Clever, humorous, and offers great advice for players and GMs alike. Tom and Ross have great chemistry and are great to listen to.
My favorite gaming podcast. The show pacing is great, moving through some reviews and shorter segments before tackling the main topic of the day, then wrapping up with great antecdotes, letters and shoutouts. The actual play files can be a bit overwhelming in length (3+ hours) but they are definitely a great source of entertainment during long days at the office.
THis is a great show awesome actual play recordings
I enjoy listening to the guys RP it's entertaning and actually makes me want to try his out myself just gotta find a group to play with


Wouldn't change a thing. Best podcast I've found.
I've been listening to RPPR for a few months now and it's become my favorite podcast. Tom and Ross offer advise, lessons, and years of experience to new and old gamers alike.
Absolutely fantastic mix of actual play of a variety of rpg's and product reviews and discussions on gaming. And best of all it sticks to a relatively consistent update schedule (the only actual play podcast I've found that does so). As for those who complain about the occassional 'uh'. I think they are over reacting, this is essentially a live recording of an improvisational performance, not a scripted play. I enjoy the raw nature of it.


By Rygel64
Absolutely worth the download. Full of funny stories and great ideas to implement into your own games. Sound quality is excellent, and the actual plays are fun to listen to.
This is such a brilliant concept for a podcast: basically record a gaming session. That's it. Simple and wonderful, right? Unfortunately, the downside is exactly the same as sitting through a gaming session. Everyone starts getting excited and jumpy, trying to out-ludicrous each other. Homophobic epithets and creative obscenities fly. Listeners endure agonizing bouts of indecision second-by-second. Someone could edit out all the dullness and make a much shorter, and interesting podcast. Never mind that. All that would be okay -- but the GM says "Uh" as a preface to every sentence, and every dependent clause, and sometimes randomly. Example: "Uh, okay, you walk into the room and, uh, you see a goblin. He's, uh, wearing a midnight-blue robe and he's holding a torch in each, uh, in both his hands." The net result? Approximately 10% of this podcast (by weight) is someone saying "Uh." That, for me, is a total dealbreaker. I would like to buy the GM a course in elocution and teach the producer to edit -- then this would be a great podcast. Uh, until then, uh, life's too short.
If you've ever hung the fate of the world on that next d20 roll, RPPR is for you. Game-running and -playing tips, advice, anecdotes, and FANTASTIC actual plays. (Dig to Victory (Call of Cthulhu) and The New World (D&D 4e) are some of the best I've heard.) And the Explicit tag is there for a reason; you really don't want your six-year-old repeating Tom's letter.
Ross and the rest of the guys are great, If you wanna know what these guys are doing in play sessisons listen to the New World DnD 4e Podcast, along with the CoC Dig to Victory are 2 of my fave podcast out there for play wise. While the Normal podcast are great too to hear between the host Ross and Tom while they talk about the gaming world around us, and other topics.
This is one no gamer should miss. The advice is great, the anecdotes are hilarious and the actual plays are incredibly fun. I can not recommend this enough!
Role Playing Public Radio is a great gaming podcast. These gents give sound rpg advice episode after episode. I have been playing and running rpg's for about sixteen years and I have still found a number of useful tips and techniques. Also, the interplay between the two hosts is priceless! These guys always make me laugh. Keep up the good work!
RPPR is a hilarious podcast on table-top role playing games. I love the banter between Ross and Tom, and their actual plays are awesome.
Great audio quality, funny as hell and a great mix of actual plays and general chatter.
What's with all the cursing? I'm not turned away from a podcast with an explicit label, but this podcast is ridiculous. The first few minutes of the latest new campaign episode was nothing but swearing for no reason. I'll never listen again.
Regardless of your level of role playing experience, RPPR has something to offer you. The hosts do a fantastic job of explaining the tricks of the trade when it comes to creating and running games that are memorable and fun. A great Game Master is like a great magician; they entertain their audience by making a fantastic experience seem to materialize from out of nowhere. What this podcast essentially does it take you beyond all the smoke and mirrors of running a game, and reveals all of the things that go on behind the scenes to make it all possible. These often include simple shortcuts or rules to being a good GM that don't require hours of preparation, and are universal enough to apply to any gaming theme or system. The Actual Play sessions are where you can hear it all come together, and where people new to role playing can actually be a fly on the wall to hear what gaming is all about and why we love it. It will make you want to pull up a chair with them and roll some dice!
That's really all that needs to be said. It's a great podcast, the Actual Plays, Interviews, and regular episodes are fun to listen to and insightful. Its a great way to energize your inner gamer and get even more excited about gaming.
these guys are some of the funniest and informative RP podcasters out there.
Love it. My favorite parts of the stories of games gone horribly wrong.
It has given me information of different systems that I am now dying to try, great advice I am quite thankful for, and plenty of laughs. RPPR is amazing and I am glad I found it! Keep up the good work, guys!
This is a great podcast. Ross and Tom are hilarious and their live action roleplaying sessions are amazing. Some really great gaming action!