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Great work! Tremendous content. Keep it up lads. The States are Blue. Up with Chels! Celery! Celery!..


The ultimate Chelsea pod! Chidge, you’re like the British uncle I never had but always wanted LOL! UTC
--but Jonathan has made this now impossible. His crosstalk makes the show unlistenable, he refuses to move on or concede a point (since he always needs to have the last word)., and especially the comments about black players being lazy and dumb. I can't listen anymore because of the poor audio and JK's fringe racism. Still enjoy the Kerry Dixon Show, though.
Great show with massive guests. I’m still trying to catch up with some of the lingo, being a fan from the States. I will be coming over for the Barcelona game and would love to grab a beer with the man who makes my work week tolerable.
Found the pod via London is Blue, love the email segment, as a younger Chelsea fan from America I can appreciate the history lessons, unfortunately we were kept in the dark during my childhood but I'm trying to make up for it now. I won't be making my annual London trip but I should be coming next year, keep up the great work!
The biggest and the best chelsea podcast. Proper chels.
If u like Chelsea this is an outstanding listen
I listen to this pod every week during the EPL season. Definitely my favorite blues podcast.
Liam Hawkes, Carl Jackson, Ivan Cablo, Chidge, and the rest of them honestly have no clue about the team and the game (they still think torres is the best thing since sliced bread). They also call out and verbally castrate anyone that disagrees and utilize the mic to act dictatorial.
Incredibly boring and too long. They all sound like robots and are not funny
"I recommend this to every Chelsea fan out there,simply the best Chelsea fan podcast out there"-Classic,it's what I was gonna say HAHAHAHAHA,love it,if you're a Chelsea fan,this is not one to miss! Big up to my boy Chel-Tel!!!
As one who lives in the States but cheers for Chelsea this podcast gives invaluable insights into the world of Chelsea fandom in the Manor. It is laugh-out-loud funny, but covers the serious side of football too. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who loves football, but it is a MUST if you love the Chels!


y the one of today doesnt work?? it says i cant connect the web site anyway this one's the best podcast ever for driving Chelsea!!!! Big Ears r ours
Phenomenal Podcast. Keeping up to date with all the current drama unfolding within the Premiere League. Tune to this podcast for all things Chelsea, peppered with sarcasm and hilarious banter. Shutout to my man Chidge and the Boys. Keep up the great work guys! Up The Chels!
This is a great podcast! The lads are great! I can't get enough of the Blues! Up the Chels!
With this podcast, I feel like I had been to each game! I can also learn about the history of Chelsea before I began to follow them.
the best Chelsea talk you can get. For the real fans by the fans. Up the Blues
Amazing podcast! The guys give great insight. It's a must for any real cfc fan!
Simply the best! Love these guys like the Chels!
This podcast and the boys on it have greatly affected me. It's absolute quality. I've gone from a new Chelsea fan to a diehard supporter due in large part to this pod. Their love of the squad is unbounded, their humour is infectious, and their knowledge of Chelsea FC is unrivalled. They've welcomed me with pints and open arms both on air and in person and transformed this Yank into a proper Chelsea backer. Thanks gents! Keep it up! KTBFFH & UTC!
Best Chelsea Podcast in the World!!! Match reviews and previews,Guiness and Proper Chels Moments and awesome,awesome banter,what more can one wish for!? Great job lads, cheers from Cali,USA
Great podcast. The show is funny but also gives great insight into Chelsea. Any Chelsea fan should listen to this.
Why listen to Gigi Salmon when you can get real opinions from Chidge, Mart , Chel Tel and the rest of the lads? A must for all Blues fans young and old. Now if only iTunes would update the latest episodes in a timely manner.
Being from the US it's hard to find good support for Chelsea. This is an excellent podcast. The guys are serious supporters. Tales from the shed are great. Keep it up!
If you are a die hard supporter,a CFC for life, or even if your a new fan of the team or the game stop here and listen to these chaps give it straight. They are honest supporters who give you the latest in news around the Bridge. Tales from the Shed. Learn some of our songs and fly the blue flag high. I must admit I found this about two months ago and wish it was a daily podcast sometimes. Up the Blues. Up this podcast. Enjoy.