Reviews For - The Sports Game Guy's Sports Anomaly

This is the best podcast to have graced the internet. Sports video game coverage will never be the same. In the episode, Todd tells everyone to like "4th String" on Facebook and follow @4thStringCast on Twitter, the Sports Anomaly will live on forever!
Yak Yak Yak. I will miss this podcast
Beeehave! Can't believe the #2 pick in the 1up podcast draft is no more (behind slave Leia). Hope you guys podcast elsewhere soon. Yak, Yak, Yak!
I don't know how 1up could think about dropping the only podcast that actually discusses all the big named sports games every week:( Crazy I say!!!
That's all. It was an awesome run. This podcast got me through many train rides into manhattan. I commend the awesomeness that is the Sports Anomaly.
Don't sleep on this podcast.
hope to see you guys pop up somewhere else. Always looked forward to new episodes. Will be missed in the video game universe.
Wipe it UP Wipe it UP We're GOIN TO THE GAME WE'RE GOIN TO THE GAME Awesome podcast smart entertaining stuff. And Todd Zuniga, David Ellis, Greg Ford and Fitch are great sports minds. This podcast is like a mix of the best sports news and an entertaining hour of Radio FUN. I cannot recommend this show enough. Farewell my Friends
Hope you guys come back.
This is the most entertaining podcast available on iTunes. YAK YAK YAK YAK. Sorry I had an involuntary YAK ATTACK!!!!
1up better decide to take the Anomaly back!
I salivate like a dog waiting for this show every week. If your tired of stupid segments about the game absolutely everyone has been playing and discussing in monotone then download the sports anomaly where they are pumped about everything. Host Todd Zuniga is a stage yrained showman and it shows (is audible). And all they do is graduate players. And check out the 4th string on facebook. YakYakYak!
It's an awesome show I look forward to it every week!!
Anyone who dosent like SA should be raped by 100 hipsters. I wish Todd Zuniga was my brother, so then at least one person in my family would be almost as cool as I am. Big up yourself guys!
i love the SA and the crew! its probably the only sports videogame podcast out there, its not very long and very entertaining. my complaint is they need to Bring the Noise!!!! they use to always yell and rant and have fun now alot of that is gone for what ever reason. yak yak yak yak. time for a bre...and we're back!!!!!

By 7XL
Simply the best! Enuff said! Todd Zuniga totally rulz, he brings so much energy to the show its amazing! I was afraid of the Sports Anomaly show so I attacked it! and now I love it! Thanks goes out to Todd and the gang for making such an awesome podcast! Hopefully I'll see you on NCAA 09 after you get back in the States!
i love the chanting and screaming... its the best part of the podcast. love it
These chemistry between these guys is just great. They provide a unique and hillarious insight into the sports gaming industry. If you're looking for a drab, unfunny piece of crap podcast, this one isn't for you. I'm really glad 1up kept this one alive.
When i heard this podcast i loved it the segmates,catchfrases, and the life of the peaple and by the way to you guys from sports anomaly there is a marithon runing its on wii fit sorry if i butchard any of the words by.


its the perfect blend between sports shows and video game show i love it
Todd is a great host. I wish they would have him on 1up yours because those lame-O's need some energy!


