S.T.D.: L.A.

Reviews For S.T.D.: L.A.

Great cast, great acting... the best show I have seen... wonderfully sinful, this should be on TV... It would spread like wildfire!! Can't wait for more..keep up the GREAT work guys!
I think these episodes are hilarious and I love the characters..... now I'm waiting to see where they're gonna go with it. I want to see the characters develop in different situations. Off to a GREAT start! Very dry and excellent acting.
great stuff, why hasn't anybody put something like this on tv yet???
Acting talent, good story AND breasts? Nice job. Let's see the next episode

By oddio
Good laughs. The lead guy is a riot. Can't wait for the next episode.
I like the way you guys made the show "clean" but "dirty". I hate those CSI type programs. It's about time somebody knocked them down a peg on the entertainment ladder.