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Look forward to more episodes. Always explaining both new versions of software and processes.
Gary has always been my go-to person and has personally responded to emails. He is clear, helpful and on top of the things we need info on the most. Truly a great podcast creator who should be on everyone's Mac list.
This is the most informative how-to Mac podcast on the internet. Gary is a genius and I turn to his podcasts first when I have a question of how to do something. I am always learning something new and I am the Apple guy in my office.
I've been a mac user for a long time and find these tips really useful. Thank you
I switched from a PC to Apple and now have a Mac computer and a MacBook Pro in additon to my iPhone. I have enjoyed learning the different tricks and tips and getting the best use out of my Apple products. Thanks!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. It's very informative and straight to the point with solid information about Apple products and services. The format or the way the information is delivered could be updated, but I have learned a great deal from MacMost. Great job, thank you!
Gary gets right to the point of the topic and doesn't waste my time. His content is wide ranging and so very precise. I've been using Apple gear for many years, yet I still learn something from each of his videos. I wish more podcasters followed Gary's format and attention to detail!
I just recently found this podcast and I am so glad to see all the tips that are provided . Also the fact that I can return to any episode to review again . I am a very visual learner and I really appreciate all that I am discovering about my Mac . This is why I love my apple products so much. Once you get a Mac you can’t go back ! Apple lover forever...
I love all of the awsome tips! I often reccomend this to my 71 year old dad who finds these videos simple and easy to understand!
Gary speaks plainly and hits topics that are helpful to real people. I have learned a lot and consider his lessons to be clear and concise. Best of this category!
Gray makes it so easy to understand apple products. Apple needs to support all of his products.
New content all the time ---- mostly helpful. I became a PATREON suppoter because the content is a definite value to me; and I will mourn the day when Gary calls it quits. Long live Gary!
Best place to come when have little time to watch a video podcast and find useful information about usability of  products and services, great podcast and amazing job
A great podcast!! Not too long in length for each episode. I learn something every episode. It is great to be able to see the titles and find the ones that really interest me to watch them first. Job well done very enjoyable. Highly recommend!! Have to say it gets better and better!!
Quick and easy to follow. I love it!
I even watch the videos I (think) I know about already. I always learn a new clever trick.
Felicitaciones Gary, por tan excelente vídeo podcast, sería muy bueno un vídeo diario 😁😁👍👍
Updated May 25, 2015 — Gary still has occasionally very useful and helpful information. He has started to address how to identify security vulnerabilities in OS X, but still has a very “nothing to worry about” view of OSX. Case in point; Never open an email attachment from a unknown sender or if you aren’t expecting an email with an attachment. in the segment about phishing he opened the attachment without a second thought which is how malware can get installed on a mac. Apple is very good about plugging security vulnerabilities, but there are new ones all the time and opening the attachment is just poor judgement, particularly in an educational episode. He did say don’t click on the link in the email, but then opened the attachment (this is a prime malware entry method). For lack of judgement with security education. Moved to 2 stars. ****************** January 6, 2013---Some of the episodes are very informative and give very valuable information. In the past couple years, I have been finding that in too many cases he looks at Apple and OSX with Rose colored glasses and ignores challenges with OSX or Apple products. Not to say that I don't like Apple or OSX, but I believe a balanced delivery is better than going through life with blinders on. There are a number of issues and pitfalls that should be addressed to help the new Mac user, but are ignored. 3 stars
I’ve watched several dozen of Gary’s videocasts and they are first-rate. He has a way of explaining the essence of things in an easily understood way. There seems to be a videocast for just about any Apple-related subject that may interest you.
It is so amazing that anyone can explain things in such a concise and easy to grasp way. I am still stunned, and have been a fan for years. In fact I was horribly upset that I lost earlier episodes when I failed to back them up and purchased a new machine, because they were taken from the iTunes store. I know he is mostly a game designer, but he also has a great website, where those episodes can still be found. I urge those with any questions to visit that website if they need to brush up on topics that are no longer listed here. I just hope he is kind enough to continue on the iTunes store, as it has benefited a great deal of people, and I am one of them. Well done!!!
Gary does a great job of giving you tips and summaries on the latest updates for both the Mac and IOS. Also, in the span of 5-10 minutes, he gives you most of the information you will ever need with the step-by-step tutorials that are also part of the podcasts. Great place to start if you are just moving from a PC to Mac.
I've been using Mac for a long time, but find that I can always learn something new from this podcast!
Great tips, clearly explained. These podcasts have saved me so much time! THANK YOU, GARY !