I like videogames. I love sports videogames. This podcast is a stinkpickle! How about some sportsgames talk with your constant yelling and screaming? Keep your finger on your volume control because the hosts go from conversational volume to Metallica concert every minute or so. Helen Keller thinks these guys are to loud. Other 1up podcast have seen a rotation of hosts, it is time this one did as well, let someone else have a crack at this podcast. As far as content, the main host lets it be known he doesn't play any defense on console football games, just offense. And yet he is giving reviews on these same football games? That is like a movie critic basing his reviews without any audio..."I don't listen to the movies, I just look at 'em and figure the rest out." Just stick w/ the 1up podcast and hope they devote some time to sports videogames.
Great Cast, Great Content, Great Show. A Must Listen!
I really wish this podcast was longer. I only started listening to it because it came bundled with the rest of 1UP radio. I was reluctant since I'm only a casual sports fan. But to my surprise it's more fun and entertaining than most of my less serious podcasts. For those that gave it a low rating because they aren't professional enough or they don't delve deep enough into topics... that's not what this is about. Go to a sports specific podcast and not one from 1UP! Awesome podcast, keep doing what you're doing.
I like the sports + games talk. Just STOP YELLING AND CHANTING. It couldn't be any more annoying to hear you guys break into chanting "POSER POSER POSER". Most of the time my only reprive is to hit the next button on my iPod and then delete your podcast.
yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak yak
I'm a big gamer, but I rarely will play sports games. But this is a hilarious podcast that talks about not only sports games, but just sports in general. The 3 hosts are hilarious and never play it safe. A definite listen for any sports fans/sports games fans.
This is by far the best podcast out there period. The way these guys shows there enthusiasm about sports and sports games is great. By the way you guys should quit playing it safe and step up the volume.
I don't like sports. I don't even like sports video games. But I love this podcast. The sheer level of energy and the enthusiasm of its hosts - 1UP's Todd Zuniga, and EGM's Bryan Intihar and Gregory Ford - gives it a universal appeal. And unlike some video game podcasts that go on and on for over two hours, the Anomaly gets in and gets out in under thirty minutes. Those thirty minutes are consistently entertaining, and the podcast gets better gets every week. Yak yak yak!
The Fragile EAgle spreads his wings, he knows of sports and many things. MONEY HAT MONEY HAT. great show DOWNLOAD THIS NOW keep up the great work
This would be a really fun and entertaining podcast to listen to if there wasn't 2 guys yelling back and forth ALL the time. There's this one guy who does this thing where he YELLS a sentence or phrase twice and breaks them up in into counts. It's his "thing" that he does and it's quite annoying. Example: (say the first part of the word in a higher monotone voice and the second part of the word in a lower monotone voice and repeat) He'll say BOS-TON RED-SOCKS BOS-TON RED-SOCKS. He's a boston fan obvoiusly and voices it regularly. So anyway, all in all it would be great IF they didn't have that guy on there yelling all the time. Download one episode and you'll see what I mean
very cool podcast. glad there is something like this dedicated to sports games.
I subscribed to this podcast for about two months and finally gave up. This SHOULD be a great show -- the hosts are knowledgeable, opinionated, and have access to games and developers. On paper, it should be great, but the trio can't deliver a professional show. It's filled with screaming, chanting, and hyperactive jabbering. It sounds like something some junior high kids would put together, not paid professional game reviewers and writers. Maybe these guys think they're playing to a young audience. I'm not sure, but I got so turned off by the whooping and screaming that I finally gave up and deleted the show from iTunes. It's a shame, because the show has tremendous potential, if only the hosts would grow up a little and show some professionalism.
Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak!
Great combination of sports, games, and sports games talk from guys that know about all three. Another weapon in the 1up podcast arsenal. Keep it up.
This is a GREAT show! They have great knowledge of sports and sports games, the chemistry is great and i hope they keep it going for a long time to come!
Sports gaming definitely needs some recognition in the podcasting market. Todd, Brian and Greg, from EGM fame, are taking the lead with another great 1up network podcast. Sports gamers like myself, who live and breathe fanchise modes, stats, and other virtual sport fiction, will need to wait a bit longer before this podcast gets rolling. Much like the 1up yours show did, this young podcast has great potential and will only get better from here on out. Even though they can be a bit light on the actual sports gameplay talk, this is a solid entry and worth subscribing.
If the Sports Games Guy's debut podcast is any indication, followed by the impressive 3 follow-up podcasts, then this - my friends- is one to watch. Fulfilled with the charming voice of Todd Zuniga, the ever-charming Bryan Intihar, and no mans everyman Greg Ford, the Sports Anomaly show conjures up a podcast that both interests you in their different tastes, but with their own unique opinions. Fulfilled with inside jokes and obscure references, and the always amusing name-dropping, the Sports Anomaly has only one place to go; up! Let's just hope it gains some length in time (20 minutes is not enough!)
Todd and Brian are instantly familiar to all longtime EGM readers and 1UP podcast denizens. Sports video games tend to get dissed a bit in the enthusiast press, so it's a welcome sight to see a podcast focused on what millions of us love - namely, the life-and-death struggle for the gamers' dollars in the sports video game marketplace. I can't wait for extended arguments about the merits of MLB 2K7 vs The Show; Winning Eleven vs FIFA, Madden vs All-Pro, as well as discussions about all we love and hate in sports games. Hail the Sports Anomaly - let's have some more!