Reviews For Sparkling Korean Podcast Beyond learning Korean

I heard this podcast is really good, but does anyone know how to download it? It won't download onto my Ipod! I don't know why.....
This guy is great! He spends a lot of time on each timy syllable making sure that you get it exactily right! It's awesome. This is great for someone like me who can't always figure out what someone is saying even if they are saying it slow.
Not only is this podcast clear and direct, but it is presented in a way that makes it very easy to learn. The slow speech of words helps ensure accurate pronunciation, but also teaches the phrase or sentence in bite sized pieces rather than ten syllables at once. The best part about this podcast, aside from the creator's cool English accent, is the teaching method of saying a sentence, moving on, then coming back to it later to help memorization and recollection. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning Korean or going to Korea.