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Thanks for these shows I listen every night
Boston Blackie is an entertaining program. Each episode (at least that I've listened to so far) is a self-contained story and they are always enjoyable. The quality of the recordings overall is excellent, but I have noticed a problem with (at least) episodes 1-7: Each of these episodes has the same brief clip of a woman's voice intruding into the program saying that someone "is a student at the Henry W. Grady School of Journalism at the University of Georgia." It seems to be an excerpt from some completely different audio file. It is very distracting and makes it difficult to hear what the Boston Blackie cast are saying. Radio Memories really should review and clean up these files. Yes, I know it is a free podcast ... but a little quality control would go a long way. That said, I've listened to a few of the later episodes and they don't seem to have the same problem.
I miss my Boston Blackie so much. Please bring him back xo
There are a lot of Podcasts on here from Humphrey Camardella and I just want to thank you Guys for making them available to all of us. All of your Podcasts are first rate in sound and presentation. Thanks!
I can't wait for more episodes.
Funny stories. Blackie is a great multi-facted character. Thanks for posting these!!!