Without any doubt, this has been the most helpful podcast I’ve subscribed to since buying my first Mac in ’06. I would pay for this content. How can I help? Thank you Gary for making it happen.
Great info. Every video is well thought out. Quick videos with information of value to improve your skills. Keep it up.
Concise, but thorough. Find most of the episodes extremely helpful!
Great informative podcast. Please, make these podcast HD available too… Thanks, and keep up the good work!
My favorite podcast. Want to learn more about you Mac, iPhone or iPad? This is where you find it.
It's an broad cross-section of Mac and iPhone/iPad how-tos, presented in a way that almost anyone can understand. They're brief videos that have a friendly, tone.
While only several minutes long on average, Gary cuts to the chase and you come away with a pretty good overview of that week's topic. A 'must' for Mac owners.
There's always something to learn….Gary does a nice job.
I love this podcast! I am new to the Mac and Gary has helped me master my Mac in ways I would have never known. This podcast has taught me so much! I look forward to the next episode as soon as I am done with the current one. This is a 10 star podcast but unfortunately, I can only give it 5! Thanks Gary!!!!
Thank you for the clear, low key knowledgeable resource to answer day to day questions that pop up even after 20 years of using the Mac OS. Note: some tips cannot be found in Apple/Mac knowledge base searches.
Gary. Thank you for all your hard work and short tutorials that give me just enough confidence with different applications like iWork and other applications to try something I might not have before. Now I have a starting point to branch out from and learn something new in an application in OS X and iOS Thank you for helping me become much more productive. Many many thanks.
Gary R. has been a mainstay of my Mac OS and mobile iOS learning for years. His videos are well focused on a topic of interest and his instruction is clear. He comes across as enthusiastic, and what I particularly like is his ability—even though he's an expert—to identify stumbling blocks in a given process and give us "lesser lights" a helping hand over those hurdles. I highly recommend his podcast (and his books, too!)
Again, today, Gary showed me something I didn't know. I've been using a Apple products for 18 years and do Mac consulting for a living.
I have been a mac user for years and I always find something useful that Gary comes up with.
I really enjoyed the episode about controlling your Mac with the keyboard. Great as always! Please keep them coming.
Perhaps the best short and concise howto podcast. Macmost answers most if not all Apple questions. Thank you


By Yoscan
Espero trabaje perfecto para acceder rapidamente a cualkier lado
Very useful. Always learning something new here.
Five stars says everything. To bad I can't rate 100! We beg you, Gary to never stop tutoring us. One of the best teachers I've ever seen !!!!2-3 years ago I didn't do much on computers but now I'm so amazed what a wonderful thing technology can be if there's the right teacher to enlighten became my hobby now to "mess" with a $2000 Mac thanks to Gary. It's so entertaining and practical in the same time! We thank you for being born at the right time and also for being a part of our lives! I started to share your passion for Apple ... " my Mac and I are made for each other"
The short and concise videos do a great job explaining tips and tricks for using your Apple products. If you recently started using a Mac, or know someone who has, this is a great source of tutorials.
Gary does a great job of showing and telling all Mac users how to use new features of programs, hardware, etc. He is to-the-point with his explanations and his demonstrations are top-notch. Thanks for all the time you put into your podcasts. With my appleTV I am enjoying them in Kiev.
Mac Most will have even a brand new or former PC user using their mac to its utmost potential. I usually look to MacMost to solve my mac problems before any other source. This podcast will keep you up to date with important mac news, inform on proper and safe mac use, and most importantly, EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN A SIMPLE AND EASY TO UNDERSTAND FORMAT. This is truly a wonderful podcast.
Look no further, the best Apple podcast online! Gary explains in his videos in very good detail. He offers one of the best tutorials online. He had inspired me into getting myself an iPhone and an iPad. I definitely recommend his podcasts to every Apple user. Keep up with the good work, Gary!
Gary provides great information and tutorials on all things Mac in brief sessions. I've learned a lot more about my Mac and look forward to learning more!
MacMost Now is one of my favorite podcasts. I'm a new user to the Mac environment & the podcast provides invaluable information for me. Gary does an absolutely fantastic job! I look forward to each episode.
I've loved this video podcast on all things Apple for years. For new Mac users, it is a great resource to go back and view older posts. I even purchased the new Video Guide to Lion from MacMost in the Mac App store. The only issue with the podcast as of a few weeks ago, the podcast is no longer compatible with my second generation iPod Touch. This is a bit limiting for me. I wonder if there is a change in the format of the videos that caused this incompatibility. Is there anything that I can do (or maybe that Gary can do) to resolve this? Gary, keep up the great work!