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A great app for everyday use. A great application for everyday use.
Dear Science Friday, I love your videos and use them in my classes as bell work or for general information. I am a Montessori Adolescent Guide (teacher) and an avid user of technology in the classroom. However, being a small, un-funded, teacher subsidized private school, our technology apparatus tends to be on the “vintage” side. Because of this, we have had difficulty hearing the audio of some of your videos. Have you ever considered close captioning your videos? There are many benefits to closed captioning in the classroom. First, it does ensure clarity of content by providing it in two modalities. And by offering in the closed or open captioning modality, it reinforces reading speed and comprehension in the students. Secondly, in my particular situation, we have shared classroom spaces. Having the open captioning option allows us to be mindful of the lessons going on around us by keeping the audio at a lower decibel. Speaking of students, your audience is far more vast than my classroom. Open and closed captioning would open your audience to include Deaf and hard of hearing people of all ages. My dad and sister wear a hearing aid, yet still they prefer to have captions on so they don’t miss a thing. It also has another, more indirect consequence, in my opinion. It provides the general population a chance to practice grace and courtesy and live out the sentiment: “It’s not all about me .” If all things visual, were made accessible to all, if being exposed to open or closed captioning on movies, streaming videos, etc., was the next cultural trend, it could slowly cultivate a culture change that might help us as a society to think outside of ourselves and put someone else before us. Thank you for your time and consideration. This is an opportunity for a win/win situation. We, as a country, don’t get too many opportunities for those. In His Grip, Roni
The latest episode of Sci Fri interviewed a woman who said only 2 babies were used in fetal cell research. However Stanley Plotkin (The Godfather of Vaccines) stated under oath 76 aborted fetuses were used in just 1 study alone. This woman is incorrect and spreading misinformation about the number of aborted fetuses used in vaccine research.
This video podcast supports the full audio podcast. The video really enhances the audio podcast.
I love science Friday and I love these videos. However, since the departure of Flora there is a consistent problem with videos having download errors. Often I can't get the video for weeks after it posts.
I haven't been able to download one in the last month or so. What's wrong?
Great short videos to accompany the radio podcast. I would love to see them integrated so you could watch the radio show with video and related stories. But... I think kids like the quick nature of these videos, like a YouTube video. These are visits with scientists, visits with animals, exciting quick- paced content I think make mostly by the young staff at Science Friday who really click with a young audience. My middle school daughter won't listen to the radio show but she will voluntarily watch these videos.
Really well done. For some reason the last desktop diary was my favorite. Such a great concept, wish there were more.
I love Ira and I love Sci Friday so this is a prefect complement. For many of these you need to have heard broadcast on the same topic or person to get the full enjoyment out of them. If you haven't heard the Sci Friday broadcast jump right over and download it from iTunes. If you like science with a large dose of humor and vitality, you will enjoy this show.
These are always pretty cool videos. I don't save most of my podcasts once I've listen to/watched them, but these I often keep to watch again or share with friends
Why call them podcasts when iTunes tells me they are in a format the cannot be played on an iPod?


This is a great podcast, just one thing - Has anybody else not been able to download
One of the best science podcasts out there. The interviews are great and the fan participation of call-ins is enjoyable.
If you listen to the audio show you gotta supplement it with the great videos.
it is better that everything on the science channel
This really appeals to the curious child in me. This would be great for getting kids to be interested in science! I love the playful music! Keep up the excellent work!
I hat it I pulled a gun to the floor on new carpet who likes science any way.
They seem to take complex new science and make them easy to understand.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. Always a interesting topic.
The videos are often related to the Science Friday topics and are fascinating! 


By bindu
These videos are amusing and informative. I recommend them to all curious people.
I use these vodcasts as warm-ups to my biology class...they love them!
If you are like me and have a "Jeopardy" style brain, then Science Friday video is for you!
I like these video clips as illustrations of scientists at work. I will recommend them to other science teachers. However, I would like to actually see an interview in progress, perhaps enhanced with these video clips. Also would appreciate more geology stories.
Ira Flatow...quite handsome.